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The Elmbridge 10k 2024
WE ARE NOW CLOSED | We have reached our limit or the closing date has been reached


Sunday 21st July 2024 Start Time: 9:00 a.m.           

Join our flat & scenic 10k run along road and the riverside towpath this July.  All abilities welcome!

WHERE: Walton Sports Hub Track, Waterside Drive Walton-on-Thames Surrey KT12 2JP. Refreshments, changing, and showers. Parking at the track and local roads. Many thanks to Weybridge Sports and Bodymechanics for their support, and to Walton AC for use of the facilities.

The race is included in the Surrey Road League for those taking part.

Entry Options

Elmbridge 10K entry £20.00


Simon Zieleniewski Guildford & Godalming AC
Mike Wylie Reigate Priory AC
Stuart Wrigley Runnymede Runners
Graham Wright Epsom & Ewell Harriers
Rosalind Wright Riverside Rebels
Anne Woods The Stragglers RC
colin woods Windle Valley Runners
Kathy Wood N/A
David Wood Wimbledon Windmilers
Nick Wood Dulwich Park Runners
Charlie Wood Herne Hill Harriers
Joanna Wood N/A
Victoria Wood N/A
Danny Wong Wimbledon Windmilers
Maude Wolstenholme Herne Hill Harriers
Isabel Wolfenden Guildford & Godalming AC
Sarah Wolfenden N/A
Stephen Winder Epsom & Ewell Harriers
Mark Wilson Camberley and District Athletics
Alex Wilson Guildford & Godalming AC
Marie Wilson Runnymede Runners
Alex Willson Stragglers
Sarah Williams N/A
David Williams South London Harriers
Samantha Williams N/A
Felicity Williams N/A
Penny Wilkins South London Harriers
Alistair Wilkie Guildford & Godalming AC
Rob Wigley Reigate Priory AC
Ben Whyte Croydon Harriers
Jacqueline Whyte N/A
Ryan Whittle Woking AC
Adam White South London Harriers
Abi White Woking AC
Jacqueline White Guildford & Godalming AC
John White N/A
Daniel White N/A
Anthony Whelan 26.2 RRC
caroline whelan Dorking & Mole Valley AC
Graham Weller Ranelagh Harriers
Graeme Wellard Runnymede Runners
Peter Wedderburn The Stragglers RC
Samuel Webb Woking AC
Charlotte Watson Woking AC
Kim Warner Woking AC
Andrew Ward Tadworth AC
Paul Wapshott Ranelagh Harriers
Sam Walker Wimbledon Windmilers
Lauren Wade 26.2 RRC
Alex Veres West 4 Harriers
Alan Venning Mornington Chasers
Athena Veniou Runnymede Runners
Bella Uwai N/A
Nigel Tyndale Sutton Striders
Dean Tyler Stragglers
Stephen Tyler Striders of Croydon AC
Julia Tubman-Jarvis Epsom Allsorts
Billie Tubbs N/A
Huw Town-Jones Runnymede Runners
Stuart Thompson The Stragglers RC
Christopher Taylor Runnymede Runners
Michelle Tafili Walton AC
Phil Symonds Croydon Harriers
Matthew Sutch N/A
Martin Sunderland Woking AC
Ben Sunckell Guildford & Godalming AC
Jason Stubbs Runnymede Runners
Anna Stone N/a
Danny Still N/A
Oliver Stevenson Aldershot Farnham & District AC
Angelica Stephenson Epsom Oddballs RC
Andrew Stephenson Epsom Oddballs RC
Alfie Steeves Elmbridge Road Runners
Richard Steeples Collingwood AC
Sandra Steele Riverside Rebels
Richard Steeden Stragglers
Mark Staples N/A
Ben Stanton Reigate Priory AC
Vicki Spencer N/A
Megan Smyth Woking AC
Will Smithard Woking AC
Steve Smith The Stragglers Running Club
Rachel Smith Camberley & District AC
