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SACU Premier Trials Championship 2024 Round 1


Standing Regulations

  • Riders are reminded that this trial is marked as a STOP ALLOWED  trial (TSR22A).
  • There is no time limit for riding an individual section.
  • The trial will be closed by backmarkers who will leave the sign on area at 15:30
  • Any rider passed by the backmarkers will be excluded.
  • Route will be three laps of 12 sections for all classes except yellow route riders, each lap approx 5 miles.
  • Sections must be ridden in order and three laps of the course must be completed.
  • Yellow route riders will only complete 2 and a half laps.
  • Four routes available as detailed below.
  • Red Route = Adult Championship Route:  Blue Route = Youth A, Sportsman, Over 40 Sportsman.
  • Green Route = Youth B, Clubman, Over 50, Over 40:  Yellow Route = Adult C (Wobblers), Youth C.  
  • There will be a conducted route for D and E class riders.
  • Non Competition licence holders will be required to obtain a one event licence at the cost of £15
  • Riders using One Event Licences are not eligible to score championship points
  • Observers will be using an electronic scoring system, riders will not be required to carry punch cards.
  • Rider numbers will be supplied at sign on and should be attached to the front of the machine.
  • The SACU require that riders wear lanyard cut off devices at all events
  • Any rider found not wearing the lanyard during the competition may be awarded 5 marks for each and every occasion they are seen by an observer and reported to the Clerk of the Course for further action.
  • If a rider has been reported more than once the Clerk of the Course has a right to expel the rider from the results.
  • Safety Helmets must be worn, boots and gloves are recommended.
  • Cameras mounted on helmets or worn on the body are no longer permitted.
  • Full results will be available from the club website www.bamcc.co.uk as soon as possible.


Supplementary Regulations

  1.  Only entries made online with the appropriate entry fee will be accepted.
  2. Closing date for entries is Thursday 4th April 2024 at 10am. No late entries will be accepted!
  3. Catering will be provided and a free burger and drink is included in your entry fee.
  4. Best progressive score will decide in the event of a tie.
  5. Sections must be ridden in lap order and three laps of the course must be completed.
  6. I undertake to notify the club of any recent (within the last 23 days) concussion injury and will produce a doctor’s note to state I am able to compete in the event. The doctor’s note to state “The rider is no longer suffering the consequences of concussion.”
  7. No fun bikes or non-competitive bikes will be permitted.
  8. All bikes will be checked prior to sign on to demonstrate that their engine cut out device is functional.
  9. No practicing allowed.  All bikes will be placed in Parc Ferme after rider signs on.
  10. Anyone caught riding in the quarry floor or on the piles of stones will not be allowed to start.
  11. We will be using the public road in front of the quarry for parking this year. The public road will be subject to a road closure order and should have no traffic on it, however please take care at all times when riding on this road and please keep an eye on junior riders.
  12. The trial will use four different start points. These will be given to all riders at the rider’s brief.
  13. Abusive behaviour towards observers and / or officials will NOT be tolerated.
  14. All riders will attend a briefing at 09:45 for final instructions.
  15. BON ACCORD CLUB MEMBERS must provide an observer or risk forfeiting their ride.


Event Date: 7th April 2024 10:00
Date Entries Close: 4th April 2024 09:00
Entry Limit: 120
Total Entered: 93
Total Remaining: 27


Location & Directions

Craiglash Quarry, Glassel, Banchory, Aberdeenshire, AB31 4EA


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