Caistor Sting 10K - sponsored by Brianplant

Entries for Caistor Sting 10K - sponsored by Brianplant are closed


Name Club
Alan Young Wolds Veterans RC
David Young Skegness Coasters
Sarah Wydell Wolds Veterans RC
Chris Wright Caistor Running Club
Christopher Wright Caistor Running Club
Louise Wright N/A
Alex Wright N/A
Hayley Wooffindin N/A
Paul Woodgate Caistor Running Club
Victoria Woodgate Caistor Running Club
Daniel Woodforth Barton & District AC
Tom Wood Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Iain Wood N/A
Jemima Wong N/A
Samantha Woffindin Gainsborough & Morton Striders
Alistair Winter N/A
Wayne winfarrah Wolds Veterans RC
Isobel Windeatt N/A
Carolyn Wilson N/A
Elaine Wilson Mablethorpe RC
Sharron Wilson N/A
Mark Wilson Barton & District AC
Sally Williamson Gainsborough and Morton Striders
Samantha Williams Gainsborough & Morton Striders
Jason Williams N/A
Evan Williams Clee tri club
David Willerton Wolds Veterans RC
Chris Wilkinson NA
Tim Wilkins Grimsby Harriers
Jamie Wilkes N/A
Louise Whiting Barton & District AC
Julie Whitehead N/A
Lyndsay White Wolds Veterans RC
Moira Westley Caistor Running Club
Barbara Wesson Fitmums And Friends
Teresa Wesley Caistor Running Club
Christine Wells Lincoln & District Runners
Kieran Wells N/A
Mike Wells Caistor Running Club
Holly Wells N/A
Peter Wells Lincoln & District Runners
Diane Weir N/A
Alex Webster Caistor Running Club
Siobhan Webb Barton & District AC
Fiona Watson Caistor
Anna Warner Grimsby Tri
Kimberley Ward-Pawson N/A
Clare Ward Gainsborough & Morton Striders
Victor Ward Wolds Veterans RC
Molly Ward N/A
Melvin Ward Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club
Susan Walsh N/A
Kevin Wallis Louth AC
Martin Waite Witham Runners
Dave Wainwright Caistor Running Club
Robert Vickers N/A
Eddie Vickers Barton & District AC
Tracy Vickers Barton and district ac
Peter Vernon Lincoln & District Runners
Karen Valentine Cleethorpes Triathlon Club
Charlie Underwood N/A
Keith Tyler Cleethorpes & District AC
Craig Turrell N/A
Ian Turrell Caistor Running Club
Wayne Turrell Caistor Running Club
Tracey Turner NA
Rhiannon Turner N/A
Simon Turner N/A
Adrian Tuplin Danum Harriers
Carole Tumber Skegness Coasters
Carole Tumber Skegness Coasters
Anne Treacher N/A
Mark Treacher N/A
Kevin toombs N/A
Christopher Toll Louth AC
Andy Titterrell Barton & District AC
Stephen Tichopad East Hull Harriers & AC
Linda Tichopad East Hull Harriers & AC
Colleen Thundercliffe City of Hull AC
Alexander Thompson N/A
Ashley Thompson Rasen Tractor Boys
Dean Thomas Cleethorpes AC
Shawn Thomas Skegness and District Running Club
Sarah Thomas Skegness and District Running Club
Frankie Thomas Caistor Running Club
Laura Taylor Cleethorpes & District AC
Russ Tattershall Caistor Running Club
Chris Sutton Lincoln and District Runners
Evan Sutton N/A
Oliver Sullivan N/A
Grace Sullivan McNeese University Louisiana USA
Amy Sugden Caistor Fire Station
Ben Straw N/A
Lee Stratford Vegetarian cycling and athletic club
William Strangeway Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club
Harry Storr Barton & District AC
Ann Storr N/a
Sian Storey Wolds Veterans RC
Mark Stockdale Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Maria Steer Wolds Veterans RC
Jon Staves Rasen Tractor Boys
Shaun Stafford Sleaford Striders AC
India Stafford Sleaford Striders AC
Marcus Staff Boston Community Runners
Darren Spencer N/A
Hilary Speller Skegness and District Running Club
