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Pittaway Beverley 10K 2024
WE ARE NOW CLOSED | We have reached our limit or the closing date has been reached

Edit Details & Transfer Entry

The event organiser has given you the ability to edit your details and transfer your entry should you no longer be able to take part. Please ensure that you do this before the closing date as you will no longer be able to use this facility after this date.

Editing Details & Transferring Entries Close: 8th May 2024 10:00:00

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East Yorkshire's Premier 10km Road Running Race! 

Starting at 10:00am outside Beverley Minster, running through the glorious Westwood common land, and spectacular finish through the town centre.

Entry is £18 for UKA Affiliated Club Members and £20 for all other entrants.   

1st - 7th male and female; 1st and 2nd male and female U19, V40, V45, V50, V55, V60, V65; 1st place male and female V70, V75 and V80+. 

1st and 2nd placed male and female teams (3 runners to count, club vests must be worn).  Team prizes may not be awarded on the day, to allow for the results to be verified.

Prizes are awarded based on chip times.

All finishers will receive a technical T-shirt or can opt out and a donation will be made to Cherry Tree Community Centre, Beverley (minimum £2.50)

UKA Licence 2024 - 47829

Please familiarise yourself with our risk assessment for the event.

Entry Options

Beverley 10K 2024 £20.00


Wiolet Zurek N/A
Pawel Zurek City of Hull AC
Jacob Zobkiw City of Hull AC
Theo Youngman N/A
Alan Young Wolds Veterans RC
Martin Young White City Hull RRC
Bailey Young N/A
Isabelle Young N/A
Michael Young N/A
Patience Young N/A
Fen Xu N/A
Meg Wycks N/A
Melanie Wright N/A
Sandy Wright Fitmums And Friends
Andy Wright N/A
Lewis Wright N/A
Colin Wright N/A
Daniel Wright n/a
Helen Wright Fitmums
Hannah Wright N/a
Jonathan Wright N/A
Sophie Wright N/A
Mark Wragg City of Hull AC
Richard Woolfall N/A
Roberto Woods Na
Emma Woodmansey Fitmums And Friends
Hannah Woodgate N/A
Chloe Woodford N/A
Jonathan Woodford N/A
Matthew Woodfield N/A
Rebecca Woodfield N/A
Claire Woodcock N/A
Cameron Wood N/A
Tom Wood Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Max Wood N/A
Jemma Wood N/A
Isaac Wood N/A
Paul Wood Fitmums And Friends
Alastair Wood Selby Striders
Liam Wolverson N/A
Michael Wolverson N/A
Richard Witty N/A
Katie Wise City of Hull AC
Lucy Windeler N/A
Simon Windeler N/A
Alison Windas N/A
Drew Wilson Hornsea Harriers
Steve Wilson Bridlington Road Runners
Jack Wilson N/A
Jon Wilson Barton & District AC
Rachael Wilson N/a
James Wilson Bridlington Road Runners
Sherene Wilshere City of Hull AC
Kathryn Wills Scarborough Athletic Club
Lee Willis N/A
Vivienne Williamson Fitmums And Friends
James Williamson Goole Viking Striders
Gareth Williams N/A
Lee Williams N/A
Elizabeth Williams N/A
Paul Williams N/a
Wendy Williams Fitmums And Friends
Mark Williams Team Tomson
carole Williams hornsea harriers
Jason Williams N/A
Josh Williams N/A
Zechariah Williams N/A
David Willerton Wolds Veterans RC
Louise Wilkinson N/A
Amy Wilkinson East hill harriers
Danny Wilkinson N/a
Dan Wilkinson Hornsea Harriers
Clare Wilkins N/A
Kevin Wilkie Fitmums And Friends
Tracy Wiles Fitmums And Friends
Sally Wilde N/A
Geoffrey Wilcox City of Hull AC
Brian Wilcockson N/A
Rachel Wilcock Fitmums And Friends
Sarah Wilby Pocklington Runners
jo whittle Fitmums And Friends
Gary Whittaker Yorkshire Wolds Runners
anthony whitley City of Hull AC
tom whitley City of Hull AC
connor whitley n/a
ruth whitley n/a
Rebecca Whiting Fitmums And Friends
Phil Whiting N/A
Olly Whitfield N/A
Natalie Whiteley N/A
Kerry Whitehead Bridlington Road Runners
Maria Whitehead Fitmums And Friends
Darren White East Hull Harriers & AC
Zachary White N/A
Millie White N/A
David White N/A
Niki Whitaker City of Hull AC
Lily Whitaker Beverley Athletic Club
John Whelan N/A
Katrina Wheeler N/A
Michael Wheeler N/A
Matthew Whattam Selby Striders
Nicki Whattam Selby Striders
Kai Weymes Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Kim Wettergreen Wolds Veterans RC
Stephen Westmorland Brough Runners
Louis West N/A
Jordan West N/A
Deborah Wescott N/A
Nick Wells N/A
Karen Wellington N/A
Katy Welford N/A
Becky Weeks N/A
Aaron Wedgwood N/a
Jacqui Webster NA
Eleanor Webster N/A
Vicky Webster Driffield Striders
Dominique Webster Bridlington Road Runners
Julia Webb Scarborough Athletic Club
Lisa Webb Kingston upon Hull AC
Carl Weathers N/A
karen wealleans Driffield Striders
Rob Waugh N/A
David Waugh N/A
Rebecca Watson N/A
Jack Watson N/A
Joshua Watson Active Filey
Mike Watson N/A
Ian Watson Pocklington Runners
Samantha Watson N/A
Josh Watson N/A
Rebecca Watson Pocklington Runners
Hayley Watson N/A
Karen Watkins West Hull Ladies
Katie Watkins N/A
Charles Waterson N/a
Steve Waterson N/A
Lilith Waters Beverley Athletic Club
Zoe Warters N/A
Anna Warner N/A
Michael Warhurst N/A
Emily Wardman N/A
Becky Wardlow N/A
Fiona Wardell N/A
Bryan Ward N/A
Daisy Ward N/A
Laura Walton N/A
Paul Waltham N/A
Simon Walters Bridlington Road Runners
Nigel Wallis N/A
Dave Waller N/A
Mark Waller N/A
Rachel Wallace N/A
Fiona Walkley N/A
Delilah Walker-Hunter N/A
Elizabeth Walker N/A
Caroline Walker N/A
Gary Walker N/A
Camilla Walker West Hull Ladies
Patrick Walker City of Hull AC
John Walker Fitmums And Friends
Nick Walker N/A
Chris Walker N/A
Pete Walker N/A
Stephen Walker Tadcaster Harriers
June Walker N/A
Paul Walker N/A
Dawn Wales N/A
Ben Wales City of Hull AC
Mark Walby Barton & District AC
Issy Walby Kingston upon Hull AC
Chris Waite Scarborough Athletic Club
Louise Waite N/A
Chris Wade Scarborough Athletic Club
Rachel Wade N/A
Colin Vize N/A
Frances Virr NA
Deborah Vidal N/A
Elenor Vaughan N/A
Richard Vaughan N/a
Sophie Vaughan Scarborough Athletic Club
Debbie Varney N/A
David Varley N/A
Natalie Vanicek N/A
Greg Usher N/A
Sophie Upson N/A
Alison Ullyott N/A
John Ulliott N/A
James Tyndall Pocklington Runners
David Tyas City of Hull AC
Sophieanne Twineham N/A
Andrew Tweddell East Hull Harriers & AC
Craig Turner N/A
James Turnbull Goole Viking Striders
Matthew Tune East Hull Harriers & AC
Megan Tudor N/A
freya tudor N/A
Jon Tucker N/A
Lesley Tuck N/a
Jennie Trown Scarborough Athletic Club
Christie Trower Bridlington road runners
Mitch Trainor City of Hull AC
Paul Trainor City of Hull AC
