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The Wigan 10k 2024

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The event organiser has given you the ability to edit your details and transfer your entry should you no longer be able to take part. Please ensure that you do this before the closing date as you will no longer be able to use this facility after this date.

Editing Details & Transferring Entries Close: 31st May 2024 00:00:00

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HW Moon Toyota Wigan 10K 2024

We are delighted to confirm that the terrific 12th Wigan 10k, organised by Joining Jack and sponsored by HW Moon Toyota Wigan, will return on Sunday, September 1st, 2024.

All runners will be allocated a race number and individual timing chip. We will start sending out runner numbers from August 12th, 2024. You will receive an email from us informing you when to expect these. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to keep up to date with any event news.

The event's chosen charity is Joining Jack, which is one of Wigan 10k's Supporting Partners.





Entry Options

Race Entry The Wigan 10k 2024 £26.00


Jonathon Yurek Trawden athletic club
Carolyn Young-Smith The Globe Runners
Ste Yeti N/a
Phil Yates N/A
Gary Wynne N/A
Vicki Wynne N/A
Kieran Wright N/A
Joanne Wright Robin park runners
Spencer Wright N/A
Mark Wright Razzers runners
John Wray N/A
Sally Worthington n/a
Cath Worthington n/a
Hannah Worthington N/A
Matthew Workman N/A
Kirstie Woolley N/A
Kate Woodward Trawden Athletic Club
Lorraine Woodward Madrunners
Simon Woods Wigan Phoenix AAC
Jaki Woods N/A
Tess Wood RunFit Chorley
KaiLing Wong N/A
Elizabeth Withnail n/a
Jamie Winter N/A
Declan Winstanley N/A
Karen Windle Trawden AC
Lucy Wiltshire Riley’s runners
Jodie Wilson-Banks N/A
Lucy Wilson N/A
Debra Wilson Trawden Athletic
Charlotte Wilson N/A
Jamie Wilson N/A
Jordan Wilson Widnes Running Club
Andrew Wilson N/A
Angela Williams N/A
Carole Williams None
Lee Wilkinson N/A
Susan Wilkins N/A
Laura Wilding N/A
Chris Wilding N/A
Dylan Wilding N/A
carolyn wilby N/A
Stacey Whitworth N/A
Tracey Whittle Julie’s joggers
Harvey Whittington Wigan Phoenix AAC
Neil Whittingham n/a
Megan Whittaker N/A
Keith Whittaker N/A
Karen Whittaker N/A
Tom Whitehill n/a
Colin White Trawden AC
Hayley White Trawden AC
Barb White N/a
KerryAnn Whelan n/a
Freya Whelan N/A
Sineadh Wheeler N/A
Daniel Whatmough N/A
Michael Wharton N/A
Lee Whalley *Healthwatch Wigan & Leigh n/a
Lyndsey Wetherby N/A
Jonathan Wetherby N/A
Matthew Westhead N/A
Sam West N/A
Shaun West Trawden AC
Jim Wesson Red Rose Runners
Chris Webster N/A
Neil Webster N/A
Sharon Webber Trawden Athletic Club
Emma Weall Wigan Phoenix AAC
Paul Weall Wigan Phoenix AAC
Katie Waters N/A
Gemma Warren N/a
Leanne Ward Na
Amanda Walters N/A
Paula Walsh Trawden AC
Mark Walsh Trawden AC
Andrew Walmsley N/A
Rachel Wallin N/A
Alan Wallace N/A
Erin Walker N/A
Chris Walker n/a
Allan Walker N/A
Janet Walker Skelmersdale Running Club
Mike Walker Southport Waterloo AC
Casey Wakes N/A
Michelle Waine N/A
Mark Waine N/A
jacqueline vitali N/A
Nick Vernazza N/A
Nikul Vekariya N/A
Rachael Vallance N/A
Tony Valentine N/A
Jenna Vaal N/S
Emma unsworth N/A
Martin Unsworth Howfen runners
