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Wakehurst Willow 8k 2024
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The event organiser has given you the ability to edit your details and transfer your entry should you no longer be able to take part. Please ensure that you do this before the closing date as you will no longer be able to use this facility after this date.

Editing Details & Transferring Entries Close: 21st July 2024 23:59:59

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This well-established run through some of the most beautiful landscape in the South East returns to the calendar. The challenging two-loop 8km long course on tarmac, woodchip and rocky earth paths winds its way around the perimeter of the botanical gardens, under massive redwoods, stunning lakes and past the world-famous Millennium Seedbank. 

The evening will offer a friendly, inclusive club run atmosphere that gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy their running.

England Athletics Race Licence Number is 2024-46083.

Entry Options

Standard Ticket £17.00
Wakehurst Member £15.00


Sue Zanin Horsham Joggers
Mark Young Crawley Saints & Sinners
Charlie Yeoell Horley Harriers Running Club
David Worsell Lingfield RC
Nevenka Worsell Lingfield RC
Lillian Woodward N/A
Chris Woods NA
Peter Wirtzfeld Run Academy Worthing
Andrew Wilson Haywards Heath Harriers
Catherine Wilson Lingfield RC
Aron Willis J&M
Mike Williamson N/A
Ann Williams Mel's Milers
Linzi Williams Horsham Joggers
Lucy Wilkes Lingfield RC
Caroline Wild East Grinstead Runners
Liz Wicks Pound Hill Pounders
Emma West N/A
David West N/A
Michael Way MSB
Emma Watson Burgess Hill Runners
Ian Watkins Lingfield RC
Steve Warner Lingfield RC
Denise Warham Pound Hill Pounders
Rebecca Walsh Mel's Milers
Carolynn Walker N/A
David Waddington Lingfield RC
Gary Viles Crawley AC
Alan Viles Horley Harriers Running Club
Michael VanSlageren N/A
Meghan Upton Lingfield running club
Catherine Ullah N/A
Fiona Turton Henfield Joggers
Amanda Turner N/A
James Tugwell N/A
Anna Titchmarsh N/A
Tania Tinslay Hove Hornets
Simon Thompson Burgess Hill Runners
Luke Taylor Crawley Saints & Sinners
Keely Talbot East Grinstead Runners
pippa sykes J&M running
Amanda Sullivan Mel's Milers
Tim Sullivan N/A
Hannah Stuart N/A
Frank STONE Crawley Saints & Sinners
Andy Stone East Grinstead Runners
Hugh Stevenage Burgess Hill Runners
Kate Stephens N/A
Timothy Start Pound Hill Pounders
Ella Stanbrook Burgess Hill Runners
Kim Staines-Rebeiro N/A
Gary Spring Lingfield RC
Darija Sparkes East Grinstead Runners
Paul Smith Pound Hill Pounders
Jennifer Smith Mel's Milers
Nick Smith N/a
Hannah Slater Ashdown Forest Trail Runners
Malcolm Slater Burgess Hill Runners
Claudette Sims N/A
Lorraine Sherrard Mels Milers
Colin Shaw Mel’s Milers Jogging Club
Tara Sharman Pound hill Pounders
Angela Shannon N/A
Rita Shah J&M Running
Benjamin Shadbolt N/A
Gemma Shadbolt Brighton Phoenix AC
Georgina Scutt Crawley Run Crew
Jim Scott Crawley Saints & Sinners
Terri Scott Lingfield RC
Iain Scotland Pound Hill Pounders
Louise Savage Lonely Goat RC
Hannah Saunders NA
