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Mel's Milers Twentieth Multi Terrain 10k

Edit Details & Transfer Entry

The event organiser has given you the ability to edit your details and transfer your entry should you no longer be able to take part. Please ensure that you do this before the closing date as you will no longer be able to use this facility after this date.

Editing Details & Transferring Entries Close: 19th March 2024 23:59:59

Edit Details Instructions


Fast, flat undulating course over pathways, track and trail in tranquil Sussex countryside.  Approximately 250m through a residential area and 3 road crossings.  A friendly club run event ideal for first time runners, those marathon tapering or looking for a PB.  Medals for all competitors, trophies for U18, 40+, 50+, 60+, 70+ M&F.

Entry Options

Adult £18.00
Child, age 15 - 17 £10.00


Gemma Yates N/A
Ben Wright N/A
Michelle Worsey Horsham Joggers
David Worsell Lingfield RC
tony woollard N/A
Christopher Wood N/A
Julie Williams N/A
Edlene Whitman N/A
Tom Whiting N/A
Geraldine Whelan N/A
Cheryl Westbrook NA
Helen Weller Energise PT
Liz Webster Lingfield RC
Gary Wallis Horsham Joggers
Rebekah Walden N/A
Bea Vitkaus Horsham Joggers
Leah Vincent N/a
Alan Viles Horley Harriers Running Club
Gary Viles Crawley AC
Jonny VDP N/A
Bridget VanManen-Esdaile J & M
Amy Twelvetrees NA
Abi Truelove Waverley harriers
Matt Trodd N/A
Jo Trew N/A
Catrina Tranquille Na
Jo Tomlinson Horsham Joggers
Philip Todd J&M Running
Sarah Thomas Crawley Run Crew
Rachel Thomas Horsham Joggers
Justin Tarr N/A
Justine Tanner Horsham Blue Star Harriers
Anna Sylvan N/A
Lisa Swan N/A
Anna Swan N/A
Amanda Sullivan Mel’s Milers
Clare Sullivan J and M running
Gary Spring Lingfield RC
Anna Southwood Pound Hill Pounders
Phoebe Smith N/a
John Slater N/A
Carol Skates N/a
Nikki Simon Horsham Joggers
Samantha Signoretto Pound hill pounders
Oliver Short N/A
Lou Shorey Mel's Milers
Rob Sherwood N/A
Richard Sherlock Windle Valley Runners
Juliet Sherliker N/A
Andrew Senior Lingfield RC
Jackie Scott-Wildman J&M running
William Scott-Wildman J&M running
Terri Scott Lingfield RC
Tracey Sargent N/A
Beatrice Sandford-Legray J&M
Jackie Saffery Midhurst Milers
Clare Roberts N/A
Sophie Ritchie N/A
Martin Richardson n/a
Natalie Reynolds N/A
Andrew Revell N/A
Llynor Rathbone N/A
Catrin Rathbone N/A
Justin Rathbone N/A
Rebecca Rankin Horsham Joghers
Euan Ramage Romsey Road Runners
David Pollard Horsham Joggers
Emma Poirier Pound Hill Pounders
Dmytro Pimakhov N/A
Simon Pickles N/A
Mick Paget Horley Harriers
Sarah Oliver Crawley run crew
Kim Nelson Chichester Runners & AC
Martin Murray N/A
Rugare Mubayi N/A
Jack Morgan N/A
Ruth Morgan Horsham Joggers
Tim Morgan N/A
Jessics Moran N/A
Steve Mitchell Haywards Heath Harriers
Natalie Mitchell Lingfield RC
Louise Mills N/A
Ian Michaelwaite Horsham Joggers
Shelley Meyern Crawley Run Crew
Kara McMillan N/A
Liz McLennan Lingfield RC
Catherine Maynard N/A
Oliver Maxey N/A
Jolene Martin N/a
Simon Markham Horsham Joggers
Dominique Manton N/A
Rebecca Mant N/A
Neil Makwana N/A
Hannah Macpherson N/A
Charlie Maclean N/A
James Maclean N/A
Sue Linger N/A
Ricci Lennon J&M runners