Emma Tongrack Fitmums And Friends
Alexa Tong N/A
Nick Tomlinson N/A
Andrew Tomlinson N/A
Hugh Tomlinson City of hull
Richard Tomlinson Brough Runners
Andrew Tofton N/A
Zac Toes N/A
Michael Toes N/A
Joanne Toes Fitmums And Friends
Colleen Thundercliffe City of Hull AC
Katy Thorpe N/A
CLIVE Thornley Wolds Veterans RC
Jay Thorne N/A
Shaun Thornborough N/A
Bob Thomson Haltemprice RRC
Sean Thompson East Hull Harriers & AC
Annemarie Thompson N/A
Rob Thompson N/A
Adam Thompson Fitmums And Friends
Charlotte Thompson N/A
Mark Thompson Selby Striders
Phil Thompson N/A
Lee Thompson N/a
Joe Thompson N/A
Francesca Thompson N/A
Amy Thompson Fitmums And Friends
Amy Thirkettle Kingston upon Hull AC
Adam Theaker Loftus and Whitby Ac
Kelly Temple York Knavesmire Harriers
Phillip Tedd Leeds City AC
Roger Teasdale N/A
Robert Taylor Na
Paul Taylor N/A
Phill Taylor Bridlington Road Runners
Josh Taylor Bridlington Road Runners
Gillian Taylor Bridlington Road Runners
Liam Taylor Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Jo Taylor N/A
Calvin Taylor N/A
Peter Taylor City of Hull AC
Paula Taylor N/A
LES TAYLOR White City Hull RRC
Samantha Tather Jolly Triathlon Club
Martha Tate N/A
Rob Tate Royal Wootton Bassett Hounds
Ionut Tase N/A
Pamela Tarbet City of Hull AC
Peter Tait Scunthorpe & District Running Club
andrew tait n/a
Elaine tait Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Krzysztof Szalecki Goole Viking Striders
Katarzyna Szalecka Goo
Lucy Sykes N/A
Rich Sykes N/A
Michael Sword Pocklington Runners
Chris Swinden N/a
Martin Swann N/A
Rachel Sullivan N/A
Lewis Suddaby East Hull Harriers & AC
Sarah Styche NA
Ken Sturdy N/A
Max Stubbings N/A
Tracy Strong N/A
Jade Stowell N/A
Jan Stott N/A
Chris Stott N/A
Imogen Storr Barton & District AC
Mike Stones N/A
Michelle Stone N/A
Rebecca Stokes N/A
James Stocker N/A
Bob Stockdale Hornsea Harriers
Leanne Stockdale N/A
Dawn Stockdale City of Hull AC
Emma Stevenson N/A
Ben Stephenson n/a
Gemma Stephenson City of Hull AC
Catherine Stephenson N/A
Paul Stephenson N/A
Madeline Stephenson N/A
Annabel Stephenson Fitmums And Friends
Simon Stephenson N/A
Tracey Stephens NA
Sophie Stenton N/A
Joe Stenton Bridlington road runners
Sarah Steels N/A
Andy Steel Kingston upon Hull AC
Neil Stead Goole Viking Striders
Alexander Statham N/A
Lee Stansfield N/A
Jonathan Stanley N/A
Paul Staniland N/A
Libby Stamford N/A
Rocky Stallion N/A
Jane Stabler Fitmums And Friends
Stuart Spencer Fitmums and Friends
Jill Speight Pocklington Runners
Nigel Sparks N/A
Stephen Sparks N/A
Amber Sole N/A
Andrew Snowball Pocklington Runners
Katy Snow N/A
Rob Snaith East Hull Harriers & AC
Nick Smith N/A
Mike Smith N/A
Paul Smith N/A
Jackson Smith Scarborough Athletic Club
Nicola Smith N/A
Richard Smith N/A
Andy Smith N/A
Debbie Smith White City Hull RRC
Alan Smith White City Hull RRC
Katrina Smith N/A
Stacey Smith City of Hull AC
Martin Smith City of Hull AC
Lindsay Smith Fitmums And Friends
Joshua Smith Fitmums And Friends
Steve Smith N/A
Alex Smith N/A
Gary Smith City of Hull AC
Helen Smith Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Jennifer Smith N/A
Kyle Smith Scarborough Athletic Club
Anthony Smart N/A
Martin Smart N/A
Matthew Smallwood N/a
Nathan Smalley Snaith & Cowick
Hannah Smailes N/A
Benn Slocombe N/A
Tom Slight N/A
Joe Slater N/A
Ella Skinner N/A
Caroline Skelton Fitmums And Friends
Matt Skelton N/A
Matthew Sizer Yorkshire Wold Runners
Kerry Sizer N/A
Andrew Sison Nomen
Chloe Singleton N/A
David Singleton N/A
Mhairi Sinclair N/A
Louise Simpson Fitmums And Friends
Deborah Simpson Louth AC
Phillip Simmons N/A
Mark Silverthorne The Running Mans Group
Andre Silva N/A
Graham Silburn Fitmums And Friends
Glenn Silburn Fitmums And Friends
Clare Short N/A
Stephen Shores N/A
John Shipley N/A
Oliver Sherwood Na
Stephen Sheriff Lonely Goat RC
Bernadette Sheppeck N/A
Joe Shepherdson Driffield Striders
Dawn Sheehan N/A
Chris Shears Vegan Runners UK
Natalie She St Peter's School
Andy Shaw Na
Sally Sharp Skegness and District Running Club
Steven Sharp Driffield Striders
Mollie Sharp N/A
Kevin Sharp East Hull Harriers & AC
Rachael Sharp Fitmums And Friends
emerald Sharkey Fitmums And Friends
Cara Shardlow Scarborough Athletic Club
Matthew Shakespeare N/A
Pip Seminara N/A
Grzegorz Semik N/A
Richard Sellers Brough Runners
Sarah Sellens City of Hull AC
Shahid Seedat N/A
Samuel Sedman Run Scarborough
Jane Sedman N/A
Mattia Secci N/A
Lisa Seamark Fitmums And Friends
Alex Seale N/s
Neil scruton Scarborough athletic club
Jennifer Scruton Driffield Striders
Nick Scruton Driffield Striders
Daniel Scott City of Hull AC
Helen Scott Fitmums And Friends
Karen Scott City of Hull AC
Paul Scott Kuhac
David Scott Cleethorpes Tri Club
Hayley Schofield N/A
Alan Scarborough N/A
Caroline Scanlan Fitmums And Friends
Andrea Scaife N/A
Shaun Scaife N/A
Sue Sayers Scarborough Athletic Club
Rachael Saxby Yorkshire Wolds Runners
TIM SAVAGE City of Hull AC
Helen Saunders Na
Carl Sanders N/A
Mike Salter City of Hull AC
Samantha Salter West Hull Ladies
Kelly Rymer N/A
Lewis Ryan N/A
Richard Ruston Goole Viking Striders
Steffan Russon N/A
Dean Russell N/A
Michael Russell N/A
Gareth Russell Humber Triathletes
Ronda Rushby Barton & District AC
Martyn Rushby Barton & District AC
Katie Rudge City of Hull AC
Danny Ruane N/A
Pete Royal Bridlington Road Runners
Rebecca Rowland N/A
Beth Rose N/A
Aaron Roper N/A
David Rooms N/A
Sara Rookyard East Hull Harriers & AC
Karl Rolstone Fordy Runs
Steven Rollinson N/A
Evelyn Rogers N/A
Carrie Rogers N/A
Joshua Roe N/A
Harvey Rodgers N/A
Stephanie Robson N/A
Shaun Robson N/A
Gemma Robinson Off that couch fitness
Vicki Robinson N/A
Rich Robinson N/A
Gary Robinson N/A
Billy Robinson N/A
Vicky Robinson N/a
David Robinson N/a
Darren Robinson N/A
Rachael Robinson N/A
Neil Robinson N/A
Samantha Robinson NA
Gillian Robinson Fitmums And Friends
Charlie Robinson City of Hull AC
Peter Robertson West 4 Harriers
Rick Roberts N/a
Sarah Roberts N/A
Callum Richardson N/A
James Richardson N/A
Elizabeth Richardson N/A
Molly Richardson N/A
Francis Richardson N/a
Josh Richardson N/A
Harry Rice N/A
Jake Rhodes N/A
Duncan Reynolds N/A
Rich Reynolds N/a
Rich Rex City of Hull AC
Alison Rennie N/A
Caitlin Reilly N/A
Paul Reed N/A
Ellie Redman N/A
Jon Reast N/A
Sue Reast City of Hull
Karen Rawlinson Scarborough Athletic Club
Erena Rawlins N/a
Thomas Raper N/A
Kevin Rank N/A
