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East Hull Harriers Boxing Day 10k - 2023 - Licence number: 2022-45244
WE ARE NOW CLOSED | We have reached our limit or the closing date has been reached


East Hull Harriers & AC are pleased to announce the return Boxing Day 10km in a NEW flat fast location - East Park

The race is officially measured and licensed. - Licence number: 2022-45244

Support your local running community and enter today! Entries close online 2023-12-19 at 11pm unless the runner limit is reached before. Online Entries £5 UKA, £7 non UKA. 

Entries will show as "PetersenM" on your bank/card statements

Entries will be available on the day if the race limit has not been reached at an increased cost (£8 UKA, £10 non UKA). The availability of "on the day" will be communicated on EHH Facebook page before the day. 

Entry Options

Race Entry Fee £7.00


Jacob Zobkiw City of Hull AC
Mark Wragg City of Hull AC
Bruce Woodford Beverley Athletic Club
Aaron Winsor East Hull Harriers & AC
Nicola Wilson Fitmums And Friends
Eve Wilson East Hull Harriers & AC
Rupert Wilks City of Hull AC
Chris Wiles East Hull Harriers & AC
Tracy Wiles Fitmums And Friends
Kian Wiles Barton & District AC
Naomi Wileman City of Hull AC
Darren White East Hull Harriers & AC
Barbara Wesson Fitmums And Friends
Michael Warhurst N/A
David Walmsley East Hull Harriers & AC
John Walker Fitmums And Friends
Patrick Walker City of Hull AC
Ben Wales City of Hull AC
Isabelle Walby Kingston upon Hull AC
Mark Walby Barton & District AC
David Vickers Scunthorpe & District Running Club
David Tyas City of Hull AC
Andrew Tweddell East Hull Harriers & AC
Jonathon Tucker N/A
Jack Towle N/A
Emma Toulson Lonely Goat RC
Justine Tomlin Beverley Athletic Club
Stephen Tichopad East Hull Harriers & AC
LINDA TICHOPAD East Hull Harriers & AC
Lee Thompson None
Robert Thacker N/A
Paul Templeman East Hull Harriers & AC
paul teece East Hull Harriers & AC
louise teece n/a
Gaynor Sward Fitmums And Friends
Richard Stanton East Hull Harriers & AC
Jane Spink Sedgefield Harriers
Robert Spink Sedgefield Harriers
Dominic Sohor Bolton United Harriers & AC
Emily Smith N/A
Martin Smith City of Hull AC
Elizabeth Skinner GoFit Huelin
Charlotte Sherman Beverley Athletic Club
Jonathan Shaw City of Hull AC
Rachael Sharp Fitmums And Friends
Kevin Sharp East Hull Harriers & AC
Neil Seddon East Hull Harriers & AC
Karen Scott City of Hull AC
Helen Ryan Driffield Striders
Tamara Rutter Fitmums And Friends
Gill Rustill N/A
John Route East Hull Harriers & AC
Louise Route East Hull Harriers & AC
Freya Route East Hull Harriers & AC
Sara Rookyard East Hull Harriers & AC
Karl Rolstone East Hull Harriers & AC
Charlie Robinson City of Hull AC
Amanda Ritchie N/a
Steve Richmond Beverley AC
Lewis Rennison N/A
Jessica Raper N/A
Jennifer Randall N/A
Thomas Ramsay Beverley Athletic Club
Daniel Ramsay East Hull Harriers & AC
Simon Porter Bridlington Road Runners
AMANDA Porter Bridlington Road Runners
KIRSTEN Porter Bridlington Road Runners
John Podgornyi East hull harriers
William Pike Beverley Athletic
Diane Pickering West hull ladies
Ryan Petty N/A
David Percival Beverley AC
nigel pennington N/A
Sebastian pearson Kingston upon Hull AC
Keri Pearson City of Hull AC
Oscar Pearson Kingston upon Hull AC
James Pearson N/A
John Pawson City of Hull AC
Tracey Parker N/A
Karen Park West Hull Ladies
Marie Palframan Humber Triathletes
Gemma Oughtred N/A
Nick Oehring Barracuda Triathlon Club
Dawn Oades East Hull Harriers & AC
Gary Oades East Hull Harriers & AC
Rob O'Neill East Hull Harriers & AC
Martha North-Concar N/A
Charlotte North N/A
Georgina North Kingston upon Hull AC
Rebecca North N/A
Caroline North Run Brighton
Theo North N/A
Sue North N/A
Richard North City of Hull AC
Chloe Nicholson East Hull Harriers & AC
Jacob Newton N/A
Rob Newton Fitmums And Friends
Si Newton Barnsley Harriers
Georgina Newton Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Josh Newtom Stonehenge Striders
Mark Nettleton Barton & District AC
Alison Nettleton Barton & District AC
Graham Naylor White City Hull RRC
Wayne Murtagh City of Hull AC
Samantha Murtagh City of Hull AC
Rebecca Minnich N/A
Dave Millard Humber Triathletes
Andy Milbank N/A
David Meilhan Beverley Athletic Club
