2021 Cliff Pratt Duathlon Series

Entries for 2021 Cliff Pratt Duathlon Series are closed

UNFORTUNATELY WE ARE NOW CLOSED | We have reached our limit or the closing date has been reached.

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Race dates are on the following Wednesdays with a 6.30pm start for the April and September race 7.00pm for the others


A six race handicap championship consisting of a 2 mile (3.2km) run followed by 9 mile (14.4 km) bike ride.

14th April 18.30 hrs start (2m/9m; Run/ Bike [virtual)

12th May 19.00 hrs start (2m/9m; Run/ Bike)  (FULL)

9th June 19.00 hrs start (2m/9m; Run/ Bike)

7th July 19.00 hrs start (2m/9m; Run/ Bike)

4th August 19.00 hrs start (2m/9m; Run/ Bike)

1st September 18.30 hrs start (2m/9m; Run/ Bike)

Entry Options Price
Barracuda Club Members - Cliff Pratt series £7.50
None members £10.00