Jennifer Randall N/A
Stefan Ramsden N/A
Daniel Ramsay East Hull Harriers & AC
Joshua Ralph N/A
Sylvia Radford N/A
Benjamin Radford N/A
Michael Radford N/A
Mark Radcliffe N/A
John Race N/A
Steve Pursglove Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Jeffrey Pullen Lonely Goat RC
Lucy Pugh Atom
Sarah Proctor White City Hull RRC
Rachel Proctor Fitmums And Friends
Damian Probett Bridlington Road Runners
Jane Probett Bridlington Road Runners
David Pring Bridlington Road Runners
Hannah Priestley Selby Striders
Claire Price East Hull Harriers & AC
Victoria Prescott N/A
Dan Prescott N/A
Ed Prescott N/A
Tim Pratt Driffield Striders
Jason Powdrell N/A
Alicja Powaga Pocklington Runners
Paul Poucher N/A
Dave Potts N/A
Chris Pottet Jolly Triathlon
Jenna Potter N/a
Mattie Portlock Cleethorpes AC
Melanie Portlock Cleethorpes AC
Simon Porter Bridlington Road Runners
AMANDA Porter Bridlington Road Runners
KIRSTEN Porter Bridlington Road Runners
Sharon Porter N/A
Lewis poole N/A
Peter Poole N/A
Colin Poma-Young N/A
Pamela Poma Fitmums And Friends
Ben Pollendine N/A
John Podgornyi East Hull Harriers & AC
Alexander Platt N/A
Malcolm Piper Wolds Veteran RC
Alex Pinnell N/A
Tony Pinnell N/A
Alisa Pierrepont N/A
Shane Pickup N/A
Bex Pickles N/A
Diane Pickering West Hull Ladies
David Pickering NA
Laura Pickering Na
Donna Pickering N/A
James Pickering N/A
Alice Pickering NA
Helen Pickering West Hull Ladies
Michael Philpott N/A077
Cathy Phillips N/A
Ruth Phillips N/A
Joe Peterson N/A
Trevor Peters N/A
Helen Penn City of Hull AC
Jacqueline Peel Fitmums And Friends
Gina-Marie Peckitt Fitmums And Friends
Natalee Pearson N/A
Sebastian Pearson Kingston upon Hull AC
Tom Pearson N/A
Oscar Pearson Kingston upon Hull AC
James Pearson N/A
Josh Peacock East Hull Harriers & AC
Brian Peach Humber Triathletes
hayley pea N/A
Jason Pea Driffield Striders
Anna Pay N/a
George Pay N/a
Andrew Pay Fitmums And Friends
John Pawson City of Hull AC
Neviana Paunova N/a
Marina Paunova N/A
Justin Patterson N/A
Mike Pashby Leven Striders
Roy Partington N/A
Sarah Parsons Fitmums And Friends
Diane Parnham Fitmums And Friends
Peter Parnaby N/A
OwenLuke Parnaby N/A
Julie Parkinson N/A
Ben Parkin Pocklington Runners
Jack Parker N/A
Gary Parker N/A
Daisy Parker N/A
Doug Park N/A
Karen Park West Hull Ladies
Marcus Pape N/A
Gordon Palmer Off that couch fitness
Gary Palmer N/A
Emma Palmer N/A
Ellie Page N/A
April Page West Hull Ladies
Scott Page City of Hull AC
Melanie Padgham Scarborough Athletic Club
Aaron Padgham Scarborough Athletic Club
Michael Padgham Scarborough Athletic Club
Joe Padget N/A
Deb Oxley N/A
Jason Oxby Louth AC
Sam Overton N/a
Caroline Ostler N/A
Evie Ostler N/A
Rich Osgerby Fitmums And Friends
Lucy Ornsby N/A
Denise Ombler N/A
Ben Oliver N/A
Martin Oliver City of Hull AC
Stuart Oliver N/A
Joseph Oldroyd N/A
Shirley Oglesby East Hull Harriers & AC
Sam Oglesby N/a
Hannah Oehring N/A
Chris Oehring N/A
Becky Ockleton East Hull Harriers & AC
Michael Oberg N/A
Paul Oakes N/A
James Oakes N/A
Isabelle Oakes N/A
Dawn Oades East Hull Harriers & AC
Gary Oades East Hull Harriers & AC
Mike O’Brien City of Hull AC
Kate O’Brien City of Hull AC
Lydia O'Sullivan Fitmums And Friends
Sarah O'Sullivan Fitmums And Friends
Claire O'Neill Scarborough Athletic Club
Mark Nurse Withernsea Harriers
Charlie North N/A
Julie North Fitmums And Friends
Andrew Norman East Hull Harriers & AC
Jessica Nolan N/A
Simon Nicholson City of Hull AC
Chloe Nicholson East Hull Harriers & AC
Kathy Nicholson Goole Viking Striders
Jonathan Nicholls N/A
Jon Nicholls N/A
Rob Newton Fitmums And Friends
Jane Newton NA
Kathy Newiss Fitmums And Friends
Tara Nevet N/A
Keith Nettleton N/A
Daniel Neilson N/A
Peter Needler N/A
Kathleen Needler N/A
Martin Nee Selby Striders
Tara Nebet N/A
Simon Neal Scarborough Athletic Club
Mark Nash N/A
Tyler Nash N/A
Helen Nash Fitmums And Friends
Jack Myers Cleethorpes AC
Julie Mutch N/A
Pete Mutch N/A
Zoe Murrell N/A
Simon Murray N/A
Ryan Murray N/A
Michael Muralee N/A
David Mumby N/A
Wendy Muldoon N/A
Ian Mudd Fitmums And Friends
Jayne Mudd Fitmums And Friends
Grace Mudd Fitmums And Friends
Paul Mudd Fitmums And Friends
Sarah Mudd Fitmums And Friends
Harvey Mudd Fitmums And Friends
Abbie Mudd Fitmums And Friends
Gareth Moyle City of Hull AC
Sarah Mowbray N/a
Venika Moverley East Hull Harriers & AC
Catherine Moverley Bridlington Road Runners
Andy Mounsor N/A
Jordan Mounsey N/A
James Moult N/A
Andy Moses N/A
Anne Mortimer Wolds Veterans RC
Ben Mortimer N/A
Alex Morrison N/A
Dean Morris Kingston upon Hull AC
Emily Morris Driffield Striders
Lesley Morrell N/A
Simon Morrell N/a
Ellie Morley N/a
Jennifer Morgan Kingston upon Hull AC
Michael Morford N/A
catherine moran Scarborough Athletic Club
Peter Moore N/A
Samuel Moore N/A
Aaron Moore N/A
Paul Moon N/A
Ryan Moody N/A
Shaun Moody White City Hull RRC
Tom Monaghan N/A
Emma Molloy N/A
Paul Molloy N/A
Rebecca Molloy N/A
Lindsay Moir N/A
Jamie Mitchell N/A
Julia Mitchell N/A
Sarah Mitchell N/A
Julian Minshall N/A
Thalia Milner Askern District RC
Iain Milner N/A
Lucy Mills City of Hull AC
Ellie Mills Leven Striders Running Club
Eleanor Millington N/A
Neil Miller N/A
Adam MIller N/A
Barbara Miller West hull ladies
Carol Miller West Hull Ladies
Stephen Miller N/A
Charlotte Milhench N/A
Chris Miles Sale Harriers Manchester
Steph Miles N/A
Paul Mickman Kingston upon Hull AC
Jack Michaels N/A
CAROLINE METCALF Scarborough Athletic Club
Hannah Mennell N/A
John Meek N/A
Neil Meadowcroft N/A
Clare McWilliam N/A
Rachael McWilliam N/A
Nicola McPhun East Hull Harriers & AC
Aaron Mcphee N/A
Jodie Mcphee N/A
James McMath NA
Carole McMahon Fitmums And Friends
James Mcleod N/A
Bonnie Mclean N/A
Eleanor McLaughlin West Hull Ladies
David Mckinnon Goole Viking Striders
Ian McKinley N/A
Katrina Mckenzie N/a
Thomas McKenna York Knavesmire Harriers
Michael McInerney Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Amy Mcinerney Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Vincent McGowan East Hull Harriers & AC
Jonny Mcfaul Goole Viking Striders
Catraoine McDonnell Sale Harriers Manchester
Carl McDonald N/A
Jessica McDonald Fitmums And Friends
Kerry McDonald Fitmums And Friends
Jim McDonagh Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Scott McDermid N/A
Ian McCreadie Askern District RC
Lucy McConnell N/A
Rebecca McCleary Fitmums And Friends
Chris McClane City of Hull AC