David McKinnon Goole Viking Striders
Vincent McGowan East Hull Harriers & AC
Ian McCoid City of Hull
Rosie Mawer City of Hull AC
Will Mathews East Hull Harriers & AC
Harry Masterman N/A
Daniel Mackinder N/A
Jack Mackinder N/A
Stefan Lumley Goole Viking Striders
DEON LEGGAT Cleethorpes AC
Stuart Lazenby City of Hull AC
Rob Lark N/A
Elisabeth Lamb Fitmums And Friends
Mike Lamb N/A
Robbie King City of Hull AC
Bob Kilvington Lonely Goat RC
Liz Kilgour Fitmums And Friends
Michael Kilgour Fitmums And Friends
Laura Kerr-Delworth N/A
Rachel Kemp East Hull Harriers & AC
Jeremy Kaye East Hull Harriers & AC
Caroline Jorna Beverley Athletic Club
Tom Jorna Beverley Athletic Club
Dallas Jopling KUHAC
David Jopling N/A
Jack Johnson Cleethorpes AC
Graham Jenkinson Barracuda Triathlon Club
Richard Jefferson N/A
Susan Jefferies N/A
Anthony Jackson City of Hull AC
Luke Jackson East Hull Harriers & AC
Keith Jackson Lonely Goat RC
Neil Ibbitson N/A
Carl Horth City of Hull AC
Jody Horth Beverley Athletic Club
Jessica Holy Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Ryan Holmes N/A
Tim Heneghan Beverley Athletic Club
Andrew Heath East Hull Harriers & AC
Sara Harrison Selby Striders
Richard Harrison Selby Striders
Daniel Harraway N/A
Paul Harby Fitmums And Friends
David Hannigan N/A
Ben Hampel N/A
Lee Hammond City of Hull AC
Jenny Hamlyn Beverley Athletic Club
Laura Gunstead Ehh
Martin Greensill Beverley Athletic Club
Sarah Greenley Lonely Goat RC
Rob Gray N/A
Paul Good Bridlington Road Runners
Lucinda Gibson Bridlington Road Runners
Micah Gibson Bridlington Road Runners
Andrew Gibson Bridlington Road Runners
Guy Gibson East Hull Harriers & AC
Joe Gaynard White City Hull RRC
Howard Gant N/A
Jennifer Galbraith Fitmums And Friends
Sam Furbank N/A
Joseph Forrester N/A
Gary Forrester East Hull Harriers & AC
Ryan Fenwick N/A
Beverley Fairburn N/A
Connor Eyles East Hull Harriers & AC
John Escritt City of Hull AC
Aaron England City of Hull AC
ANDREW ELY Cleethorpes AC
Darren Edge Beverley Athletic Club
James Durham City of Hull AC
Michael Dugan East Hull Harriers & AC
Joanne Drewery Kingston upon Hull AC
Lisa Douglas White City Hull RRC
Samantha Dixie East Hull Harriers & AC
Andrew Deyes East Hull Harriers & AC
Jo Dewar Beverley Athletic Club
Matthew Dean N/A
John Dawson Beverley Athletic Club
Luke Davison Beverley Athletic Club
Lee Daniels N/A
Georgi Dalton East Hull Harriers & AC
Zoe Dalton Fitmums and Friends
Ruth Dalton City of Hull AC
Matt Daley N/A
Joanna Dagnan Bridlington Road Runners
Natalie Curgenven N/A
Charlotte Cunningham N/A
john crosby East Hull Harriers & AC
Charlie Craig East Hull Harriers & AC
Ben Cowton Beverley Athletic Club
Gary Couzens East Hull Harriers & AC
Rachel Cope Beverley Athletic Club
Robert Coates Goole Viking Striders
Rachel Clinton West Hull Runners
Gregan Clarkson Kingston upon Hull AC
Suzanne Clarkson West Hull Ladies
Paul Clarke Kingston upon Hull AC
Megan Chown Beverley Athletic Club
Luke Chatizwa Kingston upon Hull AC
Usha Chapman Beverley Athletic Club
Declan Chambers City of Hull AC
Jeanette Chambers White City Hull RRC
Paul Cartwright City of Hull AC
David Carr N/A
William Callanan City of Hull AC
Thomas Bushby N/A
George Burnett East Hull Harriers & AC
Fiona Buchanan Humber Triathletes
Debbie Bruce N/A
Mark Broom Withernsea Harriers
Ruth Brocklesby Fitmums And Friends
David Borrill East Hull Harriers & AC
Thomas Bolton N/A
GARY BOGG East Hull Harriers & AC
Barbara Bitel N/A
Mark Bissell East Hull Harriers & AC
Lucy Berriman Beverley Athletic Club
Paul Bennett East Hull Harriers & AC
Natalie Bell N/A
Lynne Beer Beverley AC
june beadle West Hull Ladies
Richard Barton N/A
Amy Barton City of Hull AC
Laura Barton N/A
Farhat Baig East Hull Harriers & AC
Lisa Bagnall N/A
Kevin Anholm Withernsea Harriers
Emma Andrews N/A
Paul Andrews East Hull Harriers & AC
Rachel Anderson City of Hull AC
Paul Ancliffe Caistor Running Club
Jayne Allan East Hull Harriers & AC
Robyn Allan East Hull Harriers & AC
Helen Alexander-Duncan City of Hull AC
Rob Alexander-Duncan City of Hull AC
Katie Alcock East Hull Harriers & AC
Shaun Alcock East Hull Harriers & AC
Anita Akmentina N/A
Dannie Adcock-Habib N/A
Simon Adcock City of Hull AC
Mike Abbotts Durham City Harriers

