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£17.00 - Unaffiliated Entry | 13+ years
£15.00 - Affiliated Entry | 13+ years | MUST be a member of a club affiliated to ARC or UKA

Personal Information

(Age on the day of the event. (17th July 2024 ) Please note that the minimum age permitted for this event is 13)
(Please enter N/A if you are not a member of a club)

Parental/Guardian Consent

It appears that the age submitted has shown that you are under 18 years of age.

This form must be completed by a parent/guardian of the athlete taking part. Please state the name of the person filling in this form and your relationship to the named athlete.


Any medical conditions or allergies that you'd like to inform us of:

* In the event of a medical emergency, who would you like us to contact?

* Contact number of your emergency contact person

* Entry into the Bedfordshire AAA County Championship

* Would you like to receive a finisher's medal?

* Would you like to be informed about future Bedford Harriers events?

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Terms and Conditions

Please accept my entry for the Bedford Harriers Doug Anderson 5k. I accept and acknowledge that my race number and timing chip will be available for collection on race day only and I do not expect to receive any information by post. I will be 13 years or older on race day and medically fit to compete. I accept that I enter at my own risk and that the organisers will in no way be held responsible for any injury, accident, loss or damage that may arise before, during or after the event as a consequence of my participation in this race. I consent that my details will be used for the purposes described in the Bedford Harriers entry on the Data Protection Register. I will abide by the ARC Rules of Competition and the UKA Anti-Doping Rules which apply to entrants participating in the sport of athletics, for 12 months from the date of commencement of membership, whether or not the member is a citizen of, or resident in, the UK. I accept that if my gender is different from the sex I was observed as birth, I will not compete in the female category unless I am approved by UK Athletics as complying with the World Athletics Regulations to be able to compete in the female category. I accept that there will be no refunds under any circumstances, and I will not allow anyone else to use my entry without completing the entry transfer procedure. I further agree that, in accordance with the organisers' instructions, I will not wear ear/head phones/open-ear/bone conducting head/ear phones* during the event and furthermore will park only in the designated race car park/s and or parking areas as detailed on the race entry system.*Medical or prescription device to aid hearing excepted.

Data Protection and Privacy Policy:

Data collected:

First name * Last name * Gender * Date of Birth * Email address * Mobile phone number * Landline number * Postal address * Club name * Emergency contact data * Medical or allergy data.

Purposes for which the data is used:

The data collected by Bedford Harriers AC as you register and pay for this event will be used for the purposes of administering this event only. The collection of personal data is considered legitimate for us to be able to:

1. Produce and publish an entry list.

2. Provide you with a race number and timing chip.

3. Email you with race data.

4. Text and/or email you with race result.

5. Produce and publish a race results list that will contain only such personal data as is necessary to provide meaningful results. The result list will include an individual’s first and last name, gender, age group, race time, race position, gender position, age category position, club, and the calculation of team awards.

6. Mail awards and other prizes.

7. Any medical information volunteered by entrants may be provided to 3rd party medical services in attendance at the event with the express condition that any information so provided will be immediately destroyed after the event.

I agree with the terms and conditions as described above.

Refund Policy

In the eventuality this event is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, safety reasons or circumstances beyond our control, there will be no entry deferment nor refund. Organising an event requires a considerable amount of forward planning, risk and expense and as soon as we begin to organise this event, we start to incur costs. Your entry fee is invested into the cost of staging the event - everything from safety pins to printing, hiring of toilets to ordering supplies and applying for race permits to marketing costs. Bedford Harriers AC, does not, therefore offer a refund facility.

I agree with the refund policy as described above.

Important Entry Information

To manage this Entry effectively we will need to send you important information by email. We will be providing information that we really need you to see. We will only send you information regarding the Entry itself and will not use your email address for any other purpose.