Rachael Unsworth Standish Globe Runners
Stephen Unsworth N/A
Katie Unsworth N/A
Joanne Unsworth N/A
Ryan Tyrer N/A
Norman Tyrer Wigan wheelers
Karra Turner NalA
Joe Turner N/A
lee turbitt Trawden Atheletic Club
Leah Tunstall N/A
Jodie Tunstall N/A
Neil Tully N/A
Ged Tromp *The Brick n/a
Shay Traynor N/A
Laura Traynor N/A
Rosie Trafford N/A
Amber Townsend N/A
Samantha Towns Billinge Run club
Joshua Torkington N/A
Ali Topley Run Things Run Club
Hayley Topley Run Things Run Club
Stevan Tonks Trawden
Tasha Tomkins N/A
Karl Tomkins N/A
Cheryl Tolley N/A
Charlotte Todhunter N/A
Ross Tinsley N/A
Jon Tinsley N/A
Neil Thorpe N/A
Neil Thornton N/A
Louise Thorley Robin Park Runners
Vanessa Thomson N/A
Hannah Thompson N/A
Johnathan Thompson N/A
Amy Thompson N/A
steve thompson N/A
Paul Thompson N/A
Charlotte Thompson N/A
Chris Thompson N/A
Dan Thompson N/A
Ben Thompson N/A
Rudy Thompson N/A
Samuel Teale N/A
David Taylor N/A
Liam Taylor Liverpool Running Bugs
Natalie Taylor n/a
Sandra Taylor N/A
Carter Taylor Fife AAC
Martin Taylor N/A
Aimee Taylor N/A
Jennifer Taylor N/A
Leanne Taylor Lycra lovers
Rico Tartaglione N/A
Julie Taberner N/A
Rebekah Symonds St Helens Sutton AC
Rebecca Swindlehurst N/A
Oliver Sweeney N/A
Victoria Swainbank N/A
Richard Sutch N/A
Neil Sumner Flyde Coast Runners
Ben Sumner N/A
Georgia Suffolk N/A
Mike Stride N/a
Matthew Stride N/A
Charlotte Stride NA
Diane Stott-Duggan N/A
Phil Stott N/A
Neil Storey N/A
Mel Stones N/A
Hannah Stewart N/A
Catherine Stewart n/a
Jake Stephenson-Dorsman N/A
John Starkey N/A
Franco Spinella Wigan & District Harriers & AC
Becky Speed n/a
Chloe Spark Na
Spare Spare n/a
Megan Southward N/A
Leon Southern N/a
Peter Soulsby N/A
Neil Smith N/A
Kieran Smith N/A
Andrew Smith N/A
Chris Smith N/A
Maxine Smith N/A
Mark Smith N/a
Megan Smith N/A
Jason Smith Farnworth Runners
Andrew Smith N/A
Julie Smith N/A
Hannah Smith N/A
Rachel Smith Vegan Runners UK
philip smith N/A
Kate Smith N/A
Helen Smith N/A
Rebecca Smart N/a
Silvanna Slack N/A
Steven Skinner N/A
Emma Simms na
Matthew Simmons N/A
Ellie Simmons N/A
barry simm N/A
Josh Silcock n/a
Lydia Sidebotham Wigan & District Harriers & AC
Natalia Shvarts Billinge running club
Martin Shiels N/A
Daniel Shields N/a
Jordan Sheridan N/A
Krun Shergill N/A
Simran Shergill N/A
Tracy Sheppard N/A
James Sheppard N/A
Charlie Shepherd N/A
Andrew Shawcross N/A
Magenta Shaw N/A
Samuel Shaw N/A
Cat Shaw na
Emma Shaw n/a
George Sharp *Healthwatch Wigan & Leigh n/a
Mike Sharkey *The Brick n/a
Sam Sharkey Julie’s Joggers 🏃‍♂️
Megan Shannon N/A
Lefteris Seriatos Robin park runners
Laura Selby N/A
Adam Selby N/A
Mary Seddon N/A
Hilary Sealy Julie's Joggers
Kate Sealy Julie's Joggers
Joanne Scruton N/A
Maddie Scruton N/A
Gareth Scott N/a
Charlie Scott Golborne joggers
Ian Schofield Fatties RC
Andrew Savage N/A
Paula Santos N/A
Kevin Santi N/A
Lisa Sandiford N/a
Sarah Samuel N/A
Katie Salter N/A
Emma Ryding *The Brick n/a
Dan Ryding *The Brick n/a
Stephanie Ryan N/A
Lindsey Royle N/A
Sam Rowley N/A
Amelia Rowland N/A
Dominic Rowe N.a
Nicola Ross Robin Park Runners
Cyd Ross N/A
Helen Ross N/A
Gareth Ross Revolution Running
Malcolm Rose North Derbyshire RC
Jason Rooke N/A
Iain Rodger N/A
Caitlin Roddy n/a
Kara Roddam N/A
Neil Robinson Na
