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Woodland Woggle 10k 2024

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The event organiser has given you the ability to edit your details and transfer your entry should you no longer be able to take part. Please ensure that you do this before the closing date as you will no longer be able to use this facility after this date.

Editing Details & Transferring Entries Close: 10th May 2024 08:27:41

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This one lap trail race covers both the beautiful Hampton Estate and Puttenham Common. The route has some undulating hills, great views, and goes through stunning Bluebell woods and open common land. 

"Has to be one of the prettiest 10ks in England"

"Highly recommended compact trail. beautiful and varied scenery, certainly challenging enough."

"This was a great run, magnificent scenery"

"If you have never tried "trail running" Try this a you will be hooked."

"Beautiful setting, couple of challenging hills, just loved running through the woodland and bluebell woods"

"Truly rustic scenery and real off road running with some challenges"

The 2nd Farnham (Hale) scouts will provide bacon sandwiches, tea, coffee, and cakes to puchase at the FINISH.  

Runners must be 16 or over

Chip Timing 

Well marked trail with amazing views

Pick up number on the day.

All runners will be timed, and provisional results will be published the day after the race.

Bespoke 2024 Medals for all finishers. 

£2 Discount for ARC or UKA Club Runners 

Trophy Prize for 1st places - Male and Female.

Lots of free parking, very close to the start/finish so you can leave your baggage in the car. Toilets.

Entry Options

Woodland Woggle 10k - ARC or UKA - affiliated to a Club £18.00
Woodland Woggle 10k - Unaffiliated £20.00