Terms & Conditions

I agree to abide by the rules of UK Athletics and the event. I understand that I enter the race at my own risk and that no person(s) or organisation(s) will be held responsible for any accident, injury or loss to myself, prior to, during or after the event. I understand the organiser's reserve the right to delay, postpone, cancel or not officially time the race in the event of adverse weather conditions or other factors outside the organiser's control. The determination of what constitutes this is reserved solely to East Hull Harriers & AC. Photographs of the race will be taken for publicity purposes. I understand that my image may be used and give permission for it to be used. For a person under 18 years of age then a guardian / parent must submit this form and agree to the above conditions, by signing up online with card payment this is acceptance of those conditions. 
You agree that we may publish your Personal Information as part of the results of the Event and may pass such information to the governing body or any affiliated organisation for the purpose of insurance, licences or for publishing results either for the event alone or combined with or compared to other events. Results may include (but not be limited to) name, any club affiliation, race times, occupation and age category.

Refund Policy

Refund Policy

We regret that refund of entry fee due to withdrawal/injury/illness in advance of the start of the race series day cannot be made, and no refunds will be given during the race series.  


Event Date: 26th December 2023 10:00
Date Entries Close: 19th December 2023 23:00
Entry Limit: 250
Total Entered: 251
Total Remaining: 0


Location & Directions

East Park, Holderness Road, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU8 8JU

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