Chelsea Robinson N/A
Liam Robinson N/A
Jayne Robinson n/a
Charlie Robinson Billinge running club
Sam Robinson N/A
Sam Robinson N/A
Keith Robinson N/A
Sarah Robinson N/A
Steve Robinson N/A
David Robinson N/A
Paul Robinson N/a
Hayden Roberts N/A
David Roberts N/A
chris roberts N/A
James Roberts N/A
Andrew Ritchie N/A
Sam Rimmer N/A
Katie Rimmer N/A
Simon Rimmer N/A
Derek Rimmer N/A
Catherine Riley Trawden AC
Jess Riley LMFS
Callum Riley N/A
Jack Rignall N/A
Lisa Rignall N/A
Nicola Rigby N/A
Sam Rigby n/a
Natasha Rigby N/A
Matt Rigby N/A
Abbie Richardson N/A
Gemma Rhodes N/A
Jacqueline Rennie Madrunners
Adam Reid n/a
Dale Redford N/a
Vicki Redcliffe n/a
Laura Ray n/a
Zoe Ratchford N/A
Ellie Randle-Jones N/A
Charlie Randle-Jones n/a
Sarah Randle n/a
Kris Radlinski n/a
Laura Radcliffe N/A
Rachelle Quinton N/A
Natalie Quinn Robin Park Runners
stephen quinn kitt green runners
Brian Quinn N/A
Blake Pritchard N/A
David Pritchard Wigan Wheelers and Triathlon
Jessica Pritchard N/A
Heidi Prior N/a
Daniel Price Wigan & District Harriers & AC
Barry Price N/A
Bethany Preston Billinge Running Club
Hayley Presho N/A
Jonathan Prescott N/A
Joe Prescott N/A
Elaine Prescott Billing Running Club
Gill Power Robin Park Runners
Emily Power N/A
Gill Power RPR
Sam Potter N/A
Phoebe Potter N/A
Jane Pose Kinematic
Adam Porter n/a
Luis Pollitt N/A
Julie Platt Wigan Phoenix AAC
Wesley Piper N/A
Jess Pilling N/A
Chloe Pierce N/A
Mark Picton N/A
David Pickles Trawden AC
Tony Pickford N/A
Lynsey Pickavance N/A
Richard Perry N/A
Sophia Perret-Gentil N/A
Mateusz Pera N/A
Emma pentland Julie’s Joggers
Chloe Penny N/A
Scott pennington N/A
Rob Pennington Golborne Joggers
Wendy Pennington None
Hannah Pennington n/a
David Penn N/A
Ben Peloe N/A
Niall Peet N/A
Chris Peet N/A
Louise Peet N/A
Chris Peet N/A
David Peers N/A
Kathryn Pearson N/A
Alice pearson n/a
Caitlyn Pearce NA
Matthew Peacock N/A
Jonathan Payne N/A
Nick Paul Skelmersdale Boundary Harriers
lauren patton N/A
Sue Passmore Trawden Athletic Club
Deborah Parsons N/A
Hannah Parr N/A
Andy Parkinson N/a
Frances Parkinson JSBeFit
Daniel Parkinson JSBeFit
Karen Parker *Healthwatch Wigan & Leigh N/A
Chantelle Pardon N/A
Helen Pagett N/A
George Pace N/A
Samantha Ormesher N/A
Nicola Oldham N/A
Gavin Ogden N/A
Jade O’Dea-Baxter N/A
Ruby O’Dea-Baxter N/A
David O'Reilly n/a
Vanessa O'Malley n/a
Michael O'Grady N/A
Helen O'Connor N/A
Kieran O'Brien St Helens Striders
James Nutt N/A
Daniel North N/A
James Noonan N/A
Hannah Nield N/A
Janet Nichols Wigan & District Harriers & AC
Emma Newsham N/A
Natasha Newell Trawden AC
Joanna Newcombe N/A
Chris Nestor N/A
Poppy Nelson N/A
Clare Naughton N/A
Jen Mylchreest Wise None
Michelle Myers N/A
Lucy Mutch-Burrows N/A
Libby Murray N/A
David Murray N/A
Charlotte Murray Robin park runners
Alex Murray N/A
Charlotte Murphy N/A
Steve Murphy n/a
Victoria Murphy N/A
Michael Mulligan N/A
Louise Muir N/A
Chris Mugan N/A
Harry Moxham N/A
Russ Mountford N/A
Sandy Motteram N/A
Ellie Moss N/A
Thomas Moss N/A
Cath Moss N/a
Charlotte Moss N/A
Linus Mortlock N/A
Craig Mortimer N/A
James Morrison N/A
Sandra Morris Robin Park Runners
Rebecca Morris Levenshulme Runners
Sean Morris N/A
Claire Morley N/a
John Morgan Na
Lewis Morgan St Helens Striders