Neil Young N/A
Louise Young N/A
Kirstie Young N/A
Zoe Youkee NA
Karyn Wright N/A
Helen Woolley N/A
Claire Woods N/A
Francesca Woods N/A
Rebecca Wolstenholme N/A
Andy Wise Haslemere Border AC
Anna Wilson N/a
Clare Wills N/A
Paul Williams n/a
Jonathan Williams n/a
Helen Williams NA
Geraldine Williams N/A
Julie Williams Farnham Town Running club
Chris Williams Farnham Town running club
Chris Williams N/A
Shama Wilkinson N/A
Jackie Wilkinson Farnham Runners
Sarah Wilcockson Farnham Runners
Carolyn Wickham Farnham Runners
Jenny Whittington BVR
Tony White N/A
Fiona White N/A
Paul White N/a
Natasha White N/A
Stuart White N/A
David White Farnham Town Running Club
Dan Whitaker Blackwater Valley Runners
Jason Whelton N/A
Charles WHEELER Dorking & Mole Valley AC
Russell Wheatley N/A
Val Westcott N/A
Steve Westcott N/A
Sally Wells N/A
Sam Weller N/A
Chris Weeks N/A
Chris Webb CSSC
Denise Weaver N/A
David Weaver N/A
Elizabeth Watson N/A
Jayne Ward N/A
Christopher Ward N/A
Angelina Ward Mole Valley Athletic Club
Katherine Walker N/A
Katie Walker Runny Honeys
Sam Walker Haslemere Border AC
Dudley Walker Haslemere Border AC
Shireen Walker Wellesley Runners
Daniel Wakely N/A
Nicola Waite N/A
Sarah Wade Sheet Striders
Surabhi Wade Blackwater Valley Runners
Neil Vosper Crystal Palace Fun Runners
Kevin Voller Blackwater Valley Runners
Lewis Voller N/A
Joanna Viner Blackwater Valley Runners
Suzy Vickers Fitstuff
Catherine Turtle N/A
Patricia Turner N/A
abi Truelove waverley harriers
Melanie Tranmer N/A
Katie Thurgar N/A
Clare Thornton Blackwater Valley Runners
Simon Thompson Fleet & Crookham AC
Jo Thompson N/a
Imogen Thompson Fleet & Crookham AC
Angela Thomas SJRC
Bethan Thomas Wellesley Runners
Charlotte Temple Na
Ailsa Temple N/A
Peter Telford Lonely Goat RC
Anna Telford Fahey Fitness
Diana Taylor N/A
Scott Taylor Fitstuff
Nathan Taylor N/A
Eleanor Taguba Blackwater Valley Runners
Lindsay Swain Any1CanRun
Rachel Sturdy Farnham Town Running Club
Sophie Stevenson Hazelmere and borders
Julie Stephenson Any1CanRun
Martina Stender N/A
John Staves N/A
Victoria Stamp N/A
John stainforth Blackwater Valley Runners
Dave Stagg Molevalley runners
Maria Southey N/a
Doug Southcott N/A
Paulo Soska N/A
Andrew Smith N/A
Julia Smith Blackwater Valley Runners
Bradley Smith Sheet Striders
Matt Smith N/A
Victoria Small N/A
John Slater N/A
Alicja Skrakowski N/A
Simon Skinner N/A
Gill Singh N/a
Gosia Shukla N/A
Nicola Shreeve Reigaye Runners
Gary Sheehan N/A
Stacey Shaw Elstead Village Runners
Zahir Shah Blackwater Valley Runners
Robert Searle Mole Valley Runners
Claire Seaman N/A
Jac Scarr Blackwater valley runners
Rachel Scarborough N/A
Sarah Scales N/A
Kelly-Marie Savage N/A
Victoria Saunders N/A
Nick Sands N/A
Jackie Russell Earlswood Running Club
Steve Rule N/a
Thiago Ruiz N/A
Laura Ruffalls N/A
Nikki Ross N/A
Frances Rose Sheet Striders
Christine Robinson Guildford & Godalming AC
Andrea Robinson N/A
Emma Roberts Farnham Town Running Club
David Roberts Windle Valley Runners
Matt Richmond Blackwater Valley Runners
Alison Richardson Blackwater Valley Runners
Katherine Richardson N/A
Lorna Richard Sheet Striders
Amanda Rencontre The Stragglers AC
Katy Reid Dorking & Mole Valley AC
Sarah Reid Dorking & Mole Valley AC
Sandra Reeves N/A
michael reeve N/A
Greg Reed Haslemere Border AC
Becky Rathmell N/A
John Ramage N/A
Sam Ramage N/A
