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Night of the Valentine 3000m PB's 13th February 2024
WE ARE NOW CLOSED | We have reached our limit or the closing date has been reached


Night of the Valentine 3000m PB's 13th February 2024, 6.30pm
Track 3000m Time Trial
King George V Stadium, Weelsby Road, Grimsby  DN32 9RU


Entry Options

Night of the Valentines 3000m PB £3.00


Bing Yan Wolds Veterans RC
Brad Worrell Caistor Running Club
Jon Wilson Barton & District AC
Clare Williams Cleethorpes AC
Mike Wells Caistor Running Club
Kevin Toombs N/A
Kit Thompson Wolds Veterans RC
Dean Thomas Cleethorpes AC
Frankie Thomas Caistor Running Club
Ian Sommerville Cleethorpes AC
Ian Shaw Cleethorpes AC
Matthew Savage Prep by Page
Tom Sanigar N/A
Richard Roe Wolds Veterans RC
Helen Robinson Wolds Veterans RC
Samantha Ritson Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Neil Pridgeon Louth Tri Club
William Pike Beverley Athletic Club
Gordon Palmer Off that couch fitness
Ryan Page Prep By Page
Jason Oxby Louth AC
Adam Milner Prep by Page
Tracie Mcguire Grimsby Tri Club
Chris Mason Cleethorpes AC
Neil MacRae Grimsby Triathlon Club
Hollie MacDougall Caistor Running Club
William Lince Barton and District AC
Lee Leggett Grimsby Tri Club
Deon Leggat Cleethorpes AC
Amber Laycock Cleethorpes AC
Rick Kelk Cleethorpes AC
Mary-Anna Jennings N/A
Debbie Iwanczuk Caistor Running Club
James Hutson Cleethorpes AC
Fiona Hunter Grimsby Triathlon Club
Angela Hudson Cleethorpes AC
Sarah Heinzman Wolds Veterans RC
Mark Haxby Grimsby Triathlon Club
Daniel Hargreaves Cleethorpes AC
Simon Hammerton Cleethorpes AC
Andrew Gristwood Cleethorpes AC
Olivia Griffiths Clee Tri Club
Nick Gregory Clee
Kevin Green Cleethorpes AC
Dave Gibney Wolds Veterans RC
Daniel Gelder Cleethorpes AC
Lisa Foster Cleethorpes AC
Alison Fletcher Cleethorpes AC
Cayden Ely Cleethorpes AC
Matt Edey Beverley Athletic Club
Alicja Dzieweczynska N/A
james dutch Cleethorpes AC
Stephen Dring Cleethorpes AC
Tony Drake Cleethorpes AC
John Crew N/A
Luke Craven Wolds Veterans RC
Darren Cox Wolds Veterans RC
Mark Collingwood Skegness and District Running Club
Sam Colbeck Loanly Goat RC
James Clayton Wolds Veterans RC
Mick Casey Wolds Veterans RC
Jordan Carlile Cleethorpes AC
Rachel Butler Cleethorpes AC
Frere Buckland Grimsby Tri Club
Amy Broughton Prep by Page
Liam Blackett Cleethorpes AC
Danielle Bark N/A
Matthew Arliss Cleethorpes AC
Katie Amis Wolds Veterans RC
Andy Amis Wolds Veterans RC

Terms & Conditions

Competitors must be medically and physically fit to run and all entries are made at the competitors own risk.
Cleethorpes Athletics Club or any person involved in the organisation of the event will not be held responsible for any loss, illness or injury resulting from the event.

The Participant agrees to abide by all applicable rules and regulations of the Event

Animals and pets are not permitted in any part of this event.

The Participant acknowledges and accepts that circumstances concerning an Event may change from time to time for reasons out of the Event Organiser’s reasonable control or otherwise, without the Event Organiser incurring any liability, including refunds of entry fee, and without any rights to withdrawal being accrued by the Participant. The Event Organiser reserves the right to cancel the event or move to a bad weather course or a virtual event in the case of exceptional circumstances which would render the event excessively dangerous or impractical. The Event Organiser also retains the right to change any part of the course prior to the Event taking place, including distance

By entering this event, you agree that we may publish your Personal Information as part of the results of the Event and may pass such information to the governing body or any affiliated organisation for the purpose of insurance, licences or for publishing results either for the event alone or combined with or compared to other events. Results may include (but not be limited to) name, any club affiliation, race times and age category.  The use and reproduction of the Participant's name, photographs, images and videos in all media for the purpose of advertising and publicity for future promotion of the event. Such items shall remain the property of the Event Organiser.

The Event Organiser will do their best to provide an accurate Event finish time for the Participant; however, it cannot be held responsible for any result anomalies or any technical malfunctions.

The Event Organiser will not be liable for any actions of any spectators or other third parties not involved with the Event.


Participant data will be used by the Event Organiser and their agents for the purpose of providing the event.  This includes electronic messaging, telephone calls, texts and other methods of communication concerning the Event, any merchandise or prize winnings.

All data will be held in compliance with GDPR.


Event Date: 13th February 2024 18:30
Date Entries Close: 11th February 2024 23:59
Entry Limit: 70
Total Entered: 70
Total Remaining: 0


Location & Directions

King George V Stadium, Weelsby Road, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, DN32 9RU

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