Cindy McAndrew N/
Adrian McAndrew N/A
Nick Maynard City of Hull AC
Mark May Scarborough Athletic Club
Brenda May Scarborough Athletic Club
Katie May City of Hull AC
Neil May City of Hull AC
Dan Maw Kingston upon Hull AC
John Mattinson N/A
Stephen Matthews N/A
Keith Matthews N/A
David Matthews N/A
Emily Mather N/A
Harry Masterman East Hull Harriers & AC
Julie Masterman Goole viking striders
Heather Massey N/a
Laura Mason N/A
John Mason N/A
Chris Mason Cleethorpes AC
Peter Mason City of Hull AC
wayne martindale Fordy runs
Julian Martin N/A
Darren Marshall n/a
Deborah Marshall N/A
Wendy Marshall Yorkshire Wolds runners
William Marshall N/A
Wilson Marshall N/a
Emma Marshall N/A
Kieran Marshall N/A
Rhona Marshall Scarborough Athletic Club
Victoria Marsh N/A
Andrew Marsden N/A
Sarah Marr Bridlington
Elliot Marling Kingston upon Hull AC
Paul Marchant N/A
Igor Manestar City of Hull AC
Melissa Malton Fitmums And Friends
James Mallinson N/A
Neal Madden Barracuda Triathlon Club
Daniel Mackinder N/a
Megan Machin N/A
Stuart MacFarlane N/A
Catherine Mace N/A
Dave Lunt n/a
Sophie Lowsley N/A
David Lowsley N/A
Jordan Lown City of Hull AC
Helen Lowe N/A
Samantha Lovell N/A
Janet Louw N/A
Phoebe Longthorp N/A
Martin Longshaw Wolds Veterans RC
Steve Longney Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Andy Long Bridlington Road Runners
Cathy Logan N/A
Stephen Logan City of Hull AC
Sarah Loftus Fitmums And Friends
Lynn Lockwood N/A
Spencer Lloyd N/A
elzbieta Lisowska Goole Viking Striders
Jacqui Linwood Fitmums And Friends
Petia Lingova-McCracken N/A
Chris Lindley N/a
Anna Lindley N/A
Tom Lickiss N/A
Will Lewis City of Hull AC
Lesley Lester Scarborough Athletic Club
Jimmy Leonard N/A
Martin Lennon East London Triathletes
Molly LeightonPratt None
Mark Leighton NA
Emily Lees N/A
Ally Leek N/A
Sophie Lee City of Hull AC
Carol Lee N/A
Neil Leckenby N/a
Naomi Lecher N/A
Kris Lecher City of Hull AC
Sarah Leak Na
Sophie Lazenby Non
Joshua Lazenby N/A
Kiera Laycock N/A
Andrew Lawtey City of Hull AC
Dave Lawley N/A
John Latus N/A
Alice Langthorne Pocklington Runners
Richard Lancaster N/A
mike lamb N/A
James Kraft N/A
Owen Koslow Not available
Leanne Knowles N/A
Sarah Knights West Hull Ladies
Scott Knight N/A
Samantha Kneeshaw Fitmums And Friends
Nicola Knaggs Yorkshire wols runners
Ann Kitto Scarborough Athletic Club
Amy Kitching N/A
Nigel Kitching Driffield striders
Diane Kirkwood N/A
Phil Kirkwood N/A
Sophie Kirkby N/A
Nicole Kirk N/A
Daniel Kirby Driffield Striders
Sally Kingscott Scarborough Athletic Club
Simon King Na
Simon King White City Hull RRC
Paul King N/A
Robbie King City of Hull AC
Sam Kind White City Hull RRC
Kathryn Kimm N/A
Bob Kilvington Lonely Goat RC
Leanne Kilvington Humber Triathletes
Kevin Kilkenny N/A
Liz Kilgour Fitmums And Friends
Jennifer Kilburn Bridlington Road Runners
Adrian Kidd Lonely Goat RC
Rachael Kidd N/A
Joanne Key N/A
Suzie Kettrick Fitmums And Friends
John Ketley N/A
Chris Kershaw N/A
James Kennedy-Couper N/A
Rebecca kendall N/A
RACHEL KEMP East Hull Harriers & AC
Cassie Kemp Fitmums And Friends
patrick kelly n/a
Anne Kelly Bridlington Road Runners
Joe Kelly N/A
Thomas Kelly N/A
Geraldine Kelly n/a
Siobhan Kelly N/A
Oliver Kelly N/A
Sean Kelly Scarborough Athletic Club
James Kelly N/A
Tom Keelty Withernsea Harriers
Jeremy Kaye East Hull Harriers & AC
Ian Kavanagh Brough Runners
Graham Justice Pocklington Runners
Claire Juggins N/a
Rob Jude N/A
Dallas Jopling Kingston upon Hull AC
Jorunn Jonsdottir Fitmums And Friends
Andrea Jones N/A
Ethan Jones N/A
Bethan Jones Che Guevara
Ian Jones N/A
Gary Jolley N/A
Claire Johnson Kingston upon Hull AC
Duncan Johnson Fitmums And Friends
Don Johnson City of Hull AC
Marc Jobling N/A
Louis Jobling N/A
Leanne Jensen N/A
Steve Jennison N/A
Gordon Jenney N/A
Rob Jenkinson N/A
Lewis Jenkinson N/A
Graham Jenkinson Barracuda Triathlon Club
Esther Jenkins N/a
Steph Jemison N/A
Mark Jeffries N/A
Hannah Jarvis Fitmums And Friends
Adam Jamieson N/A
Lee James No Club Running Club
Charlotte Jallow Bridlington Road Runners
Gill Jagger West Hull Ladies
Stephen Jackson N/A
Keith Jackson Lonely Goat RC
Anthony Jackson City of Hull AC
Paul Jackson N/A
Jake Irving N/A
Lauren Ireland Run Kingswood Run
Miriam Ireland Bridlington Road Runners
Elizabeth Ingle Bridlington Road Runners
Richard Ingham N/A
Lauren Ibbotson N/A
Neil Ibbitson Run Kingswood Run
David I'Anson Lonely Goat RC
Noelle Hynes Humber Triathlete
Kristian Huzzard N/A
Marc Hutson City of Hull AC
Dan Hussey N/a
Edward Husband Fitmums And Friends
Jonathan Hunter N/A
Rebecca Hunter N/A
Angela Hunter N/A
Samuel Hunter N/A
Philip Humphries N/a
Julie Hughes N/A
Graham Hughes City of Hull AC
Angela Hudson Fitmums And Friends
John Hubbard N/A
Stephen Hoyle N/A
Martin Howman Na
sheila howes Driffield Striders
Simon Howe N/A
Jordan Howe York Postal Harriers
Anna Howard Tadcaster Harriers
Anne Housden N/A
Sharon Houghton Scarborough Athletic Club
Phillip Hotchkin N/A
Tim Horwood N/A
Hannah Horth N/a
Carl Horth City of Hull AC
Katie Horsfield N/A
Dominic Hornsby N/A
Bridget Horner Fitmums And Friends
Eleanor Horner N/A
Charlotte Horner N/a
john horncastle N/A
Jane Hornby Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Dean Hornby N/A
Chris Hopton N/A
Victoria Hopper N/A
Adam Hopkin N/A
Matty Hook N/A
Adrian Holyhead Kimberworth Striders RC
Steven Holwell Withernsea Harriers
Tracy Holwell Fitmums And Friends
Victoria Holtby N/A
Chris Holtby N/A
Benjamin Holtby N/A
Anders Holmes N/A
Karl Holmes Cleethorpes AC
Laura Holmes N/A
Shelly Holmes Fitmums And Friends
Rachel Holliday Off That Couch Fitness
Kerry Holliday East Hull Harriers & AC
Rob Holliday N/A
Sandra Holdsworth West Hull Ladies
Catherine Holder KUHAC
Tracey Holden Pocklington Runners
Adrian Holden Pocklington Runners
Lisa Holbrook N/a
Sophie Hodgson N/A
Jodie Hodgson Pocklington Runners
Tom Hodgson N/A
Liam Hodgson N/A
Joanne Hodgson N/A
Alison Hodgson N/A
Paul Hodges N/a
Stephen Hodges N/A
Daniel Hobson N/A
Jeanette Hobson N/A
Richard Hobson N/A
Jane Hobman Fitmums And Friends
Craig Hitter N/A
Joe Hitchins AFC Tickton football club
Jo Hinman N/A
Mark Hinkley N/A
Laura Hines N/A
James Hines N/A
Eliza Hinchliffe N/A
Suzie Hilton-Bell City of Hull AC
Kris Hilton N/A
Craig Hillary City of Hull AC
Allan Hill N/A
Andrew Hill East Hull Harriers & AC
Lucas Hill N/A
Louise Hill Kimberworth Striders RC