Andy Ralph Farnham Town Running Club
Libby Ralph Farnham Town Running Club
Gautham Radhakrishnan N/A
Tamsin Pulfrey N/a
Cheryl Probin N/A
Annie Pritchard N/A
David Pritchard N/A
David Preskett N/A
Lesley Pratap Wellesley Runners
Chloe Power N/A
Charlie Powell N/A
Nick Poulter N/A
Sam Poulter N/A
Anne Poulter N/A
Hannah Poulter N/A
Sharon Potter N/A
Philip Potter Farnham town running club
Kit Potter Farnham Town Running Club
Tim Porter Windle Valley Runners
Joanne Porter Windle Valley Runners
Rachel Plowman N/A
Adrian Plaw N/A
Robert Pitt Waverley Harriers
Nathan Persaud Blackwater Valley Runners
Alex Perry N/A
Catherine Perring N/A
Alan Perrett Blackwater Valley Runners
Shirley Perrett Farnham Runners
Lydia Perkins Blackwater Valley Runners
Ewan Perkins N/A
Sara Pennant N/A
Edward peerless N/a
Tamara Pedgrift N/A
James Pearce Tropicana
Fiona Payne N/A
Deborah Paxford Farnham Runners
Cathryn Paton n/a
Tom Partridge N/A
Sharon Parsons N/A
Jan Parker Runny Honeys
Dominic Parker Blackwater Valley Runners
Pam Parker N/A
Amy Palmer Farnham Town Running Club
Joanne Pagan N/A
Jennifer Osler Blackwater Valley Runners
Amy Orr N/A
Sean OReilly Sheet Striders
Matthew Oliver Blackwater Valley Runners
Matthew Oakley N/A
Michael O’Connor N/A
Ben O’Connor N/A
Joanna O’Connor N/A
Charlotte O'Connor N/A
Frank O'Connell N/A
Caroline Nicholls N/a
Angela Nelstrop Freedom Runners Woking
Gideon Nelstrop Freedom Runners Woking
Marcus Neal Sheet Striders
Isabel Murray Runny Honeys
Stephen Murray Blackwater Valley Runners
Alison Mungall Farnham Runners
Katrina Mottley N/A
Sam Morgan N/A
Emma Moore Haslemere Border AC
Lee Moorcroft NA
Louise Mitchell N/a
Lisa Mitchell Dorking & Mole Valley AC
Anna Mitchell N/A
nayan mistry N/A
Ben Mills Cove Joggers
Kyla Miller Farnham Town Running Club
Nella Mereu Blackwater Valley Runners
Christopher Mcwilliam Blackwater Valley Runners
James McMillan N/a
Geraldine McLeod N/A
Nicky Mckenzie Blackwater Valley Runners
Gemma Mchenry N/A
Brian Mcguire N/A
Claire McEvoy N/A
Tikothy McCoy-Page N/a
Sarah Massey Mole Valley Runners
Heather Martingell Ranelagh Harriers
Paul Martingell Ranelagh Harriers
Brian Martin Lonely Goat RC
Sally Marshall Freedom Runners Woking
Merry Marshall Windle Valley Runners
Peter Marshall Guildford & Godalming AC
Vicki Marriner N/A
Fraser Marion N/A
Cath Marcus Guildford & Godalming AC
Imogen Manhire Farnham Town Running Club
Patricia Ludlow Any1canrun
Claire Lovell N/A
Peter Lovejoy Na
Tina Longman Farnham Runners
Cindi Lockett N/A
Cindi Lockett N/A
Annika Llewellyn-Smith Haslemere Border AC
andy LITTLE Lonely Goat RC
Helen Lindley N/A
Fred Lennon N/A
Lynne Leedham Blackwater Valley Runners
Shelley Lawson Windle Valley Runners
Clare Lawes N/A
Steve Law Blackwater Valley Runners
Emma Lass n/a
Rosalind Lankester N/A
Charlotte Lane N/A
Kate Lamb N/A
Cole Lakin Stonehenge Striders
Tina Laing Haslemere Border AC
Joanna Kurowska NA
Sam Knivett Dorking Mole Valley A c
Mark Knights N/A
Emma Kitchen N/A
Mandy King Dorking & Mole Valley AC
Sarah Kinch N/A
Farida Khan-Evans Mole Valley Runners
Ahsan Khan N/A
Alistair Kerr N/A
Sally Kerr Farnham Runners
Freya Kerr Farnham Runners
Deborah Kerr Finchampstead swimming nutters
Howard Kay N/A
Justyna Kasperek N/a
Sharmila Kar Earlswood Running Club
Matt Johnson N/A
Laura Johnson Any1Can Run
Daniel Johnson NRG
Jack Jeffrey Farnham Town Running Club