Robert Smith Walton AC
Tim Smith N/A
Bert Smith The Stragglers RC
Richard Smith N/A
Alice Smith South London Harriers
Lynsey Smith N/a
Howard Smith N/A
Alex Slotwinska Walton AC
Claire Slater-Gallon Ranelagh Harriers
Richard Singleton Walton AC
Rajdave Singh Herne hill harriers
Jenny Sinfield Collingwood AC
Andrew Simpson Stragglers
Jon Shuttlewood N/A
Jeff Shotton Hillingdon AC
Robert Short Staines Strollers
Ben Shore Ranelagh Harriers
Guilaine Sheward N/A
Tina Sheppard The Stragglers R C
James Shaw N/A
Ian Sharp Runnymede Runners
Jamie Sellman N/A
Laure SELLE Fulham RC
MATTHEW SEARS Dorking & Mole Valley AC
Stephen Scullion Aldershot Farnham & District AC
Soren Schultze Camberley & District AC
Erik Schrijnemaekers Striders of Croydon AC
Nicholas SANDERS N/a
Mike Salter N/A
clive sait N/A
Hannah Rowley N/A
Chance Rowan Stragglers
Tim Ross Wimbledon Windmilers
Lucas RodrĂ­guezDeLosSantos Wimbledon Windmilers
Hannah Robson Shepperton Running Group
Tim Robins Runnymede Runners
Ian Robertson The Stragglers RC
Jo Risk N/A
Gareth Richards Sutton Striders
Philip Reeves Wimbledon Windmilers
Roy Reeder Stragglers
Dominic Reed Walton AC
Ed Randall Stragglers
neil rae Ranelagh Harriers
Fabio Profeta Sutton Striders
Kevin Price The Stragglers Running Club
Casey Pragnell NA
Craig Porteous Sutton Striders
Geoff Ponter Runnymede Runners
Alex Plummer N/A
jeanette plews N/A
Steve Platt Sutton Striders
Steve Pilgrim Runnymede Runners
Alfie Pike Walton AC
Elaine Pharoah Elmbridge Road Runners
Adam Pharo N/A
Keith Pharaoh N/A
Jaydee Peters Woking AC
Ed Perry Ranelagh Harriers
Andy Perks Striders of Croydon AC
Nicola Penty-Alvarez Hillingdon AC
Yvonne Penfold N/a
Becky Peirani Stragglers
philip pearson South London Harriers
aleh paulovich StrongerBJJ
Dan paton N/A
Abigail Paton South London Harriers
John Paton runneymede runners
James Parvin Woking AC
Chris parrott Dorking & Mole Valley AC
Simon Palmer Tadworth AC
Laura Palmer Tadworth AC
Sarah Palmer Ranelagh Harriers
Rotimi Oyegunle Striders of Croydon AC
Colin Oxlade Croydon Harriers
Kim Owens Woking AC
Simon Owen Woking AC
Hennie Owen Woking AC
Mark Otterway Woking AC
Lauren Orchard Elmbridge Road Runners
John ONeill N/A
Dina Ollington N/A
Mark Oliver Tadworth AC
Tatsuya Okamoto Striders of Croydon AC
David Ogden South London Harriers
Rachel O’Gara-Lu The Stragglers RC
Joe Nolan Runnymede Runners
Nicola Needham N/A
James Neale N\A
Rovena Ndreu N/A
Paul Mutter Holland Sports AC
Maridel Murphy N/A
John Murphy Shepperton Running Group
Stuart Murdoch Guildford & Godalming AC
Jane Munn Tadworth AC
Harry Mullard Reigate Priory AC
Stuart Morrison Shepperton Running Group
Michael Morris Ranelagh Harriers
Brandan Morrell South London Harriers
Andy Moreton Elmbridge Road Runners
James Moore Croydon Harriers
Leanne Moore Croydon Harriers
Justyn Moore Dorking & Mole Valley AC
David Moore Dorking & Mole Valley AC
Jonathan Montgomery N/A
Austin Molnar The Stragglers RC
Scott Miller Croydon Harriers
Nicola Miles Sutton Runners
Honor Mewis Best Athletics
Nicholas Metcalfe N/A
Maria McMahon Shepperton Running Group
Ruth McHutchon Woking
Pamela McHutchon The Stragglers