Samantha Hill N/A
Michael Higgitt Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Adam Hickson N/A
Dan Hickingbotham N/A
Kim Hewson N/A
Josephine Hewson N/A
Glyn Hewitt Scarborough Athletic Club
Fay Hethershaw Scarborough Athletic Club
Neil Heron N/A
Sue Herdsman N/A
Anita Herbert. Active Filey
Darren Hepworth Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Dale Hepples Scarborough Athletic Club
Matthew Heppel-Holden N/A
Michael Heng N/A
Timothy Heng N/A
Jenny Henderson West Hull Ladies
Chris Hedgecox N/A
Michael Heaton N/A
Lucy Heaton Fitmums And Friends
Andrew Heath East Hull Harriers & AC
Kenneth Hearson N/A
Jack Hearnshaw City of Hull AC
Christopher Healy N/A
Joe Healy Fitmums And Friends
James Healey N/A
Stephen Heads N/A
andrew hazell N/a
Grace Hayward N/A
Andy Haylock N/A
Chris Hay N/a
Ian Hay N/A
Ben Hawley N/A
Chico Hawksley N/A
Richard Hawkins York Postal Harriers
Colin Hatfield N/A
John Hatfield N/A
Joanne Hastings Fitmums And Friends
Sue Haslam Scarborough Athletic Club
Harrison Harwood-Pike Kingston upon Hull AC
Emma Harvey N/A
Mike Harvey Snaith and Cowick Running Club
Kerry Harvey Fitmums
Rachel Harvey N/A
Luis Harvey N/A
Tamsin Hartley N/A
Denis Hartley N/A
Emily Hartfield Fitmums And Friends
Glenn Harter N/A
Debra Harruson Fitmums And Friends
Ella Harrissmith Beverley Athletic Club
Joanne Harrison N/A
Richard Harrison Selby Striders
Cathrine Harrison n/a
Sara Harrison Selby Striders
Susan Harrison N/A
Dawn Harrison N/A
Richard Harrison N/A
Becky Harrison N/A
Julie Harris N/A
Lynda Harris Fitmums And Friends
Lance Harris Withernsea harriers
Tim Harris N/A
Sarah Harper N/A
Graham Harper N/A
Lee Harper N/A
patrick harness Goole Viking Striders
Benjamin Harmer Driffield Striders
Lottie Harman N/A
Sarah Harman N/A
Dan Harman N/A
Jim Harlock City of Hull AC
Joanne Hargreaves N/A
Sarah Hargreaves Pocklington Runners
Charlie Hargreaves n/a
Scott Hargreaves Bridlington Road Runners
Hilary Hardy N/A
Paul Hardisty N/A
Martin Hardey East Hull Harriers & AC
Maxine Hardey East Hull Harriers & AC
Tanya HarberStuart Driffield Striders
Colin HARBERSTUART Driffield Striders
John Hanson N/A
Molly Hanson N/A
Jessica Hanson N/A
Jacqui Hanson Hornsea Harriers
Oliver Hannon N/A
Adrian Hancock N/A
Chris Hancock N/A
Laura Hancock N/A
Lee Hammond City of Hull AC
Louis Hammond Beverley Athletic Club
James Hamilton N/A
Amjad Hama N/A
Glenn Halsey City of Hull AC
Gillian Halliwell N/A
Chloe Halligan N/A
Ollie Halligan Lincs run club
Hazel Hall N/A
Megan Hall Run Scarborough
Claire Hall N/A
Alan Hague N/A
Fiona Hague N/A
Andy Guymer City of Hull AC
Scott Guy N/A
Laura Gunstead East Hull Harriers & AC
CLARE GUMMERSON Bridlington Road Runners
Simon Gummerson Bridlington Road Runners
Laura Gulley Fitmums And Friends
Andrew Guest Off that couch fitness
Mark Gronow City of Hull AC
Hannah Griggs N/A
Ed Griffiths N/A
Paul Griffiths N/A
Connor Griffiths N/A
Nick Gresswell N/A
Sue Gregson Eccleshill Road Runners
James Gregory N/A
Darryl Gregory N/A
Declan Gregory N/A
Dannielle Greensmith N/a
John Greenley N/A
Sarah Greenley Lonely Goat RC
Diane Green Fitmums And Friends
Daniel Green N/A
Michelle Green N/A
Russell Greaves City of Hull AC
Samantha Graystone Hornsea Harriers
Rob Gray East Hull Harriers & AC
Liz Gray Humber Triathletes
Andrew Gray N/A
John Gray Billingham Running Club
Lisa Grantham Na
Mae Grainger N/A
Robert Grainger Scarborough Athletic Club
Samantha Graham N/A
Isabel Grady N/A
Zoe Gower Fit mums
Richard Gould N/A
Tom Gorton N/A
Astrid Goodare N/A
Paul Good Bridlington Road Runners
Aiden Godney N/A
Alison Goddard N/A
ROBERT GLOVER Scarborough Athletic Club
Amelia Gledhill West Hull Ladies
Stephen Girking N/A
Daniel Girking N/A
Iain Gilvear N/A
Amy Gilpin N/A
Suzanne Gillett Fitmums And Friends
Daniel Gillett N/A
Wilma Gillespie Driffield Striders
Simon Gill N/A
Kevin Gilbert N/A
Daniel Gilbert N/A
Claire Giddings N/A
Anna Giddings Scarborough Athletic Club
Lucinda Gibson Bridlington Road Runners
Heather Gibson Fitmums And Friends
Rebecca Gibson N/A
Tracey Gibson Wolds Veterans RC
Susie Gibson City of Hull AC
Guy Gibson East Hull Harriers & AC
David Gibson N/A
Micah Gibson Bridlington Road Runners
David Gibson N/A
shaun gibson N/a
Andrew Gibson Bridlington Road Runners
Dave Gibney Wolds Veterans RC
Paul Gibbons N/A
Tom Gibbins N/A
Stuart Gent Bridlington Road Runners
Lynda Gent Bridlington Road Runners
Tom Gelsthorpe N/A
Michael Gayton N/A
Carl Gayton N/A07714198526
Joe Gaynard White City Hull RRC
Phoebe Gawthorpe East Hull Harriers & AC
Betty Gash Wolds Veterans RC
Caroline Garvey Beverley Athletic Club
Debbie Garrett Fitmums
Aidan Gardner N/A
Phill Gardner N/a
Daniel Gallon N/A
Jennifer Galbraith Cottingham Fitmums and Friends
Yannick Galais N/A
Megan Funnell N/A
Brandon Fuller N/A
Paul Frost East Hull Harriers & AC
Jon Frost East Hull Harriers & AC
James Frost N/A
Nick Frere City of Hull AC
Amie Freer N/A
Viv Fraser York Knavesmire Harriers
Ruth Frank Scarborough Athletic Club
Sam Frank N/A
Stacy Foxworthy West Hull Ladies
David Fox Fitmums And Friends
Russell Fox N/A
Mary Fox N/A
Amy Fowler N/A
Nicola Fowler Bridlington Road Runners
Tom Foulds N/A
David Foster Bridlington Road Runners
Adam Foster n/a
Helen Foster N/A
Carl Foster N/A
Kerry Foster N/A
Emma Foster N/a
Max Foster N/a
Sue Foster Fitmums And Friends
Yvonne Foster Fitmums And Friends
Rodney Forster n/a
Jack Forrest N/A
Jackie Foreman West Hull Ladies
Evelyn Fordyce Scarborough Athletic Club
Tabs Ford Kingston upon Hull AC
Jamie Foote N/A
Lewis FOOT Kingston upon Hull AC
Catherine Foley Lonely Goat RC
Lynsey Fletcher N/a
Ben Fletcher N/A
Jamie Fletcher Chapel Allerton Runners
Peppi Fletcher Pocklington Runners
James Flatt N/A
Tim Fitton N/A
Bev Fitton N/A
Nathan Fisher Skegness and District Running Club
Jean Fish Scarborough Athletic Club
Matthew Fish N/A
Paul Firth Selby Striders
Sally Finn N/A
Rebecca Fielding-Smith N/A
Shirley Field Scarborough Athletic Club
Rob Field Hornsea Harriers
David Field Scarborough Athletic Club
Caitlin Fernandes N/A
Ian Fenton N/A
Alan Feldberg Bridlington Road Runners
Simon Fasnacht na
Dawn Farmer N/A
Clare Fairfield NA
Beverley Fairburn N/A
Robert Eyre Bridlington Road Runners
Connor Eyles East Hull Harriers & AC
Claire Everingham N/A
Dan Everingham N/A
James Everard N/A
Elizabeth Evans York Knavesmire Harriers
John Escritt City of Hull AC