Barry Saunders N/A
Karen Sargent Burgess Hill Runners
Penelope Sanders Mel's Milers
Gary Salmon Haywards Heath Harriers
Susanne Salling N/A
Brian Rutter Personify
Malcolm Roweth Arena 80 AC
Sally Ross East Grinstead Runners
Emma Rogers N/A
Simon Robinson Haywards Heath Harriers
Jules Roberts Crawley Run Crew
Neil Roberts Crawley Run Crew
Jennie Ridley West hoathly running club
peter richardson Pound Hill Pounders
Lydia Rice n/a
joanne ribbons Pound Hill Pounders
Yvonne Reynard N/A
Jemma Read N/a
Katie Rea J and M Running
Mark Raven Pound Hill Pounders
Chris Rance Lingfield RC
Anna Ramage Mel's Milers
Judith Quinney Ashdown Forest Trail Runners
Catrin Probert Na
John Poustie Burgess Hill Runners
Andrea Potter Hove Hornets
Leslie Plaisted N/A
Federico Piscopo N/A
Colin Pickard N/A
Alan Pettitt Horsham Joggers
Dan Peters Hove Hornets
Dan Peters Hove Hornets
ben peters Burgess Hill Runners
Katie Perry Lingfield RC
Liz Perry J&M Running
Stuart Penney N/A
Lesley Penney N/A
Aneesha Patel Personiify Fitness
Gary Parr Burgess Hill Runners
Sarah Parr Burgess Hill Runners
Lindsay Painter Mel’s milers
Michael Paget Horley Harriers Running Club
Chris Page Burgess Hill Runners
Denise Page NA
Georgina Pacelli Hove Hornets
Ian Othen N/A
Darren Osborne Pound Hill Pounders
Lee Oliver MSB
Antony Oliver Mid Sussex Tri Club
David Nottidge Lingfield RC
Sarah Norman East Grinstead Runners
Stuart Noel N/A
Michele Nixon Crawley Saints & Sinners
Gilly Nickols Heathfield Road Runners
Andrew Newby Hove Hornets
Sarah Nelson J&M
Warwick Mullan Pound Hill Pounders
William Mulcahy Crawley Run Crew
Jessica Moran N/A
Kerry Moran Hove Hornets
Laura Moore Pound Hill Pounders
Natalia Moore N/A
Trevor Mitchell Ashdown Forest Trail Runners
Melanie Mitchell N\A
Graham Miles N/A
Mary Merlo Hassocks Community Runners
Mark Mellish Run Academy Worthing
Steph McNulty N/A
Paul McManus Lingfield RC
Liz McLennan Lingfield RC
Danny Mclaughlin Orpington Road Runners
Anna McLauchlan Horsham Joggers
Catherine Maynard N/A
Chris Matthews Heathfield Road Runners
Alison Mason Ashdown Forest Trail Runners
Daniel Martin Crawley Run Crew
Caroline Marshall N/a
Samantja Marshall Horsham Joggers
Andrew Marriner N/A
Jessica Marker N/A
David-James Marker N/A
Rebecca Mant J&M
Laura Major N/A
Vicky Maher N/A
Robert Maher N/A
Corin Lyon N/A
Stephen Luxton J+M Running
Lisa Love Mel's Milers
Louis Love Mel's Milers
Tess Longfield N/A
Nathan Longfield N/A
Fay Lelliott N/A
Estefania Lee Pound Hill Pounders
Amicia Lee Bingley Harriers & AC
Christopher Lee Horsham Joggers
Lizzie Layfield Hassocks Community Runners
Joe Lavery Crawley Run Crew
Olga Lavery Crawley Run Crew
Anne Lavery N/A
Kevin Langridge Crawley Run Crew
Susan Langridge Crawley Run Crew
Emily Krombas J and M Running
Lawrence Knight Crawley Saints & Sinners
Kate Kjellberg N/A
Katie King J&M
James Kilfiger Lingfield RC
Andrew Kerr Crawley Saints & Sinners
Andrew Jutton N/A
Rachel Joyce N/A
Sean Jordan Crawley Run Crew
Clairessa Johnson Mel's Milers
Rhea Johnson East Grinstead Runners
Luke Jessop N/A
Richard Jerome Burgess Hill Runners
Sally Jeffery N/A
MARK JAMES Crawley Run Crew