Kay Moorhouse N/A
Nicola Moores N/A
Alison Moore Fetch Everyone
Carl Moore N/A
Joshua Moore N/A
Julie Moore Wigan & District Harriers & AC
Declan Moore N/A
James Moodie Wigan & District Harriers & AC
Sean Monks N/A
Sonya Monaghan St Helen's sutton a.c
Paul Molyneux N/A
Ellie Molyneux N/A
Sarah Mogg N/A
Lucy Mitchell N/A
Jenna mitchell N/a
Simon Misra N/A
Donna Milow Madrunners
Hannah Milner N/A
Heather-marie Millington N/A
Daniel Milligan N/A
Robert Milligan N/A
Zach Miller Na
Tim Millbank N/A
Martin Meyrick Invictus Triathlon club
Karen Meyrick Invictus Triathlon Club
Ellie Meyrick N/A
danny merrills na
Kevin Merrill Standish Globe Runners
Carla Melling NA
Linda Meller N A
Paul Meehan N/A
Alison Medlicott St Helens Striders
Peter Medlicott St Helens Striders
Andrew Meadows Wigan Phoenix
Rebekah Meadows n/a
Clare Mead Trawden AC
Kelly McNamara N/A
Ewen McMillan Standish Globe Runners
Debi McMillan Kirkby milers
Paul Mcmillan Kirkby Milers
Stuart Mclean N/A
Niamh McLaughlin N/A
Penny McLaughlin N/A
Lynsey McKernan N/A
Geoff McKenna N/A
Ruth McKenna N/A
Kieron McKenna MadRunners
Adam McKenna Wigan & District Harriers & AC
Julie Mcgowan Madrunners
James McGlynn Wigan & District Harriers & AC
Stephen McEvoy N/A
Olivia McEvoy N/A
Philip McEnaney N/A
Emma McDonald n/a
John McDonald Trawden AC
Ian Mccue N/A
Barbara McCready N/a
Mark McCready N/A
Jennifer McCrea N/A
Shannon McConnell N/A
Jennifer McCarthy Golborne Joggers
Helen McCarrick N/A
Tracy Mccann N/A
Sarah McCaig N/A
Pamela McAdams Mad Runners
Gabriella Mazey N/A
Katie Mayo N/A
Tracey Mawdsley Trawden Athletic Club
Emily Mather N/A
Jason Mather St Helens Striders
Rachael Masterton Na
Nat Mason Preston Harriers
Alice Martindale N/A
Claire Martin Robin Park Runners
Jack Marshall N/A
Trudy Marsh N/A
Glen Marsh Na
Rebecca Marron N/A
Kyle Markland N/A
Katharine Mansell St Helens Striders
Christopher Mannion Wigan & District Harriers & AC
stephen mannion N/A
Kimberley Mannion n/a
Andy Maltman N/A
Skye Maloney N/A
Michelle Maloney N/A
Rachel Maloney N/A
Nicki Makinson N/A
Anne Maiden N/A
Lorraine Maguire N/A
David MacMichael n/a
Jonathon Mackie n/a
Beth Mackenzie N/A
Gordon MacDonald n/a
Pierce Lyons Manchester Frontrunners
Paul Lyon N/A
Jamie-Lea Lyon Crossfit Wigan
Hannah Lynch N/A
Becky Lynch N/A
Rebecca Lynch N/A
Martin Lunn N/A
Natalie Lucas N/A
Martin Lucas n/a
Joshua Lowe N/A
Ann Lowe Standish Globe Runners
Cory Lowe N/A
Rosie Lowe N/A
Adrian Lowe N/A
Simon Lovidge Barnsley Harriers
Craig Lovejoy N/A
Catherine Lovejoy N/A
Susan Lonsdale Atherton
katy lomax-haslam N/A
Helen Logue N/A
Helen Littler N/A
Danielle Littler N/A
Ashley Linnett n/a
Fran Lindley N/a
Paul Lilley N/A
Rachael Lightfoot Robin Park Runners
Bethany Leyland None
Georgia Leyland N/A
Jenna Leyland N/A
Zac Leonard N/A
Jason Lee n/a
Lewis Lee Wigan Harriers
Darren Lee N/a
Eddie Leck N/a
Debra Leah Trawden athletic club
Dawn Leach N/A
James Lea *The Brick n/a
James Lea Force fitness
Simon Layland N/A
Sally Layland N/A
Rachel Lawton Wigan & District Harriers & AC
Andrew Lawrenson N/A
David Lawless n/a
India Latham N/A
April Larkin N/A
Libby Langham N/A
Jonathan Langford N/A
martin Lang Wigan & District Harriers & AC
Darren Lang N/A
Ben Lamb N/A
Adam Lamb A1 Performance Studio