Lucy Entwistle Penarth and Dinas Runners
Jarrad Englestown N/A
Aaron England City of Hull AC
Jason England N/A
Lois England City of Hull AC
Steven Emmett N/A
Ruby Emmett N/A
Amber Emmett N/A
Amy Emmerson N/A
Sam Ellis N/A
David Ellis N/A
Anthony Ellis N/A
Andy Elliott N/A
David Ellicott Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Chris Elletson Barracuda Triathlon Club
William Edwards Barnet & District AC
Lee Edwards N/A
Amy Edmondson N/A
Josette Edmonds Fitmums And Friends
John Edmond N/A
Pamela Edgar COH
Jonny East N/A
Damian Easingwood N/A
Benjamin Eagle N/A
Grant Dykes N/A
Sarah Dyer N/A
Adam Dyas Bridlington Road Runners
Nick Dutton N/A
Hannah Dutton N/A
Alison Dutton N/A
Ashley Durham N/A
James Durham City of Hull AC
Chris Dunn N/A
Angela Dunn N/A
Terry Dunn n/a
George Dunn N/A
Helen Dunn N/A
Jack Dunkerley N/a
Joshua Duggan N/A
Michael Dugan Fordy Runs
Mike Duffield Fitmums And Friends
Michael Dudill N/A
Michael Dudill N/A
Joanne DRYSDALE West hull ladies
Sally Drury N/A
Kathryn Drury Barton & District AC
Graham Drewery City of Hull AC
Lee Draper City of Hull AC
Naomi Drakeford Barnsley AC
James Doyle N/A
Tom Downing N/A
Lisa Douglas White City Hull RRC
Leana DosSantos N/A
Mark Dooley N/A
Chloe Doolan Chapel Allerton
Nicola Doody Scarborough Athletic Club
Tracy Donoghue N/A
Oliver Donlon N/A
Oliver Donkin Barton & District AC
Simon Dongray-Burke N/a
Phill Donald Kingston upon Hull AC
Linda Dodsworth West Hull Ladies
Laura Dodds N/A
Alphonsus Dodd N/A
Liam Docherty N/A
Michael Dobbs N/A
Christopher Dixon N/A
Michael Dixon N/A
Matthew Dixon N/A
Chris Dixon N/A
Samantha Dixie East Hull Harriers & AC
Sophie Dillon N/a
Stewart Dickson N/A
Julie Dickson N/A
Gary Dickinson N/A
Matt Dickinson Wetherby Runners
Andrew Deyes East Hull Harriers & AC
Steve Dennison N/A
Adam Dennis Driffield Striders
Simon Dennis N/A
Claire DeCeglie N/A
Fay Debenham Scarborough Athletic Club
Terry Dearness N/A
Beth Dearing East Hull Harriers & AC
Susan Deane N/A
Paul Deane N/A
Rachel Dean N/A
Clark Dean N/W
Kevin Dean Yorkshire wolds runners
Richard Day N/A
Mark Day N/A
Stacey Day N/A
Sarah Dawson Fitmums And Friends
Paula Dawson N/A
Sarah Dawson Fit mums and friends Beverley
Chris Dawson City of Hull AC
Aaron Dawson Off that couch fitness
Zoe Dawson Off that couch fitness
Michael Davison N/A
Molly Davison N/A
Steven Davies N/A
Brendon Davies N/A
Timmy Davies Leeds City AC
Jason Davies N/A
Jonathan Davies N/A
Sarah Davies N/A
Tadas Dautaras N/A
Mark Daubney N/A
Sarah Daubney N/A
Jack Darnell N/A
Rachel DarlingLove City of Hull AC
Gerry Darling N/A
Lee Daniels N/A
Stefano Danieli N/A
Zoe Dalton Fitmums And Friends
Ruth Dalton City of Hull AC
Tracey Dales N/A
Maddison Dale N/A
Zoe Dale Yorkshire wolds runners
Stephen Dale Yorkshire wolds runners
Melanie D'Eath Scarborough Athletic Club
Stephanie Cuthbert West Hull Ladies
Abi Cuthbert N/a
Laura Curtis N/a
Emma Curtis N/A
Andrew Currie White City Hull RRC
Natalie Curgenven N/A
Paul Cunningham N/A
Stephen Cunningham Scarborough Athletic Club
Tony Cross East Hull Harriers & AC
Anthony Crosby None
Ryan Crosby Marsden ac
John Crosby East Hull Harriers & AC
Bethany Crook N/A
Stephen Cronan East Hull Harriers & AC
Ian Crawford N/A
Michael Crabtree N/A
Lindsey Crabtree N/A
Nigel Coyle N/A
Helen Cox N/A
Darren Cox Wolds Veterans RC
Samantha Cowling N/A
Claire Cowling N/A
Gary Couzens East Hull Harriers & AC
Cameron Coupland N/A
Shannon Coupland N/A
Nicholas Coultish N/A
Melanie Coulman Kingston upon Hull AC
Becky Coulman Kingston upon Hull AC
Adam Corkett N/A
Nigel Cordingley N/A
Lauren Cooper N/A
Cassie Cooper Crossfit Barbaric
Richard Cooper N/A
Samuel Cooper N/A
Mark Cooper Jolly Triathlon Club
Jack Cooper N/A
Neil Cooper N/A
Matthew Cooper N/A
Sarah Coombs Scarborough Athletic Club
Emily Cooke N/A
Gareth Cooke Barnsley AC
Tom Cooke Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Matthew Cooke Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Victoria Cook N/A
James Cook N/A
Amy Connolly N/A
Keith Conkerton East Hull Harriers & AC
Sarah Compston N/A
Will Compston N/A
Alexander Collins-Flatt N/A
Janice Collins Fitmums And Friends
Leigh Collins N/A
Bruce Collingwood N/A
Matt Colling N/A
Angie Colley Fitmums and friends
Dianne Coleman Fitmums and Friends
Steven Coleman N/A
Sam Coleman N/A
Euan Coghill N/A
Ian Coggan N/A
Patrick Coggan N/A
Paul Coe Beverley Athletic Club
Poppy Coates N/A
Joe Coates N/A
Lyndsay Clixby Fitmums And Friends
Rachel Clinton West Hull Ladies
Vicky Clement Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Allan Clayton Bridlington Road Runners
William Clay N/A
Suzanne Clarkson West Hull Ladies
Paul Clarke Kingston upon Hull AC
Kate Clarke N/A
Matthew Clarke Goole Viking Striders
Martin Clarke N/A
Georgia Clark N/A
Casper Clark N/a
Max Clark N/A
Mya Clark Danum Harriers
Davy Clark N/A
Deborah Church N/A
Richard Chrystal N/A
Rebecca Chrystal N/A
John Christophrous N/a
Emma Choat Bridlington Road Runners
Adam Chivers NA
Zoe Chislett Driffield Striders
Fiona Childs N/A
Carol Childs N/A
Andrew Chidwick Scarborough Athletic Club
chistopher chestney N/A
Luke Chatizwa Kingston upon Hull AC
James Chatfield N/A
Daisy Chatfield N/A
Annmarie Charlton N/A
Robert Charlton N/A
Jon Charge N/A
Claire Charge N/A
Clare Chappell Pocklington Runners
Philippa Chapman N/A
Rebecca Chapman N/A
Cate Champion West Hull Ladies
Jeanette Chambers White City Hull RRC
Paul Chambers N/A
Lizzie Chambers N/A
Mark Chambers N/A
Kieran Chambers N/A
Declan Chambers City of Hull AC
Dean Chalder Wolds Veterans RC
Daniel Cawthra N/A
Dan Cawthorn Bridlington Road Runners
Kristian Cattermole N/A
James Cast N/A
Paul Cartwright City of Hull AC
Nicholas Carter N/A
Jonathan Carter Tipton Harriers
Victoria Carter N/A
Jason Carter N/A
olivia carrick N/a
Koren Carr Ripon Runners
Ben Cardy Fitmums And Friends
John Cant Thames Hare & Hounds
Sara Cannell Brough runners
Sarah Cammidge Yorkshire wolds runners
Robert Calthorpe Bridlington Road Runners
Tina Calthorpe Bridlington Road Runners
Matteus Cadwallender Pocklington Runners
James Cadwallender Pocklington Runners
Jens Cadwallender Pocklington Runners
Chantal Cable West Hull Ladies
Colin Byard Goole Viking Striders
Hester Butterworth Scarborough Athletic Club
David Butt East Hull Harriers & AC
Rosie Butler Fitmums And Friends
Stefanie Butler N/A
Stuart Butler N/A
Michelle Bussey N/A
Thomas Bushby City of Hull AC