Nick Jackson-Smith Hove Hornets
Andrea Jackson N/A
Andrew Irvine N/A
Paul Huxley N/A
Steve Hurst Crawley's Undulating Nature Trails on Sunday
Dan Hunter N/A
Andrew Hunter N/A
Edward Humphreys Walrus Triathlon Club
Jenny Hughes Arena 80 AC
Joey Huggett East Grinstead Runners
Katie Howes Burgess Hill Runners
Mike Howard Hove Hornets
Jon Horsley-Page NA
Ron Hooker Crawley Run Crew
Zoe Hooker Crawley Run Crew
Jane Holyer N/A
Rowen Holt N/A
Michelle Hollins Lingfield RC
Jonathan Holland Horley Harriers Running Club
marc hitchcock n/a
Becky Hillman N/A
Lilly Hill East Grinstead Runners
Demelza Hill N/A
Caroline Hill Lancing Eagles
Alexa Higginbotham N/A
Tim Hicks Haywards Heath Harriers
Vickie Herd Pound Hill Pounders
Isabelle Henton Burgess Hill Runners
Linda Healy Crawley Run Crew
Simon Head Pound Hill Pounders
John Haynes Horley Harriers Running Club
Judy Hayler Lingfield RC
Clare Hastie J and M Running
Vanessa Harrold Heathfield RRC
Christina Harrison Horsham Joggers
Michael Harfield Burgess Hill Runners
Jo Harding N/A
Sarah Hamilton Haywards Heath Harriers
Bethany Hamilton N/A
Alice Hamer N/A
Karen Hall Hove Hornets
Tammy Hall N/A
Kate Grover N/A
Rebecca Groome Na
Liz Groome N/A
Charlotte Griffin J and M Running
Jade Griffin East Grinstead Runners
Lorraine Greenhill NA
Kenton Green Rogue Runners
Georgina Green NA
Ludo Green N/A
Alison Green N/A
Lottie Green N/A
Siobhan Gould N/A
Crinnan Gould Crawley's Undulating Nature Trails on Sundays
Bruce Girvan J&M
Claire Giles Burgess Hill Runners
Michael Gibbons Arena 80 AC
Christine Gibbons Arena 80 AC
Helen Gibb N/A
Nick Gay-Knott N/A
Kelly Garrett N/A
Jessica Gaffney Pound Hill Pounders
Lisa Gabbe J and M Running
Ali Fuller Pound Hill Pounders
Brian Frost Horsham Joggers
Jana Francis N/A
Tina Fowler N/a
Sally Foster Horsham Joggers
Sam Foster N/A
Mo Fitzpatrick Southdowns Orienteers
Tracy Fitzgerald Crawley Run Crew
Joseph Fitzgerald N/A
Martin Fines n/a
Mikala Filby N/A
Adam Fernandes Crawley Run Crew
Sarah Ferguson Lingfield RC
Vanessa Farmer Haywards Heath Harriers
Katherine Fairbairn J and M Running
Dawn Fahy Burgess Hill Runners
Caroline Everett Pound Hill Pounders
Rachel Evans N/A
Susie Evans Pound Hill Pounders
Kate Evans Run Academy Worthing
Katherine Enock Pound Hill Pounders
Jack Emmerson N/A
Tracey Edwards Mel’s Milers
Rachel Edwards N/A
Chris Edmunds Pound Hill Pounders
Kerrie Edmonds Not a member
Ryan Edmonds N/A
Jessica Eden Personify
Jay Eden Personify
Josephine Eaton-Brown Heathfield Road Runners
Stacey East N/A
Michelle Duplock Hove Hornets
Celia Doublet Horley Harriers Running Club
Richard Donovan N/A
Cathy Dickins Fordys Run Club
Lisa DeNoronha Pound Hill Pounders
Oliver Day Burgess Hill Runners
Ruth Day Burgess Hill Runners
Paul Day Crawley Run Crew
Alys Dawson N/A
Nancy Dawrant N/A
Helen Davey Lingfield RC
Alberto DaRe Crawley Run Crew
Daniel Danciu Horley Harriers Running Club
Stella Daff Saints and Sinners
Sarah Curran N/A
Nicolette Cunningham Horley Harriers Running Club
Fiona Cullum Run Academy Worthing
Kevin Cross Burgess Hill Runners
Wendy Cox Mel’s Milers
Barry Cowdray Pound Hill Pounders
Rachel Cordery Crawley Saints and Sinners