Martin Leake na
Rae Lavender N/A
Edward Lane N/A
Scarlett Lambert N/A
Matt Lambert N/A
Alison Lacey Pound Hill Pounders
David Lacey Pound Hill Pounders
Simon King N/A
James Kilfiger Lingfield RC
Andy Jefford N/A
Phoebe Hutchinson N/A
Robert Hunt N/A
Lee Hume Horsham Jogger
Louisa Hughes N/A
Jenny Hughes Arena
Ali HOWELL Horley Harriers
Matthew Horne Horsham Joggers
Karen Hobbs Horsham Joggers
Ian Hines Horsham Joggers
Gareth Hines N/A
Andrew Hindmarch Lingfield RC
Meika Hendriksen Energise PT
Peter Helliwell Horsham Joggers
Montelle Heasman Mels Milers
Sandra Haynes N/A
Stephen Haynes N/A
Clare Hastie J and M
joanne hartland n/a
Lynne Harris N/A
Deborah Hall N/A
Elizabeth Griffin Horsham Joggers
Sophie Green N/A
Jessica Grant N/A
Ben Grant N/A
David Grant N/A
Michelle Grant N/A
Maria Goulty Foxy Ladies Running Club
Jack GOLDSMITH Lingfield RC
Lorraine Goddard N/A
Bruce Girvan N/A
Christine Gibbons Arena 80 AC
Michael Gibbons Arena 80 AC
Sue Garner Lingfield RC
Tom Frost Liss Runners
Katherine Frampton N/A
Ian Fotheringham Lingfield RC
Sally Foster Horsham Joggers
Jane Footer Horsham Joggers
Malcolm Footer Horsham Joggers
Jacqueline Evans N/A
Adam Evans N/A
Jack Emmerson N/A
Sarah Ellis N/A
Jenny Ellis N/A
Lois Edginton N/A
Jo Durrant N/A
Kathryn Donkin N/A
Jamie Dodson N/a
rachel detnon Horsham Joggers
Sophie Davis Lingfield RC
mark davies Haywards Heath Harriers
Cara Davies N/A
Ronnie Crowe N/A
Jenny Crocker N/A
Mike Crocker N/A
Tom Coxhead N/A
Stuart Cox Horsham Joggers
Joanne Cooper Pound Hill Pounders
Alex Cooper N/a
Ian Collins J and M Running
Trish Clifford Midhurst Milers
Evie Clarke Exeter University Athletics Club
Maggie Clark N/A
Paul Cherriman N/A
Keith Chambers Lingfield RC
Dan Celani Lingfield RC
Claire Butler Horsham Joggers
Finlay Burchett Horsham Joggers
Emma Budgen Horsham Joggers
Abigail Brett Horsham Blue Star Harriers
Lisa Boxall Pound Hill Pounders
Drew Boxall N/A
Nicholas Bowdery N/A
Luke Bowdery N/A
Amelia Bligh N/A
Amanda Blevins N/A
Alistair Blevins N/A
Arron Blackwood N/a
Theresa Bishop Na
Emma Birch N/A
Doug bewley Lingfield RC
Asia Bejer N/A
Helen Baverstock Horley Harriers Running Club
Alan Barton N/A
Andy Barton N/A
Paul Barnes Horsham Joggers
Rhiannon Balfour N/A
Emily Bailey Poundhill pounders
Sarah Bailey N/A
Will Axell Haywards Heath Harriers
Paul Arnold Horsham Joggers
Lucy Anderson Arena 80 AC

Terms & Conditions

The race organisers and officials will not be held responsible for any accident, injuries, loss or damage resulting in your participation in the race.

Refund Policy

We regret we are unable to offer refunds.  However, there is an 'Edit your details' facility through which you can transfer your number to a friend.  You will need to keep your acknowledgement e'mail as this has an access code.  Note:  the 'Edit your details' feature will be removed at midnight on Tuesday 19th March, 2024.


We close in:
Event Date: 24th March 2024 09:30
Date Entries Close: 19th March 2024 23:59
Entry Limit: 425
Total Entered: 203
Total Remaining: 222


Location & Directions

Christ's Hospital School, , Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 0YP

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