The Winter Wobble 2023

Entries for The Winter Wobble 2023 are open

The Winter Wobble 2023 Only 6 Days to Go!

The Race:
The race will follow the same route as our sister event The Summer Stumble, but this time in reverse, the route, not you.
Starting at Ye Olde Albion pub in Rowhedge the ten mile route takes you to The Black Buoy in Wivenhoe via The Colne Causeway and then back. The route is mainly along riverside trail paths with some paved areas and you'll be pleased to hear that it is as flat as a pancake.
The five mile runners will turnaround when they reach what we laughingly call the "water station" and return to the Albion. All runners will partake in a glass of mulled wine at the start and then enjoy either a Snowball or a shot at our "water station". Those making it to the Black Buoy will then enjoy a further mulled drink at the Black Buoy before making there way back the way they came.
Your race is run on returning to Ye Olde Albion where you will receive an amazing medal and your final drink to sip on at a more leisurely pace.

Entry Options Price
Winter Wobble & Summer Stumble 5 miles (2 drinks, 1 shot) £40.00
Winter Wobble & Summer Stumble 10 miles (3 drinks, 2 shots) £50.00
Winter Wobble 10 miles (3 drinks, 2 shots) £30.00
Winter Wobble 5 miles (2 drinks, 1 shot) £25.00