Chris Sparkes Wolds Veterans RC
Greg Southern Sleaford Striders AC
Alex south Skegness Coasters
Beverley Smyth Wolds Veterans RC
Graham Smith Grimsby Tri
Robert Smith Cleethorpes AC
rob smith Wolds Veterans RC
Sarah Smith N/A
Pete Smith N/A
Jayne Smith N/A
Jack Smith N/A
Austin Smith N/A
Darren Smith Wolds Veterans RC
Robert Smith Cleethorpes AC
Gary Smith Caistor Running Club
Lee Smith Grimsby Harriers
Jayne Smith Wolds Veteran Runners Club
Richard Smith Wolds Veterans RC
Hannah Smith Caistor Running Club
Catherine Smart Caistor Running Club
Paul Smart Caistor Running Club
Dominic Shum Cleethorpes AC
Karen Short N/A
Emma Shepherd Caistor Running Club
Helena SHelton Skegness and District Running Club
Jonathan Shaw City of Hull AC
Tazz Shaw Caistor Running Club
Mark Sharpe Sleaford Striders AC
Darren Sharpe N/A
Beth Sharpe N/A
Al Shady N/A
Sarah Searby Na
Darren Scutt Off That Couch Fitness
Katie Scutt LincsQuad
Howard Scott N/A
Paul Scott Cleethorpes AC
Caroline Scott Caistor Running Club
Alison Schofield Off That Couch Fitness
James Scarrott N/A
Jane Saunders Gainsborough & Morton Striders
Katie Sargeant N/a
Becky Sampson N/A
Hannah Salah N/A
Ronda Rushby Barton & District AC
Martyn Rushby Barton & District AC
Heather Ruck N/A
Andy Rowell N/A
Kimberley Rose Na
Karl Rolstone East Hull Harriers & AC
Richard Roe Wolds Veterans RC
Helen Roe N/A
Edward Robinson Sleaford Striders AC
Louise Robinson Caistor Running Club
Helen Robinson Lonely Goat RC
Shaun Robinson N/A
Barry Roberts Barton & District AC
Simon Roberts N/A
Hannah Riley N/A
Carolyn Riley Cleethorpes AC
Nicholas Riddell Bedale and Aiskew Runners
Lucinda Riddell Bedale & Aiskew Running Club
Sarah Richardson Barton & District AC
lindsay Reynolds Caistor Running Club
Kirk Reveler N/A
Lucy Rawlins N/A
Sarah Rastall N/A
Jo-Mo Ramsay Caistor Running Club
Anne Rae Caistor Running Club
Mike Potter Lonely Goat RC
Melanie Portlock Cleethorpes & District AC
Mattie Portlock Cleethorpes AC
Matthew Poole Wolds Veteran RC
Maureen Polowyj Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Malcolm Piper Wolds Veteran RC
Clare Pickering Datchet Dashers
Tom Phillips N/A
Giuseppina Perseu Gainsborough Morton Striders AC
Garry Perkins Wolds Veterans RC
Kevin Penny City of Hull AC
Phil Pennington Lincoln & District Runners
Iris Peel Woodthorpe Huffers & Puffers
Abigail Pearson Off That Couch Fitness
Claire Pearce BRJ Huntingdon RRC
Rob Payne Caistor Running Club
Gary Pawson N/a
Ian Pattison Fitmums And Friends
Emma Parratt 100% Tri
Sylvia Parkinson Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club
Laura Parkinson N/A
Rachael Parkinson N/A
Joanne Parker N/A
Gordon Palmer OTCF
Malcolm Packer Wolds vets
Jason Oxby Louth AC
Dawn Oades East Hull Harriers & AC
Gary Oades East Hull Harriers & AC
Reece Nuttall N/A
Mark Nurse Withernsea Harriers
MiG Noynuntzwansich N/A
Tanith Norris N/A
Claire Nimmo Caistor Running Club
Luke Niland N/A
Robin Nicholson Caistor Running Club
Jane Newton N/A
Neil Nairn Fenwick Striders
Mark Muxlow Cleethorpes Tri Club
Katherine Mullineaux N/A
Venika Moverley East Hull Harriers & AC
Karen Moulding Louth AC
Anne mortimer Wolds Veterans RC
Ian Mortimer Desborough & Rothwell Running Club
Ollie Mortimer N/A
Nigel Morrison Wolds Veterans RC
Charlotte Morrison N/A
Louise Morley Na
Rosemary Moore Vegan Runners UK
Laura Moeller Caistor Running Club
Amy Mitchell Skegness and District Running Club
David Milton Dilligaf
Layla Merrin Lonely Goat RC
