17th October 2020

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We have been closely monitoring the current Covid-19 situation with a view to doing everything we can to make the race still happen for you with safety as always being our top priority. We have considered you as runners, the many volunteers that we need to host the event, the spectators and local community.

The current escalating situation, and the position we are in now, is something we hadn’t predicted six months ago. We’ve had some great open conversations with our supporters, volunteers and previous entrants, who have been extremely supportive throughout; helping us steer and make decisions around our event.

The movement of areas into and out of the new tier system, would have led to entrants not being able to cross borders-the logistics of this element and the communication associated with this presents a huge challenge and is just not feasible for us to be able to continue with events safely. As we rely fully on the support and kindness of the village residents, we feel it is inappropriate to bring 500 people into this close-knit village in one day right now. Sadly, as a result the live race in its current format will not take place as planned.