Adrian Bushby City of Hull AC
Olivia Burton N/A
Samuel Burton N/A
Vanessa Burns N/A
Oliver Burnett N/A
Richard Burnett Burnden Road Runners
Garry Burnett N/A
Chris Burkill N/A
Tony Burgin White City Hull RRC
Sue Burgess Fitmums And Friends
Alison Burdass Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Calum Bunn n/a
Robert Bullock N/a
Luisa brown Run Kingswood Run
Olivia Brown N/A
Ellie Brown N/A
Dawn Brown N/A
Kate Brown Selby Striders
Shaun Brown N/A
Sharon Brown N/A
Alan Brown N/A
Amanda Brown N/A
Joanne Brown N/A
Alice Brown N/A
Chris Brown N/A
Richard Brown N/A
Paul Brown N/A
Elliott Brown N/A
Mark Broom Withernsea Harriers
Charlie Brookshaw N/A
Hollie Brookshaw N/A
Lee Brookfield N/a
Caitlin Brookes Crossfitbarbaric
Reagan Brooker-Beaumont N/A
Paul Brooke N/A
Emma Brook Wesham Road Runners
Chris Brompton N/A
Francis Brogden City of Hull AC
James Broekhuizen N/A
Keith Brocklesby N/A
Nadine Brocklesby N/A
Ruth Brocklesby Fitmums And Friends
Hannah Broadwell-Hill N/A
Phil Broadley Lonely Goat RC
Peter Broadbentt N/A
Fred Bristow N/A
Darrell Bright Off That Couch Fitness
James Briggs Bridlington Road Runners
Hayley Briggs Lonely Goat RC
Dale Bridges City of Hull AC
Donavon Brewster N/A
Steve Brewin Wolds Veterans RC
Paul Brewer Goole Viking Striders
Amanda Breslin N/A
Martin Breslin N/A
Chelsey Brennan Danum Harriers
Lee Bray N/A
Michael Bratley N/A
Laura Brant N/A
Harvey Brannan N/A
Nicola Bramley N/A
Josh Bramhill N/A
Craig Brambles N/a
John Braimbridge N/A
Alice Braim St Peter's School
Ashleigh Brailey Fitmums And Friends
Paul Brady N/A
Sarah Bradley N/A
Timothy Boynton Askern District RC
Gill Boynton York Acorn R.C.
Kristoff Boynton Dronfield running club
Joe Boyes City of Hull AC
Steven Bowley N/a
James Bowes N/A
Stuart Bowes Bridlington Road Runners
Kate Bowers West Hull Ladies
Jonathan bowers N/A
Chris Bourne Scarborough Athletic Club
Elizabeth Boughey N/a
William Boughey N/A
Alastair Borthwick Canterbury Harriers
Rachel Borthwick N/A
Graham Borrill N/A
Martin Booth Bridlington Road Runners
Paul Booth N/A
Debbie Bonner City of Hull AC
Tracey Bonelle N/A
Susan Bond Bridlington Road Runners
Dave Bond Bridlington Road Runners
Dominic Bond Bridlington Road Runners
Rachel Boddice Humber triathletes
Matthew Blowman East Hull Harriers & AC
Sarah Blow N/A
George Block N/A
Kate Blamires N/A
Danielle Blackwood Fitmums And Friends
Simon Blackwell N/A
carole blackwell N/A
Andrew Blackmore N/A
Nancy Blackbourn N/A
Barbara Bitel N/A
Andrew Bishop N/A
Ben Birtles City of Hull AC
Ellie Binsley Bridlington Road Runners
Carey Bilton Scarborough Athletic Club
Patricia Bielby Bridlington
Ben Beynon Wymondham AC
Georgia Bevan N/A
Sara Berriman N/a
Megan Berridge N/A
Neil Bentley Goole Viking Striders
Holly Bentham N/A
Darren Benstead Jolly Tri
Samuel Bennett N/A
Fiona Bennett N/A
Paul Bennett East hull harriers
Richard Bell N/A
Natalie Bell City of Hull AC
Dean Bell N/A
Simon Bekker Bridlington Road Runners
Karl Behan N/A
Mark Beevers N/a
Sue Beever Lonely Goat RC
Paula Beecroft N/a
Ellen Beddows Yorkshire wolds runners
Peter Beckwith n/A
William Beckwith N/A
Richard Beckett Snaith & Cowick
Ian Beaver Scarborough Athletic Club
Lisa Beal N/a
Sarah Beachell Driffield Striders
Joe Baxter N/A
Stephen Bawn N/
Aaron Batson N/A
Maurice Bates Scarborough Athletic Club
Denise Bateman N/a
Ashley Bastiman NA
Isha Basaran N/a
David Barwick N/A
Richard Barton N/A
David Barrick N/a
Emma Barrick N/A
Emma Barr N/A
Laura Barnsley N/A
Ashley Barnett Na
Sarah Barnett Na
Julie Barnes Fitmums And Friends
Peter Barnard Scarborough Athletic Club
Carl Barnaby N/A
Guy Barker N/A
Alison Barker N/A
Shalene Barber N/A
Andrew Barber Fitmums And Friends
Veronica Banks Driffield Striders
Tony Bampton N/A
Ian Bam N/A
Dara Ball Fitmums And Friends
Philip Ball Beverley Athletic Club
Sall Ball City of Hull AC
Anne Bakker City of hull
Laura Bakker East Hull Harriers & AC
Pete Baker City of Hull AC
Steve Baker N/A
Angela Baker Fitmums And Friends
Heidi Baker Bridlington Road Runners
Laura Baker N/A
Catrina Bainton N/A
Hazel Bainton Fit Mums & Friends
Liz Bainbridge N/A
Mathew Bain Kuhac
Lee Bailey N/A
Jack Bailey N/A
Nicola Bailey N/A
Michael Bailey N/A
Sarah Bailey Fitmums And Friends
Denise Bailey Scarborough Athletic Club
Lisa Bagnall East Hull Harriers & AC
Paul Baggaley N/A
Trevor Babb White City Hull RRC
Daniel Babb N/A
Alvis Babb N/a
Steve Babb City of Hull AC
Robert Ayling Humber triathletes
Siân Austin Fitmums And Friends
Claire Atley N/A
Suzy Atkinson N/A
Rachel Atkinson N/A
Emily Atkinson West Hull Ladies
Lizzie Atkinson N/A
Sarah Atkinson N/A
Shaun Atkinson Fordy runs
Thomas Atkinson N/A
Georgia Atkin Barton & District AC
john atherton N/A
Guy Aspin N/A
Georgina Askew N/A
Andy Ashman N/A
Dinah Ashbridge City of Hull AC
Owen Armstrong N/A
Ross Armstrong Selby Striders
Brian Armstrong N/A
Thomas Arkle N/A
Antony Appleyard Humber Triathletes
Nick Appleyard N/a
Nicole Appleton City of Hull AC
Jonathan Appleton N/A
Jenna Anthony N/A
Kevin Anholm Withernsea Harriers
Karen Andrews N/A
Leah Andrew N/A
William Anderson Scarborough Athletic Club
Josh Anderson N/A
Debbie Anderson Scarborough Athletic Club
Jacob Anderson N/A
Stanley Anderson N/A
Rebecca Anderson Na
Rachel Anderson City of Hull AC
Katie Anderson N/A
Paul Ancliffe Caistor Running Club
Beth Amos Scarborough Athlectic running club
Martin Ambler Hertford Runninng Club
Christopher Alvarez N/A
Sarah Allport N/A
Laura Allison N/A
Patrick Allison N/A
John Allison Fitmums And Friends
John Allen N/A
John Allen n/a
Dylan Allen Running Mans Club
Steve Allbones N/A
Richard Allan N/A
Jayne Allan East Hull Harriers & AC
Robyn Allan East Hull Harriers & AC
Jo Alexander N/A
Katie Alcock East Hull Harriers & AC
Shaun Alcock East Hull Harriers & AC
Tony Alcock East Hull Harriers & AC
Martina Akrill Humber Triathletes
Victoria Aitken N/A
Simon Aitken N/A
Jessica Airey N/A
Jan Ainley West Hull Ladies
Ian Aikman Pocklington Runners
Andrew Aikman N/A
Lisa Adcock Fitmums And Friends
Simon Adcock City of Hull AC
Stephen Adcock Fitmums And Friends
Susie Adcick Withernsea Harriers
Caron Adamson Barton & District AC
Rosemarie Adamson Fitmums And Friends
Chris Adams N/A
Chris Ackr N/A
Ruth Abramson Fitmums And Friends
Darren Abramson N/A
James Abel Driffield Striders
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Terms & Conditions