Rebecca McGowan Sutton Striders
Christina McCourts Runnymede Runners
Duncan McConnell The Stragglers
James McCloud Woking AC
Patrick McCarthy Epsom Oddballs RC
Anthony McCarey N/A
Trish McCabe British Airways AC
Andrew McArthur Hercules Wimbledon AC
Bogdan Matei N/A
Tom Mason Runnymede Runners
Darren Marshall Tadworth AC
Josh Mars 26.2
Kate Marchant Runnymede Runners
Andrew Marchant NA
George Manning N/A
Vikram Makkar South London Harriers
Natalie Main Lonely Goat RC
Stacy-ann Main N/A
Stuart Macdougall Fulham RC
Jennifer MacDonnell Collingwood AC
Lucy Lush Runnymede Runners
Jim Lurkins The Stragglers RRC
Alex Longmuir CADAC
Karen Little Sutton Striders
Pui Li South London Harriers
Harry Lewis Phoenix Triathlon Guildford
Ben Leikis N/A
Anabel Lee-Wragg N/A
Fiona Lear Horsham Joggers
Mark Leach Runnymede Runners
Mandy Leach Runnymede Runners
Jeff Lawrence Runnymede Runners
Tim Lawlor Striders of Croydon AC
Phoebe Law Kingston AC and Polytechnic Harriers
Terry Lapins Croydon Harriers
Mick Lane Ranelagh Harriers
Guy Laister Epsom & Ewell Harriers
Susannah La-Touche Sutton Striders
Akshay Kumar Tadworth AC
James Knowles N/A
Chris Knight Evesham Vale Running Club
Rachel Knight N/A
Robert Knight South London Harriers
Krzysztof Klidzia Folkestone RC
HARRY Kim 26.2 rrc
Martin Kelsen Southwark AC
Rohini Keites Woking AC
Paul Keeler Stragglers
Ceara Joyce Epsom Oddballs RC
Janice Jordan N/Ap
Jeremy Jones Runnymede Runners
Chris Jones Shepperton Running Group
HOWARD JONES Dorking & Mole Valley AC
Melissa Jones N/A
Adam Johnstone Woking AC
Jade Johnston N/A
Peter Johnson Striders of Croydon AC
Peter Johnson Striders of Croydon AC
Helle Jersild Runnymede Runners
Anna Jenkinson South London Harriers
Nicola Jelley Epsom Oddballs RC
Chris James Sutton striders
Ruth Hutton South London Harriers
John Hutchins Woking AC
David Hutchings Woking Athletics Club
Tetiana Hubatenko N/A
Andrew Howarth The Stragglers RC
Nicky Hornzee Stragglers
SUZI HORNBY The Stragglers
Gareth Hopkins Fulham RC
Lee Hope N/A
Sarah Holt Stragglers
Julie Holmes The Stragglers Running Club
Jamie Holland N/A
Anna Holland Windle Valley Runners
Nick Hodges Dorking & Mole Valley AC
Glenn Hodges Chessington Unity Running Club
Natalie Hodges Chessington Unity Running Club
Sue Hobbs Stragglers
Charlie Hobbs Walton AC
Des Hoar The Stragglers
Stuart Hills Striders of Croydon AC
Claire Hills N/A
Amanda Hepburn N/A
Emma Henston Stragglers
geraldine hellings Wimbledon Windmilers
Caroline Helder Wimbledon Windmilers
Nick Hawkins N/a
Ed Harrison Hillingdon AC
Eleanor Harrison Guildford and Godalming AC
Susanna Harrison Guildford & Godalming AC
Martin Harris N/A
Robin Harris Clapham Chasers
Bradley Harrad Stragglers
Jocelyne Harper N/A
Joss Harper N/A
Ben Harling Walton AC
Freddie Harding Croydon Harriers
Marcus Hanvey N/A
Travis Hansen n/a
Olivia Hansen n/a
Beatrice Hansen n/a
Olivia Hansen N/A
McFerris Hanna Hillingdon AC
Nicole Hamilton Stragglers
LAURA HALES Guildford & Godalming AC
Andrew Haigh Elmbridge Road Runners
Suzanne Hadwen Windle Valley Runners
Isard Haasakker N/A
David Gunaratnam Striders of Croydon AC
Tracy Grover Sutton Runners
Nicholas GROBLER Walton AC