Erika Cordero Ashdown Forest Trail Runners
Carolyn Coombes N/A
Nigel Conte Pound Hill Pounders
Lizzie Coleshill J&M
Stuart Cole N/A
Clare Cole N/A
Jenny Cobby N/A
Dawn Cobbett Run Academy Worthing
Peter Clarke N/A
Isobel Clarke Mel’s Milers
Evie Clarke N/A
Mike Clark Mel’s Milers
Maggie Clark N/A
Rachel Clark NA
Sue Christopher Pound Hill Pounders
Fiona Champness Lingfield RC
Keith Chambers Lingfield RC
Theresa Chalk Burgess Hill Runners
Dan Celani Lingfield RC
Sophie Cavill East Grinstead Runners
Encarni Cascales N/A
Hannah Cartledge Lingfield RC
Judith Cartledge Lingfield RC
Tom Cartledge Lingfield RC
Simon Carter Henfield Joggers
Heather Carmichael N/a
Lucy Carey Personify Fitness
Moray Carey Reigate Priory AC
Tim Canham Horsham Joggers
sheryl Caldecourt Burgess Hill Runners
Alexandra Byrne Lonely Goat RC
Sean Butterfield Crawley Run Crew
Stuart Buss N/A
Emily Burt Crawley Run Crew
Martin Burnell CRC
Valerie Burley Burgess Hill Runners
Chris Buckland N/A
Jo Bryant n/a
Clare Browning Mel's Milers
Emma Briggs Eastbourne Rovers AC
Jayne Brewer Haywards Heath Harriers
Caroline Bransden Horsham Joggers
Mike Bransden Mel's Milers
Anne Brandenburg Hailsham Harriers
Sophie Bramley N/a
Catherine Bradley Hove Hornets
Caroline Bradby Earlswood Running Club
Roberta Bracey Personify fitness
Jon Boxall Burgess Hill Runners
Gareth Bowers Reigate Priory AC
Thomas Bond N/A
Graham Bleach Pound Hill Pounders
Jennifer Bleach Pound Hill Pounders
Carl Bicknell Haywards Heath Harriers
Colin Bell N/A
Asia Bejer N/A
Sarah Begley East Grinstead Runners
David Beed N/A
Victoria Beattie Mel’s Milers
Rosie Beale Eastbourne Rovers AC
Darren Bateman N/A
matt batchelor Mel's Milers
Kate Batchelor Mel's Milers
Jeremy Basting N/A
Kate Barnes Horley Harriers Running Club
Jacqueline Barnes Haywards Heath Harriers
James Barnes N/A
Peter Barnes Hove Hornets
Jon Barnes Brighton Phoenix AC
Sarah Bargman Mel's Milers
David Ballmann N/A
Jamie Baldwin N/A
Gabrielle Baldwin N/A
Alexis Baillie Mel's Milers
Kat Bailey Pound Hill Pounders
Jane Attew St Francis
Melanie Aslin N/a
Sally Arnold Horsham Joggers
Jon Arnold N/A
Paul Arnold Horsham Joggers
Zared Arasaretnam-Hale Brighton & Hove City AC
Yasmine Allfrey Burgess Hill Runners
Natasha Allan N/A
Sally Alexander Lingfield RC
Mark Aldred Lingfield RC
Adrian Alcock N/A
Harvey Alcock Haywards Heath Harriers
Simona Akery East Grinstead Runners
Tom Aitken Na
George Adams Haywards Heath Harriers
Molly Adams N/A
Steve Ackroyd Lingfield RC

Terms & Conditions

All runners that take part in the Wakehurst Willow do so at their own risk.

Refund Policy

No refunds will be offered for this event. However, places can be transferred, using the confirmation e-mail received, until 23:59 on 21st July 2024. If places are transferred please ensure that the Race Pack is also provided to the new runner.


Event Date: 24th July 2024 19:15
Date Entries Close: 21st July 2024 23:59
Entry Limit: 400
Total Entered: 400
Total Remaining: 0


Location & Directions

Wakehurst, Selsfield Rd, Ardingly, West Sussex, RH17 6TN

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