Caroline Merriman N/A
Broad Melissa N/A
Louis McTernan Caistor Running Club
Philip McNeil Caistor Running Club
Hayley McKenna Cleethorpes & District AC
Darren Mckay N/A
Bernard McCloskey N/A
Alistair McAndrew N/A
Robin Mayor Cleethorpes AC
Karen Matthysen N/A
Craig Matthysen N/A
Chris Mather Caistor Running Club
Ali Mather Caistor Running Club
Sharon Margarson Mablethorpe RC
Paul Marchant N/a
Adam Manship Caistor Running Club
Des Mannion Caistor Running Club
Annabel Maisey N/A
Emma Magill Wolds Veterans RC
Emily Madeley Lincs rub club
Tanya Mackie Wolds Veterans RC
Leigh Macdonald Lincoln Wellington AC
Donna Macdonald N/A
Tina Lyons Fitmums And Friends
John Lynskey N/A
Emma Lynskey Caistor Running Club
Amelia Louth Caistor Running Club
Dean Livermore N/A
Megan Lindsey Caistor Running Club
Tracey Lince Barton & District AC
Lisa Lince Caistor Running Club my
Matt Lewis Wolds Vets
Becky Lennox N/A
Mark leggott N/A
Victoria Leach N/a
Daniel Layfield N/A
Claire Larke Barton & District AC
Matthew Lambert N/A
Keith Lamb Wolds Veterans RC
Ian Kocko Skegness and District Running Club
Elisabeth Kneale N/A
Laura Kirkby Nettleham Trotters
Gail Kirk N/A
Mark Kirby Lonely Goat RC
Emma King N/A
Bob Kilvington Lonely Goat RC
Mark Kidd Caistor Running Club
Armand Keyworth N/A
Dave Kenyon Skegness and District Running Club
HELEN KENNEDY Skegness Coasters
catherine Kelsey N/A
Scott Keenan N/A
Ian Keal N/A
phil kay N/A
Graham Justice Pocklington Runners
Adrian Joyce Caistor Running Club
Kerry Jones Rebel Runners
Andrew Johnson Barton & District AC
Charlotte Johnson Caistor Running Club
Emma Johnson Caistor Running Club
Richard Johnson N/A
Sharp Joanne N/a
Rick James Wolds Veterans RC
Linda Jacobs N/A
Phil Jackson Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Debbie Iwanczuk Cleethorpes & District AC
Sharon Ingle N/A
Rachel Hyde N/A
James Hutson Cleethorpes AC
Chris Hurst Skegness and District Running Club
Clare Hunter Lincoln & District Runners
Evan Hughes N/A
Paul Howard Caistor Running Club
Carl Housham N/A
Davina Houlton Caistor Running Club
Brian Hostad Wolds Veterans RC
Dean Hornby N/A
Anthony Horan
Tony Hooper Cleethorpes & District AC
Laurence Holtridge N/A
Lindsey Holmes Witham Runners
Vic Holmes VFitness
Victoria Holmes Vfitness
Elise Hollowell N/A
David Holden Cleethorpes AC
Barry Holcombe Wolds Veterans RC
Daniel Hogg N/A
Rebecca Hodgson N/A
Rachel Hobson N/A
Emma Hinkley N/A
Mark Hinkley N/A
Louise Hindmarsh Barton & District AC
James Hindle Off That Couch Fitness
Susie Hinchcliffe Pontefract AC
Phil Hills Off That Couch Fitness
Megan Hills n/a
Colin Hills n/a
Andy Hill Wolds Veterans RC
Andy Hill Kippax Harriers
Steve Heslop Scunthorpe Harriers Athletic Club
Kirsty Herbertson-Davies N/A
Auden Herbertson-Davies N/A
Darren Hebden N/A
Kate Hearn N/A
Vicky Healey Caistor Running Club
Belinda Hazzard Caistor Running Club
Mark Haynes Skegness and District Running Club
David Hayden Danum Harriers
Christa Haslam N/A
Linda Harty Gainsborough & Morton Striders
Glenn Harter N/A
Janet Harter N/A
Pamela Harrison Caistor Running Club
Samuel Harrison N/A
Richard Harrison Selby Striders
janet harmston Skegness Coasters
Chris Harker N/A
Daniel Hargreaves N/A
Centy Hansen N/A
Tom Hansen Lincoln & District Runners
Tom Hansen Lincoln & District Runners
Lee Hannibal N/a
Olivia Hannibal N/A
Gillian Halliwell Yorkshire Wolds runners
Andrew Halliday Danum Harriers
Gail Hallewell N/A
Jacqueline Hallett Boston community runners
