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Sledmere Sunset Trail 10K 2024

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Driffield Striders and Nicola Amidulla Mortgages Ltd are proud to present the fantastic Sledmere Sunset Trail 10K race.

The Sunset Trail 10K takes a winding route through deep chalk valleys and secluded woodland paths to finish on the wide sweeping lawns in front of Sledmere House.

A warm summer evening and the beautiful location, together with the Trail Taster 3.6km race and kids Fun Run, make this a great family evening event.

10K race starts at 7.30pm (Fun Run at 6.15pm & Trail Taster at 6.30pm)

  • Fabulous medal awarded to all finishers
  • Chip timing
  • Minimum age is 15 years old on race day
  • No Entries available on the day
  • Parking, refreshments and toilets (no changing facilities)

Note:  The Trail Taster 3.6km race is also available at the event at 6.30pm (registration via seperate race page on The Entry Point).

A Fun Run of approx 500m for children aged 9 and under (mostly running with a parent) will also be provided at 6.15pm. Entries on the day only (free to enter).

Entry Options

Sledmere Sunset Trail 10K Entry £19.00


Leigh Wright N/A
Daniel Wright N/A
Andrew Wright N/A
Chris wood None
Andrew Wood N/A
Josh Wood Selby Striders
Cat Williamson Beverley Athletic Club
Rebecca Williams Pocklington Runners
Emily Williams N/A
Louise Williams N/A
Richard Williams N/A
Tom Willcox N/A
Dan Wilkinson Hornsea Harriers
Amy Wilkinson East Hull Harriers & AC
Emily Wilkes N/a
Naomi Wileman City of Hull AC
Anthony Whitley City of Hull AC
Christine Whitehouse Beverley Athletic Club
Kerry Whitehead Bridlington Road Runners
Adam White Beverley Athletic Club
Richard Wheeler N/A
Jason Westmoreland Bridlington Road Runners
Dominique Webster Bridlington Road Runners
Julia Webb Scarborough Athletic Club
Julia Webb Scarborough Athletic Club
Jane Waterhouse N/A
Dave Ward Highmoor Bloodhounds
Mark Wannan N/A
Patrick Walker City of Hull AC
John Walker Fitmums And Friends
Caroline Walker N/A
Nemi Walding N/A
jeannine ursell City of Hull AC
Katie Tweddle N/A
Mark Towse Wetherby Runners
Helen Townend Beverley Athletic Club
Justine Tomlin Beverley Athletic Club
Sarah Tock N/A
Lee Thurston N/A
Colleen Thundercliffe City of Hull AC
phillippe Thompson N/A
Tracey Thomas N/A
Billy Thomas N/A
Sarah Taylor N/A
Ian Tasker White City Hull RRC
Reginald Swann N/A
Debbie Swaine Selby Striders
Andrew Streets N/A
Nicola Storey N/A
Clare Stones Pocklington Runners
Colin Stephens N/A
Jane Stabler Fitmums And Friends
Olivia Sowersby N/A
Andrew Snowball Pocklington Runners
Rachael Smith N/A
Carl Smith RISE
Grant Smalley N/A
Kerry Sizer N/A
Matthew Sizer Yorkshire Wold Runners
Rebecca Sizer York Knavesmire Harriers
Stephen Sheriff Lonely Goat RC
Paul Shepherd City of Hull AC
Paul Shaw N/A
James Sharples N/A
Mollie Sharp N/A
Doug Sharp Beverley Athletic Club
Alfred Shapcott Pocklington Runners
Gordon Shannon N/A
Helen Ryan Beverley AC
Jo Rowland Beverley Athletic Club
Mike Rooney N/A
Lisa Rogers N/a
Gavin Robson Lonely Goat RC
Kate Robinson Pocklington Runners
Paul Roberts N/A
Nicole Roberts N/A
Nicola Riley Beverley Athletic Club
Michael Richmond Pickering RC
Kelly Richmond Pickering RC
Rhiannon Richards Pocklington Runners
Rachel Reed-Eeles Pocklington Runners
Jeffrey Pullen N/A
