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£22.00 - The Darlington 10K Adult Race Entry Age 18+
£14.00 - The Darlington 10K Junior Race Entry Ages 15-17

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(Age on the day of the event. (4th August 2024 ) Please note that the minimum age permitted for this event is 15)
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This form must be completed by a parent/guardian of the athlete taking part. Please state the name of the person filling in this form and your relationship to the named athlete.

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We will be sending your personal finish time via an SMS text message. If you would like to receive your finish time please enter your mobile number below.
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All competitors will receive an event t-shirt please select your size

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If you have a valid England Athletics affiliation number you can enter it below. Once your England Athletics affiliation number has been validated your entry will be discounted by £2.00. This will be displayed on the confirmation page.

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We would be delighted if you could make an additional donation to our nominated charity: The Darlington Rotary. Any amount large or small would be really appreciated.


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