Andy Lamb Trawden AC
Teresa Koufou N/A
Jason Knight Na
Megan Kneale N/A
Daniel Klaka N/A
David Kirwin N/A
Sarah Kirkman N/A
Carl Kirkham Lonely Goat RC
Jessica Kirk N/A
Emma Kirby N/A
Kenneth Kinta N/A
Brendan Kinahan N/A
Faisal Khan N/A
Michael Kermode Blackburn Road Runners
Vicky Kenny n/a
Jane Kendall N/A
Samantha Kendall Na
Mo Kelly Trawden Athletic Club
Siobhan Kelly N/A
Paul Kelly N/A
Ellis Kehoe N/A
Phil Kearsley Wigan & District Harriers & AC
Jonathan Kearsley Wigan & District Harriers & AC
Shana Kearsley N/A
Alex Kay N/A
Matthew Kavanagh N/A
Debbi Jukes N/A
Emma Judson NA
Megan Jones N/A
Katie Jones N/A
Lydia Jones N/A
Mike Jones N/A
Rebecca Jones N/A
Suzanne Jones N/A
Millie Jones N/A
Thomas Jones N/A
Sue Jones Life Centre, runners
Sharon Jones Julie's Joggers
Margaret Johnson N/A
Paula Johnson None
Alex Johnson n/a
Andy Johnson n/a
Jack Johnson n/a
Ann Johnson St Helens Striders
Emma Jerstice N/A
Kelly Jerstice N/A
Andrew Jennings Wigan & District Harriers & AC
Jayne Jenks N/A
Luke Jenkins N/A
Dylan James Wigan Phoenix AAC
Michael James Lonely Goat RC
Michael James Lonely goat rc
Matthew Jagiela Standish Globe Runners
Christopher Jackson N/A
Stuart Jackson N/A
George Iveson Farnworth Runners
Liam Isherwood N/A
Kate Iddon N/A
Clare Ibbotson N/A
Tracy Hutchings N/A
Christopher Hurst N/A
Lynn Hurst N/A
Lucy Hurst N/A
Karen Hurrell N/A
Helen Hurn N/A
James Hunter N/A
Simone Hunt Robin park runners
Megan Humphreys N/A
Jason Hughes N/A
Hayley Hughes N/A
Shane Hughes St Helens Striders
Michael Hughes n/a
Christopher Hughes N/A
Mike Hughes Lonely Goat RC
Susan Hughes Widnes wasps
Jo-Anna Hoyle n/a
Angus Howieson n/a
Julie Howarth N/A
Megan Howarth N/A
Nicola Howarth St Helens Striders
Glenn Howard N/A
David Howard TRAWDEN AC
Helen Howard N/a
Gareth Howard N/a
Adam Howard Trawden ac
Francis Hourigan Widnes Running Club
Andy Houghton N/A
Gemma Houghton Trawden Athletics Club
Alan Houghton Trawden Athletics Club
Christine Hoskin N/A
Carole Horrocks Robin Park Runners
Darren Horner Trawden AC
David Horner N/A
Dan Hornby N/A
Annie Hooley N/A
James Holt n/a
Janet Holmes St Helens Striders
Alexis Hollis N/A
John Hollis N/A
Brooke Holland N/A
Billi-Jean Holgate N/A
Neil Holding Horwich RMI Harriers
Luke Holden N/A
Kathryn Holden N/A
Maria Holden N/A
Mark Holden Billinge Running Club
Sam Hogg N/A
Kathryn Hodson Wigan & District Harriers & AC
Mike Hoban Pats Runners
Jane Hoban N/A
Kierran Hitchen n/a
Toni Hines N/A
Kathryn Hindley N/A
Mark Hilton N/A
Emily Hilton N/A
Mike Hilton N/A
Callum Hilton N/A
Jan Hilton N/A
Jacob Hilton N/A
Anthony Higham N/A
Dave Higham Lycra Lovers
Amy Higham N/A
alison hibbert N/A
David Heyes N/A
Paul Heyes N/A
Lisa Heyes Wigan & District Harriers & AC
John Heyes Wigan & District Harriers & AC
Ella Heyes Wigan & District Harriers & AC
George Heyes Wigan & District Harriers & AC
Stephen Hewitt N/a
Jayne Hewitt N/A
Kenny Hewitt N/A
Joe Hetherington N/A
Bobby Herkes n/a
Adam Henshaw N/A
Rob Heaton N/A
Stuart Hayton Trawden Athletic Club
Lisa Hayes Golborne Joggers
Matthew Hawkrigg N/A
Gareth Harrison Wigan & District Harriers & AC
Mark Harrison Robin Park Runners
Cheryl Harris-Hilton N/A
Jennie-Lou Harper N/A
Martyn Harmer N/A
Patsyann Hardy N/A
Nicki Harding N/A