Emilie Price N/A
Julia Potts N/A
Clare Potts Pocklington Runners
Joe Plant Bridlington Road Runners
Graeme Pittaway Beverley Athletic Club
William Pike Beverley Athletic Club
Talitha Petch Selby Striders
Brian Perkins Pocklington Runners
Martin Pepworth Scarborough Athletic Club
Mandy PEPWORTH Scarborough Athletic Club
Julia Peplow Beverley Athletic Club
Andrew Pay Fitmums And Friends
Wendy Pattison N/A
Dawn Patrick N/A
Roy Partington N/A
Richard Parkin Beverley Athletic Club
Kim Page Pocklington Runners
David Padmore N/A
Melanie Padgham Scarborough Athletic Club
Hollie Oxtoby Beverley Athletic Club
Kate Osborn York Knavesmire Harriers
David OBrien N/A
David Oakley N/A
Dawn Oades East Hull Harriers & AC
Gary Oades East Hull Harriers & AC
Stephen Newton Beverley Athletic Club
Michelle Newton Selby Striders
Rob Newton Fitmums And Friends
Claire Nequest Fitmums And Friends
Graham Naylor White City Hull RRC
Catherine Moverley Bridlington Road Runners
Nicholas Morrell Beverley Athletic Club
Jamie Morgan Pocklington Runners
Christina Moreton N/A
Catherine Moran Scarborough Athletic Club
Morag Molyneux York Acorn
Tracy Mitchell Leven Striders
Andrew Miller N/a
Carol Miller West Hull Ladies
Bonnie Mclean N/A
Sarah McCartney Barracuda Triathlon Club
sharon mccann Driffield Striders
Robert Mayson Bever
Brenda May Scarborough Athletic Club
Mark May Scarborough Athletic Club
Dan Masterson Selby Striders
Helen Martindale N/a
Paul Martindale N/A
Sara Marshall Pocklington Runners
Sarah Marr Bridlington Road Runners
Andrew Marr Bridlington Road Runners
Rob Maltby Peak Running club
Caitlin Mackinder N/A
Andy Long Bridlington Road Runners
Sarah Long N/A
Cathy Logan N/A
Lynn Lockwood N/A
David Lester Scarborough Athletic Club
Lesley Lester Scarborough Athletic Club
Linda Lees N/a
Paul Lee N/A
John Latus N/A
Mike Lamb N/A
Liz Lamb Fitmums And Friends
Angela Knight N/A
Liz Kilgour Fitmums And Friends
Michael Kilgour Fitmums And Friends
Shaun Kemp N/A
Rachel Kemp East Hull Harriers & AC
ANNE KELLY Bridlington Road Runners
Elaine Julian Beverley Athletic Club
Bethan Jones Che Guevara
Emma Jones Pocklington Runners
Mark Jones N/A
Valerie Johnson N/A
Toni Jenkinson York Knavesmire Harriers
Ruth Jefferson N/A
Hannah Jarvis Fitmums And Friends
Charlotte Jallow Bridlington Road Runners
Miriam Ireland Bridlington Road Runners
Elizabeth Ingle Bridlington Road Runners
Martin Hutchinson Bridlington Road Runners
Graham Hughes City of Hull AC
Claire Hudghton Hornsea Harriers
Steve Howard Selby Striders
Hannah Horsley N/A
Daisy Horsley Pocklington Runners
Will Horsley Pocklington Runners
Rachael Holmes York Triathlon Club
Fiona Holland Beverley Athletic Club
Adrian Holden Pocklington Runners
Tracey Holden Pocklington Runners
Joanna Hinson N/
Lisa Hinchliffe Fitmums And Friends
Suzie Hilton-Bell City of Hull AC
Rachael Hill Beverley Athletic Club
Lucas Hill N/A
Hayden Hickson N/A
Elliott Heward N/A
Lawrence Heward N/A
Fay Hethershaw Scarborough Athletic Club
Dale Hepples Scarborough Athletic Club
Andrew Heath East Hull Harriers & AC
Cheryl Heath N/A
Paul Hayward N/A
George Harrison N/A
FRANK HARRISON Beverley Athletic Club
Sarah Harris-Smith Beverley Athletic Club
Paula Harris Pocklington Runners
Lee Harper N/A
Benjamin Harmer Driffield Striders
SCOTT HARGREAVES Bridlington Road Runners
Jackie Hardman Beverley Athletic Club