Hannah Haller N/A
Paul Hallam Cleethorpes & District AC
Patrick Hallam
Jeff Hall LWAC
Lucy Hall Cleethorpes & District AC
Allen Haigh Caistor Running Club
Rachael Haigh Barton & District AC
Andrew Grosschmidt N/A
Chris Groome Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club
Katie Griffiths Caistor Running Club
Alan Gregory Winterton Running Club
Nick Gregory Cleethorpes AC
Caroline Greening Danum Harriers
Simon Greenfield Louth AC
Diane Greenfield Wolds Veterans RC
David Green N/A
John Green Wolds Veteran RC
Luke Gray N/A
Steven Grainger N/A
Julie Goodwin Skegness and District Running Club
Christine Godwin Cleethorpes & District AC
Dan Gleave Gainsborough Morton Striders AC
Arthur Gissing Caistor Running Club
Guy Gibson East Hull Harriers & AC
David Gibney Wolds Veterans RC
Lydia Gibbs Wolds Veterans RC
Rebecca Gibbon Lakeside Lincoln RC
David George Caistor Running Club
Dan Gelder Cleethorpes & District AC
Darren Gaughan N/A
David Garner Gainsborough Morton Striders AC
Lynn Gammon Broughton Runners
Wayne Gammon Broughton community Runners
Barrie Gammidge CRC
Martyn Gammidge Caistor
Matthew Fursey Cleethorpes & District AC
Peter Fulwood Skegness Coasters
Donna Fryer Brigg Thunder Runners
Steve Froggatt N/A
Kirsty Freeman N/A
Sarah Freear Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Jonathan Francis Skegness & District Running Club
Diane Fowler N/A
Helen Foulston Barton & District AC
Brian Foston Lincoln & District Runners
Flora Forster Cleethorpes Tri Club
Joshua Forrester N/A
Dan Forrester N/A
Nik Forman Knaresborough Striders
Darren Fissenden Skegness and District Running Club
Rachel Fishwick N/A
Anne Findlay Caistor Running Club
Fay Fenwick Wolds Veterans RC
Karl Fenton N/A
Mary Farmery Caistor Running Club
James Fairgrieve N/A
Edward Enright Louth AC
Sue Else Caistor
Kathleen Ellis N/A
Rachael EdwardsEdwards Caistor Running Club
Stephen Edwards N/A
Chris Ede Joining Caistor
Mike Eckersley CRC
Mike Eckersley CRC
Christopher Dzialowski N/A
Stephanie Duprat Caistor Running Club
bryan dunbar N/a
Catherine Dukes Barton & District AC
Michael Dugan N/A
Stephen Dring Wolds Veteran RC
Steven Dowse N/a
Neil Dowse Scunthorpe & District AC
Paula Downing Mablethorpe R/C
Ian Downham Kippax Harriers
Sarah Dowling Skegness and District Running Club
Meredith Donaldson Caistor Running Club
Katie Dobson N/A
Richard Dobson N/A
Kerry Dixon N/A
Sarah Denyer n/a
Louisa Dennett Lincoln & District Runners
Ellie Dean N/A
Nell Day N/A
Claire Davis N/A
Neil Davies N/A
Clare Davies N/A
Rich Davey N/A
Joseph Davenport N/a
Laura Davenport N/A
Rachel Darling Love City of Hull AC
Gerry Darling N/A
Lucy Darby Lincoln and district runners
Laura Dandy Caistor Running Club
Tony Dalgetty Wolds Veterans RC
Jack Dale N/A
Neil Curtis Scunthorpe & District AC
Daniella Cullum Cleethorpes Tri Club
Tammy Cullen Lonely Goat RC
Rob Crump Caistor Running Club
Adam Croy Caistor Running Club
Kerrie Crouch Winterton running club
Grazia Crosskill N/A
Daniel Cross N/A
John Crosby East Hull Harriers & AC
Stella Crookes Caistor Running Club
Alan Crookes Caistor Running Club
Diane Crookes Caistor Running Club
Catherine Creasey Barton & District AC
Daz Cox Wolds Vets RC
Helen Cox N/A
Martin Copeland Lonely Goat RC
Angela Copeland Lonely Goat RC
Catherine Cooper Caistor Running Club
Clive Cook Barton & District AC
Lee Cook Skegness and District Running Club
Kirk Conroy N/A
Kirsty Collinson Gainsborough Morton Striders AC