Vicki Hardcastle N/A
Thomas Hampson Na
Thomas Hampson N/A
Jenny Hammett N/A
Jayne Hamilton None
Jackie Hamilton N/A
Paula Halsall N/A
Sadie Halliwell N/A
Amanda Halliwell N/A
Connie Halliwell N/A
Stuart Hall N/A
Hepesh Halai N/A
Mitesh Halai N/A
Janine Hadfield N/A
Jeffrey Hacking N/A
Marcus Grimshaw N/A
Mia Grimshaw N/A
Lynn Grimshaw n/a
Lucy Grimshaw Na
Gary Grimes N/A
Joanne Grimes N/A
Josh Grimes N/A
Drew Griffiths N/A
Isaac Greenwood n/a
Emily Greenall N/A
Nicola Greenall N/A
Ellie Green N/A
Wendy Green Robin Park Runners
Hannah Green N/A
Emma Green N/a
Simon Green N/A
Rebecca Green N/A
Christopher Green Wigan & District Harriers & AC
Kathryn Green Wigan & District Harriers & AC
Sharon Green St Bees Triers
Michael Grayson N/a
Michael Grain Barnsley AC
Lorna Gowerson Trawden AC
Jason Goulding N/a
Reuben Goulding Chorley Athletic & Triathlon (CAAT)
Rob Gough N/A
Rebecca Gorton N/A
Mike Goodman N/A
Terrie Goodier N/A
Jon Goode N/A
Hannah Goodburn N/A
Hannah Glaister N/A
Daniel Glaister na
Abigail Gitsham N/A
Kathleen Giles N/A
Samantha Gibson N/A
Mark Gibson N/A
Cohen Gibson N/A
Anthea Gibson N/A
Malachy Gibbons N/a
Chris Gibbon N/A
Dale Gerrard N/A
Amy Gerrard N/A
Paul Gentle N/A
Ella Gaskell N/A
Hannah Gaskell N/A
Emma Gaskell N/A
Margaret Garside Robin Park Runners
Lucy Gambles N/A
Jonny Gallagher N/A
Chelsea Gale N/A
Lauren Gaffney N/A
Jay Friar St Helens Striders
Tracey Freeman N/A
Stuart Francis N/A
John Foster N/A
Robert Foster N/A
Rob Foster N/A
Alison Foster N/A
Richard Foster Chorley Athletic & Triathlon
Kevin Foster N/a
Hannah Foster Na
Andrew Forrest Trail n Ale
Nigel Flude N/A
Nicola Fletcher N/A
Sean Fletcher Riley's Runners
Tim Fleming N/A
John Flatley Wigan Phoenix AAC
Clare Flanagan N/A
David Fitzroy N/A
Jeanette Fitzroy N/A
Katherine Fitzpatrick Trawden Athletic Club
Paul Fishwick N/A
Chloe Fishwick Robin Park Runners
Will Fisher Wigan & District Harriers & AC
Amy Fisher Kinematic Coaching
Reece Fishburn N/A
Borja FernandezArtesero N/A
Gail Featherstone N/A
Jenna Fazackerley N/A
Janet Farrow Parbold Pink Panthers
Barry Farrington N/A
Natalie Farnworth Sunday Striders
Andrew Farnan N/A
Jonathan Farnan N/A
Julie Fairhurst Robin Park Runners
Supicha Fairhurst N/A
Andrew Fairhurst Standish globe runners
Andrew Fairhurst Standish globe runners
Steve Fairhurst n/a
Mathew Fairhurst n/a
Charlotte Fahey N/A
Joyce Evans N/A
Patrick Evans N/A
Stuart Evans N/A
Ryan Erentz N/A
Laura Ellis N/A
Sophie Elliott N/A
Charlotte Edwards *The Brick n/a
Olivia Edwards N/A
Ian Edwards N/A
Sara Eden Vale Royal AC
Darren Eckersley St.Helens Striders
Helen Eckersley N/A
Lindsey Eckersley N/A
Helen Eccleston N/A
Hal Eccles N/A
Cath Eccles N/A
Sophie Eatock N/A
Ashley Eastwood Trawden AC
Craig Easton N/a
Stuart Easton N/A
Erin Dudley N/A
Eve Dudley N/A
Ava Dudley N/A
Annlouise Drought N A
Philip Draper N/A
Barry Downes N/A
Daniel Douglas N/A
James Doublet-Stewart n/a
Keisha Dooner N/A
Thomas Donnelly N/A
Nicole Donnelly N/A
Jane Donlon Golborne Joggers
Heather Donlon N/A
Barry Dolan N/A
Connor Diskin N/A
Mark Dickinson Wigan & District Harriers & AC
caroline Dickinson N/A
Heather Diamond N/A
Alex deWaard N/A
Michael Devine N/A
Dominique DeSilva N/A
Tom DeRoma Wigan & District Harriers & AC
Adam Delia N/A