By entering this race you are declaring that you are medically fit to run.  You accept that the organisers shall not be liable for any injury, illness or loss of property as a result of your taking part in this event.  You are declaring that you have read our event risk assessment.  As an athlete entering the event it is your responsibility to understand and follow the rules to which you sign up.

An entrant shall be deemed to have made him/her/their self, familiar with, and agreed to be bound by the UKA anti-doping rules and to submit to the authority of UK anti-doping in the application and enforcement of the anti-doping rules.  The UKA anti-doping rules apply to entrants participating in the sport of athletics, for 12 months from the date of race entry, whether or not the licence holder is a citizen of, or resident in, the UK.

All entrants must be 15 or older on race day.

If you live with an impairment and to ensure your inclusion in this event please contact the race organiser to discuss any needs in advance of the race. 

I understand that entry is non refundable nor can it be deferrered.  Transfers are permitted up to the advertised cut off.

By entering this race you are agreeing to abide by our rules, terms and conditions.

Refund Policy

In line with many major events, we do not allow refunds or deferrals, however we do allow entry transfers to another runner.


Event Date: 12th May 2024 10:00
Date Entries Close: 5th May 2024 23:59
Entry Limit: 1750
Total Entered: 1750
Total Remaining: 0


Location & Directions

East Riding College, Armstrong Way, Beverley, East Yorkshire, HU17 0GH


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