Beat The Winter Blues 2022

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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

All race results along with photographs of runners, will be put on the Care for Kids Facebook after the event. Photos may also be used on Instagram, Twitter, the Care for Kids website and digital newsletters.

It is the runner’s responsibility to be physically fit and capable of completing the whole race. Care for Kids North Devon is not liable for any damage to property or injury incurred by participation in, or attendance at, the event.

The Event Organisers have the right to close registration without notice.

All profit made will go to Care for Kids North Devon.

I also accept that if I am entering this race on behalf of another person, I am authorised by them to accept these Terms and Conditions on their behalf. I will also take the responsibility to ensure that they are aware of any further information provided about this race e.g. confirmation and race information emails.

Data Protection

The personal information gathered by Care for Kids North Devon when you place your order will only be used for the purpose of administering the event and race information.
This will be by the race organisers, or any appointed third party, such as an official photographer, video company or a different race timer.
Certain details such as your name, event category and running club, but not contact data, may appear on various results websites, results emails, text messages and could even appear in newspapers.