Mike Dean N/A
Mike Dean N/A
Lina De Burgh N/A
Matthew Dawber N/A
Lara Dawber N/A
Lauren Davies N/A
Andrew Davies N/A
Philip Davies N/A
Christopher Davies N/A
Abigail Davies N/A
Chris Davies N/A
Michelle Davies N/a
Hoskin David N/
Terri Davey Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners
Patrick Davey St Helens Striders
Emma Davenport N/A
Denise Darbyshire N/A
Joanne Darby N/A
Jodie Danner *The Brick n/a
Neil Danner *The Brick n/a
Owen Daniels N/A
Keeley Dalfen n/a
Graham Dale St. Helen's Trail & Ale
Isobelle Dale N/A
Lauren Dakan n/a
Marcus Cusani N/A
Ivan Cunliffe N/A
Nina Cunliffe N/A
Julie Cumberbatch N/A
Paul Cumberbatch Invictus Triathlon Club
Dom Cullen N/A
Martin Cullen n/a
Jack Cuff N/A
Laura Crumbley N/A
Tamsin Crothers Vegan Runners UK
Adam Croston N/A
Victoria Crossland N/A
Danny Crossland N/A
Wes Crankshaw N/A
Dan Craddock N/A
Elaine Cowperthwaite Trawden Athletic Club
Charlotte-Emily Cowperthwaite N/A
Olivia Cowley N/A
Martyn Cowburn Robin park runners
Mark Cowan N/A
Kim Couper-weng N/A
Jennifer Corkill Sandymoor RC
Elaine Corcoran Trawden Athletic Club
Patricia Cope None
Leon Cooper CrossFit wigan
Michael Cooper N/A
Katey Cooper N/A
Lucy Conway n/a
Daniel Connor N/A
Nicole Connor N/a
Andy Connolly Robin Park Runners
David Collins Wigan & District Harriers & AC
Jayne Collins Wigan & District Harriers & AC
Paul Collins Wigan & District Harriers & AC
Joe Collina N/A
Terry Collier Standish CC
Matthew Collier N/A
Luke Collier N/A
Logan Collier N/A
Andy Coley *The Brick n/a
Micheal Cole N/A
Brian Coe N/A
Jean Clemence Razzers runners
Paul Clegg N/A
Joanne Cleary Robin Park Runners
Colin Clarke St Helens Striders
Amy Clarke n/a
Mark Clarke n/a
Elizabeth Clarke N/A
Scott Christy N/A
Angela Christopher N/A
Megan Christopher N/A
Rebecca Cheshire N/A
Christopher Cheetham Skelmersdale Running Club
Damian Charnock *The Brick n/a
John Charnock n/a
Katie Charnock N/A
Emma Charlton N/A
Susan Charlton N/A
craig charlton N/A
David Chapman n/a
Mingchun Chan N/A
Lewis Chadwick N/A
Emma Chadwick N/A
Georgia Chadbond N/A
Chris Caw N/A
Jessica Catterall N/A
Dean Cartwright N/A
Amanda Carroll N/A
Lindsey Carrington N/A
Neil Carrick Lonely Goat RC
Matt Carr NA
Megan Carr N/A
Luisa Carella N/A
Peter Capstick N/A
Lisa Capstick N/A
Niall Cameron N/A
Debbie Calderbank N/A
James Cain N/A
James Cain N/A
Holly Cain N/A
Brenda Cahill St Helens Striders
Nicky Cage N/A
lauren caffari Na
Chris Burton Wigan & District Harriers & AC
Andrea Burnett N/A
Emma Burley N/A
Karly Burgess N/A
Matthew Buckley N/A
Jenny Brown n/a
Stuart Brown N/A
Peter Brown N/a
Abigail Brown One step closer
Michael Brown One step closet
Janine Brown Barnsley Harriers
John Brooks n/a
matthew brooks N/A
Rebecca Brook N/A
Lacey Briscoe *Healthwatch Wigan & Leigh n/a
Shaun Brien N/A
Matthew Brennon N/A
Janet Brennon N/A
Sophie Brandwood N/A
Holly Brand N/A
Gareth Bramhall Golborne Joggers
Megan Bradshaw N/A
Jordan Bradshaw N/A
Christina Bradshaw N/A
Adam Bradley N/A
Clare Bradley N/A
Charlotte Bowles N/A
Kate Bowen N/A
Laura Boski N/A
Jayne Booth *The Brick n/a
Stewart Bonner N/A
Lesley Bonner N/A
Paul Bonikowski N/A
Annemarie Bond N/A
Chloe Bolton N/A
Steffan Boffey N/A
Andrew Blott N/A
Kimberley Blinston n/a