Katie Grinyer Guildford & Godalming AC
Izabel Grindal The Stragglers RC
Shaun Griffith Ranelagh Harriers
Liam Griffin Ranelagh Harriers
Laura Griffin 26.2 RRC
Jeremy Greenwood Reigate Priory AC
Anna Graham N/A
Owen Graham Woking AC
John Gould Runnymede Runners
Murray Gordon Croydon Harriers
Mike Goodwin Windle Valley Runners
Clare Gollop Epsom Oddballs RC
Mark Goldhawk Sutton Striders
Ben Goddard Woking AC
Christian Glencross Epsom & Ewell Harriers
Sophie Glencross Epsom & Ewell Harriers
Millan-John Gilson N/A
Ewen Gibson Stragglers
Andy Gibbon N/A
Michael George N/A
Sue Garner Lingfield RC
Jeremy Garner Epsom Oddballs RC
Sarah Gardner N/A
James Gamble Woking AC
Jason Gallagher Striders of Croydon AC
Georgie Furze Woking AC
Dan Freeman N/A
Brynmor Francke Walton AC
Meg Francis Tadworth AC
Alec Fowler Runnymede Runners
Tom Foster Herne Hill Harriers
Gary Forde Wimbledon Windmilers
Thomas Forbes N/A
Sarah Fogden The Stragglers RC
Julie Fitzwater N/A
Monica Fisk Collingwood AC
Alan Firth Epsom & Ewell Harriers
Jennifer Firman N/A
Simon felstead Runnymede Runners
Ruth Farquharson N/A
Sarah Farnell-Ward Tadworth AC
Ross Fairbrother Woking AC
Danielle Everett Runnymede Runners
Daniel Evans Dorking and mole valley ac
Simon Evans Epsom & Ewell Harriers
Gavin Englefield South London Harriers
Amy Ellison Runnymede Runners
James Ellis Holland Sports AC
Simon Egan Woking AC
Mark Edwards Collingwood AC
Steve Edwards Hillingdon AC
Simon Edmands Mole Valley Runners
Simon Eaton N/A
Andrew Eames 26.2 RRC
Chris Dyson Woking AC
Laurence Duffy The Stragglers RC
Donovan Duffy Stragglers
Sabine Duffy Stragglers
Peter Drummond Epsom Oddballs RC
Lucy Drummond Cambridge & Coleridge AC
Julia Donovan Wimbledon Windmilers
Debbie Donnison Runnymede Runners
Amanda Dolan Clapham Chasers
Rhys Doherty Stragglers
Paul Dobson N/A
Tan Doan N/A
King Diggens Woking AC
Julian Diamond SHAEF Shifters
Clinton DeTarnowsky Walton AC
Jim Desmond The Stragglers
Kishore Desai N/A
Laurence Derx Shepperton Running Group
Michael Deevy Thames turbo triathlon
Alan Dearsley South London Harriers
Samuel DCruz Site Juice
Lyn Davis Camberley & District AC
Merilyn Davis The Stragglers
Anne Davies Wimbledon Windmilers
Jane davies Epsom and Ewell harriers
Chris Davidson Ranelagh Harriers
Kim Daplyn Chessington Unity Running Club
Ellie Dannatt Camberley & District AC
Angharad Daniel The Stragglers
Jack Daly N/a
Katy Daly N/a
Faye Curtis-Kay N/A
Peter Crotty South London Harriers
Darren Crisp Epsom Oddballs RC
Fiona Crawforth N/A
Ewan Cox Phoenix Tri
Zoe Cowell-Jones Elmbridge Road Runners
Andrew Cornish Holland Sports AC
Steve Corfield Striders of Croydon AC
Jeremy Copp Wimbledon Windmilers
Mark Coop Stragglers
Jackie Cooke N/a
Dawn Cook Dorking & Mole Valley AC
Jodie Collisson Runnymede Runners
Sally Collins Runnymede Runners
Martha Collings Woking AC
Chris Coles Guildford & Godalming AC
David Colenutt Windle Valley Runners
Rachel Clark N/A
Claire Chitty N/A
Tilly Childs Guildford & Godalming AC
Ben Chapman Croydon Harriers
Helen Channon Walton AC
Tom Chandler Aldershot Farnham & District AC
Shun-Lai Chan South London Harriers
Claire Chamley Woking AC