Sarah Coleman Cleethorpes & District AC
Jill Coleman Boston Community Runners
Adam Coffey Skegness and District Running Club
Ollie Close Caistor Running Club
Raymond Clayton Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club
Helen Clarke Gainsborough & Morton Striders
Gary Clarke N/A
Ady Clarke Vegan Runners UK
Rebecca Clarke Caistor Running Club
James Clarke Nuneaton Harriers AC
Zachary Clarke Nuneaton Harriers AC
Victoria Claricoates N/A
Brown Chris Off the couch fitness
Luke Chesman N/A
Justin Cheeseman N/A
Paul Chatterton Cleethorpes AC
Chris Charlesworth N/A
Caroline Charlesworth N/A
Ian Charles N/A
Marian Chapman Olney Runners AC
Alan Chapman Wolds Veterans RC
Jack Chapman Lincoln & District Runners
Georgina Chapman Lincoln & District Runners
James Chapman N/A
Simon Chapman N/A
Karen Chapman N/A
Polly Chandler N/A
Lisa Chan Holme Pierrepont RC
Helen Cawkwell Barton & District AC
Aaron Caton N/A
Wesley Caton N/A
Verity Caton N/A
Pamela Carr N/A
Dean Carr N/A
Vince Carlton N/A
jordan carlile Cleethorpes AC
Jake Capp N/A
Andrew Calaby N/A
Andrew Byatt Caistor Running Club
Claire Byatt Caistor Running Club
Elinor Butterfield N/A
Rachel Butler N/A
Roderick Burton Caistor Running Club
Caroline Burrows N/A
chris burkitt Wolds Veterans RC
Chris Burgess N/A
Tanya Burbidge Gainsborough Morton Striders AC
Andy Bullimore Caistor Running Club
Simon Bryson Caistor Running Club
steve Bryant Cleethorpes AC
Mel Brumby Caistor Running Club
Zoe Brown N/A
Kate Brown Caistor Running Club
craig brown N/A
Karen Britcliffe Broughton Runners
Linda Bristow Tyler Cleethorpes & District AC
Hayley Briggs Caistor Running Club
Andy Brewster N/A
Steve Brewin Wolds Veterans RC
Luke Bramley East Hull Harriers & AC
Nicola Bramley N/A
Adam Boulby Danum Harrier
Glyn Botfield Lonely goat
Rowan Booth Caistor Running Club
Becky Blackburn N/A
Tim Blackburn Caistor Running Club
Ryan Birkitt OffThatCouchFitness
John Birch Wold veterans rc
John Birch Wold veterans running club
Michael Benton Louth AC
Bridget Benton Louth AC
Hanna Bennett Gainsborough & Morton Striders
Kate Belt Caistor Running Club
David Belt N/A
Andy Bell Caistor Running Club
Victoria Bell Vegan Runners UK
Oliver Bell N/A
Jeanette Beer N/A
Martin Beagley Skegness and District Running Club
Lynsey Baxter N/A
Judith Batten N/A
Claire Bates Caistor Running Club
Kevin Baskcomb N/A
Stephen Baskcomb N/A
John Barton
kathryn Bartlett Caistor Running Club
timothy Bartlett Caistor Running Club
Ian Barratt Wolds Veterans RC
Helen Barrass N/A
Daniel Barrass N/A
Stephen Barrand N/A
steve Barraclough Lonely Goat
Sarah Barnbrook N/a
David Bancroft Caistor Running Club
George Bancroft Caistor Running Club
Janine Baker Skegness and District Running Club
Iain Bailey Sleaford Striders AC
Daniel Backhouse Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club
Shaun Atkinson East Hull Harriers & AC
rebecca atkinson N/A
Gary Atkinson Gainsborough & Morton Striders
Nigel Atkins N/A
Colin Atkin Caistor Running Club
Paul Atkin Barton & District AC
Matthew Arliss Cleethorpes & District AC
Natalie Angelopoulos Kingston upon Hull AC
Morley Angela N/A
Jason Andrews N/a
Tom Anderton n/a
Paul Ancliffe Caistor Running Club
Andy Amis Wolds Veterans RC
Kate Amis Wolds Veterans RC
Louise Allison N/A
Chris Allison Caistor Running Club
Sarah Allen Caistor Running Club
Jane Allen West Hull Ladies
Paul Adams N/A
Emma Abbott Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club