Paul Blakemore Wigan Phoenix AAC
Adrian Blackledge Trawden AC
Paul Blackledge Robin Park Runners
Louise Blackledge Robin Park Runners
Rachel Birkbeck N/A
Stuart Birchall Na
Naomi Birchall N/a
Mike Binder Robin park runners
Katie Billington N/A
Helen Billington N/A
Kevin Betts N/A
Maxine Betts N/A
Bob Beswick N/A
Beth Berry N/A
Jess Berry N/A
Graham Berry Shropshire Shufflers
Mark Bentley N/A
Natasha Benson N/A
Jamie Benson N/A
Philip Bennett N/A
Samuel Bennett N/A
Rachel Bennett N/A
David Bennett N/A
Paul Bennett N/a
Chris Benn Manchester Frontrunners
Josh Benfold N/A
Simon Bell West London Runners
John Beesley N/A
Scott Beardsworth N/A
Matt Baylis N/A
David Baxter NA
Andy Baxter N/A
Connor Baxter N/A
Lee Baxendale Farnworth Runners
Donna Barwise N/A
Peter Barwise N/A
Jessica Barton N/A
Paul Barton N/A
Daniel Barton N/A
Janet Barton N/A
Scott Bartlett Bexley AC
Brian Bartlett Skelmersdale running club
Louise Barry Robin Park Runners
John Barrett N/A
Becki Barnes Wigan & District Harriers & AC
Ben Barnes Wigan & District Harriers & AC
Peter Barlow N/A
Christopher Barker N/A
Joanne Bark N/A
Jordan Banks N/A
Natalie Banks N/A
Chris Banks Wesham Road Runners
Jordan Bamford Wigan Phoenix AAC
Joel Baldwin N/A
Tom Baker NA
Rebecca Bailey N/A
Elliot Bahn N/A
Alyssa Axon N/A
Graham Attwood N/A
Jenna Atkins Invictus Triathlon Club
Damien Atherton N/A
Emma Atherton N/A
Ellie Atherton N/A
David Aspinall N/A
Adam Ashton-Burrows N/A
David Ashton Robin Park Runners
Keeley Ashcroft N/a
Roger Ashcroft N/A
Thomas Ashcroft na
Lisa Armstrong *Healthwatch Wigan & Leigh n/a
Neil Armitage Barnsley Harriers
Andrea Arkwright *Healthwatch Wigan & Leigh n/a
Julie Arkinstall Robin Park Runners
Daniel Araujo N/A
Rachel Andrews ABS
Declan Anderton N/A
Benjamin Anderson N/A
Chris Anderson Penny Lane Striders
John Anderson N/A
Shaun Anders Mad Runners
Nicola Almond-Pilling Robin park runners wigan
Matthew Allison Trawden ac
Steven Allen N/A
Daniel Allen N/A
Daniel Allard N/A
Kerry Allard N/A
Chris Allard N/A
Cath Allard N/A
Julian Aldridge Shivering Denizens RC
Matthew Aitchison N/A
Douglas Ainsworth Farnworth Runners
Josh Ainscough N/A
Dylan Ainscough N/A
Rachel Ainscough N/A
Ollie Ainscough N/A
Jessica Adamson N/A
Rachael Acton n/a
Lucy Acs N/A
Cheryl Abernethy N/A
Julie Abbott Nl/A

Terms & Conditions

If the event cannot go ahead all entries will be automatically rolled over to the 2025 event. If we are able to stage a Virtual event, this will be offered as an alternate option with runners taking part in the virtual event receiving their medal and if ordered on registration, t-shirt in the post.

Refund Policy

Your registration fee goes direct to our organising charity Joining Jack to fund research into treatments and the hope of a potential cure for ALL boys living Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, an incurable muscle-wasting disease. As a result, we are unable to offer a deferal or refund.


We close in:
Event Date: 1st September 2024 00:00
Date Entries Close: 29th August 2024 23:59
Entry Limit: 2500
Total Entered: 1124
Total Remaining: 1376


Location & Directions

Mesnes Park, Mesnes Park, Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 1TU

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