Fraser Chamley Woking AC
Robert Chambers The Stragglers RC
Lauren Chadwick Woking AC
Isha Chada Hillingdon AC
Samuel Casserly N/A
Rosie Case-Green Reigate Priory AC
Simeon Cary N/A
Joshua Carney Sutton Striders
Kerry Burton Sutton Striders
richard Bulkley Stragglers
Abbie Bulbulian Clapham Chasers
Jim Brown Windle Valley Runners
Keith Brown Croydon harreirs
Stuart Brown Holland Sports AC
David Brown Croydon Harriers
Tom Brown Ranelagh Harriers
Amber Brough-Nuesink Sutton Striders
Fraser Brough Sutton Striders
John Brooker Epsom Oddballs RC
Kasumi Brooker Epsom Oddballs RC
claire brittain Woking AC
Col Breach Runnymeade runners
Simon Brazil The Stragglers Running Club
Bob Bradbury Woking AC
Richard Bowes Stragglers
Terry Booth Guildford & Godalming AC
Rob Bonny Runnymede Runners
Chris Bond Tadworth AC
Nigel Board N/A
Stuart Blunt Epsom Oddballs RC
Daniel Black Aldershot Farnham and District
Peter Black Epsom Oddballs RC
Rebecca Bissell Ranelagh Harriers
Georgina Bishop Epsom Oddballs RC
Matthew Birkett N/A
Chloe Binley Stragglers
James Biggs N/A
Nicola Bettoni N/A
Kathryn Berry Wimbledon Windmilers
Tom Benwell N/A
Zak Benstead N/A
Melissa Benstead N/A
Sarah Bennett Sutton Striders
Samuel Bennett Sutton Striders
Sarah Bell Stragglers
Iain Bell Stragglers
Gareth Beavis Ranelagh Harriers
Simon Bean Epsom & Ewell Harriers
Tracy Barlow Thames Valley Harriers
Tim Barber N/A
Clayton Bannon St Marys Richmond AC
Bob Bannister Runnymede Runners
Anne Bannister Runnymede Runners
sonia bandeira The stragglers
Sally Bamford Ranelagh Harriers
Jacky Balfour The Stragglers
Della Baker N/A
Jake Baker N/A
Gareth Baker Windle Valley Runners
Lisa Bailey The Stragglers
Chris Axe Elmbridge Road Runners
Alex Auld Clapham Chasers
Nichola Atkins Epsom Oddballs RC
Mark Asten Sutton Runners
Andrew Argent 26.2 road runner club
Nathan Andrews Wimbledon Windmilers
Louise ANDREWS Collingwood AC
Clive Alley Clapham Chasers
Ian Alexander Chessington Unity Running Club
Stuart Alcock N/A
Carol Aikin Ranelagh Harriers
Tunde Adeyemo Sutton Runners
Tunde Adeyemo Sutton Runners
Lewis Addison Guildford & Godalming AC
Megan Addis N/A
Rich Adams Woking Athletics Club
James Adams Guildford & Godalming AC

Terms & Conditions

Participants enter the event entirely at their own risk and confirm that they have sufficient physical health and fitness to participate and compete in the race.  Elmbridge Road Runners shall not be liable for any injury or loss resulting from participation in the event.

Elmbridge Road Runners would like to send you important information relevant to the Elmbridge 10k, including practical information, news and date of the event in future years. We will only send you information regarding the Elmbridge 10k and will not use your email address for any other purpose.

By entering your information for this race you are agreeing to this usage.


Event Date: 21st July 2024 09:00
Date Entries Close: 17th July 2024 00:00
Entry Limit: 500
Total Entered: 500
Total Remaining: 0


Location & Directions

The Hub, Waterside Drive, Walton on Thames, Surrey, KT12 2JP


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