Paul Harby Fitmums And Friends
Paul Hankin n/a
Elaine Hancock Pocklington Runners
Jane Hamp Scarborough Athletic Club
Cameron Greenway N/A
Dan Greenley N/A
Beth Gray N/A
Richard Gowland Selby Striders
Astrid Goodare N/A
Paul Good Bridlington Road Runners
John Godfrey Barracuda Triathlon Club
Lucinda Gibson Bridlington Road Runners
Micah Gibson Bridlington Road Runners
Andrew Gibson Bridlington Road Runners
Chris Gibson Beverley Athletic Club
Ellen Gibson N/A
Lynda Gent Bridlington Road Runners
Stuart Gent Bridlington Road Runners
Thomas Fynn Bridlington Road Runners
Paul Furness Beverley AC
Amy Fowler N/A
Marcus Fischer N/A
Sarah Fell Beverley Athletic Club
Kay Farrow Beverley AC
karen farmer-scott Pickering RC
Zara Ewbank N/A
John Escritt City of Hull AC
Michelle England Bridlington Road Runners
Michelle England Bridlington Road Runners
Andy Elliott N/A
Isobel Eling N/A
Nicki Edmond Scarborough Athletic Club
Stephen Eblet N/A
Grant Dykes N/A
Adam Dyas Bridlington road w
Ami Duggleby NA
Clair Douglas RISE
Alex Dobson Pocklington Runners
Jacqui Dickinson Beverley Athletic Club
Anna Devine N/A
Sally Denny Selby Striders
John Dawson Beverley Athletic Club
Andrew Davey Fitmums And Friends
Kate Davey Fitmums And Friends
Patrick Dare Pocklington Runners
Zoe Dalton Fitmums And Friends
Brett Cunningham N/A
Garry Crothall N/A
John Crosby N/A
Joanne Crawford Beverley Athletic Club
Alistair Cox N/A
Ben Cowton Beverley Athletic Club
Cameron Coupland N/A
Carol Cooke Beverley Athletic Club
Craig Conman N/A
Keith Conkerton East Hull Harriers & AC
Katie Conduit N/A
Leigh Collins N/A
Megan Chown Beverley Athletic Club
Maxine Charlton Beverley Athletic Club
Rosie Chapman N/A
Victor Chapman N/A
Sharren Carr Scarborough Athletic Club
Alice Calvert N/a
Lucy Butler N/A
John Butler N/A
Hazel Burton N/A
Hazel Burton N/A
Chris Brown N/A
Mark Broom Withernsea Harriers
Andrew Brookes Pocklington Runners
Helen Broadley Peak running
Catherine Brittan Bridlington Road Runners
Catherine Brittan Bridlington Road Runners
James Briggs Bridlington Road Runners
Stuart Bowes Bridlington Road Runners
Caroline Botterill N/A
Penelope Booth Beverley Athletic Club
Caroline Bond Doncaster Athletic club
Paul Bond Doncaster Athletic club
Dominic Bond Bridlington Road Runners
Simon Blake Wetherby Runners AC
Simon Bishop Beverley Athletic Club
Lucy Bishop Beverley Athletic Club
Alison Benson Beverley Athletic Club
Fiona Bennett N/A
Adam Bell Pocklington Runners
Richard Bell N/A
Ellen Beddows Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Sarah Beal /A
Veronica Banks Driffield Striders
Heidi Baker Bridlington Road Runners
Jen Baker N/A
Gill Bailey N/A
Lisa Bagnall East Hull Harriers & AC
Paul Baggaley N/A
Kimberley Atkinson N/A
Craig Atkinson N/A
Emma Appleby N/A
Kevin Anholm Withernsea Harriers
Samantha Allen Beverley Athletic Club
Debs Adcock Barracuda Tri Club

Terms & Conditions

I declare that I am medically fit to run. I accept that the race organisers shall not be liable for any injury,  damage or loss of property sustained as a result of taking part in this event.


We close in:
Event Date: 7th June 2024 19:30
Date Entries Close: 24th May 2024 00:00
Entry Limit: 400
Total Entered: 297
Total Remaining: 103


Location & Directions

Sledmere House, Sledmere, Driffield, Yorkshire, YO25 3XG

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