Tanya Jeffrey Farnham Town Running Club
George Jealouse Finchampstead swimming Nutters
Stuart Jackson N/A
Christopher Jackson Farnham Runners
Tom Isaac N/A
Harry Isaac N/A
Robert Isaac N/A
Jo Hutchins-Joss Blackwater Valley Runners
Chris Hutchins-Joss BVR
sandra humphrey Sheet Striders
Rob Hudson Blackwater Valley Runners
Hilary Hudson N/A
Emily Howell BVR
Charlotte Hoskins Sarah’s Striders/Normandy Running Group
Chantal Hoskam N/A
Gareth Hopkins N/A
Tracy Holmes Farnham Runners
Claire Holland N/A
Chris Holland N/A
Martin Hodgson N/A
Jalminder Hoare N/A
Alice Hinkley Normandy Running Club
James Hill N/A
Clive Hill N/A
Mark Hewitt N/A
Debby Hewison Fleet & Crookham AC
Wendy Hewett N/A
Bev Henry Berkshire Hash House Harriers
William Hempenstall Hart Road Runners
Eleanor Hempenstall N/A
Ian Hayward Aldershot Farnham & District AC
Tracy Hayward Blackwater Valley Runners
Fiona Hayes N/A
Fiona Hatton Any1 can run
Jake Hatherly Wellesley Runners
Alan Hartley Blackwater Valley Runners
Sarah-Jayne Hartley Blackwater Valley Runners
Matt Hart N/A
Morgan Harris Blackwater Valley Runners
Sarah Harris Farnham Town Running Club
Lynne Harris N/A
Niamh Harmsworth N/A
Owen Hardy Farnham Town Running Club
deborah hardman Farnham Town Running Club
Alasdair Hanson N/A
Annemarie Hamilton N/A
Mark Hamilton N/A
David Hamed Blackwater Valley Runners
kat hadley N/A
Hari Gurung N/A
Frances Gummer N/A
Natalie Groome Farnham Runners
Anne-Marie Greenway N/A
Dawn Greenall N/A
Laura Gray Blackwater Valley Runners
Nicki Graham N/A
Helen Gowlett Haslemere Border AC
Hayley Gower Blackwater Valley Runners
Belinda Goodman Farnham Runners
Anita Gipson Blackwater Valley Runners
Jack Gilmour N/A
Andrew Gilmore N/A
Catherine Gilmore N/A
Mike Gibbs N/A
Julie Gibbs Cove Joggers
Nicholas Gibbs Cove Joggers
Natasha Ghoojamanian N/A
Piers George Sheet Striders
Aaron Geddes N/A
Nicky Gardner Windle Valley Runners
Liz Galloway N/A
Emma Gallo-Snushall N/A
Clare Gallagher N/A
Catherine Frost St Johns Running Club
Kerri Fricker N/A
Sophie Fresle N/a
Sharon French N/A
Sandy Frean St Johns Running Club
Sarah Franklin Farnham Runners
Duncan Fortune Blackwater Valley Runners
Mary Flanagan Fitstuff
Andrew Flanagan Guildford & Godalming AC
James Fergie-Woods N/A
Helen Fergie-Woods N/A
Flora Fergie-Woods N/A
Laura Farquhar N/A
Lizzie Falkowska N/A
Claire Fairbrother Na
Dawn Failes Cove joggers
Suzanne England N/A
Phill Elston N/a
Darrell Edwards Army Triathlon
Abi Eaton N/A
Wendy Eales Dorking & Mole Valley AC
Heather Dyson Mole Valley Runner
Robert Drummond Farnham Runners
Susan Doherty Farnham Town Running Club
Carla Dixon N/A
Abby Diot Sarah’s Striders
geoff dickens N/A
Joanna Dewhirst N/A
Rachael Dennes N/A
Catherine Davis Farnham Town Running Club
Merilyn Davis The Stragglers RRC
Holly Davidson N/A
Oliver Daniels N/a
Suzi Daley Crystal Palace Fun Runners
lucy cuss Windle Valley Runners
Sue Cullum N/A
Laura Cullum Horsham Run Fit
Mark Crook N/A
Ian Croll Blackwater Valley Runners
Paul Croad Haslemere Border AC
Helen Crainey Haslemere Border AC
Jonathan Craig Farnham Town Running Club
Hannah Cottrell Cove Joggers
Vanessa Cosby N/A
Robert Cornwell Fleet & Crookham AC
Lucy Copley N/A
Alison Cookson N/A
Sarah Cook Farnham Town Running Club
Sally Conran N/A
Sean Connor N/A
Kerrie Cole N/A
Andrea Cleaver N/A
Victoria Clarkson Windle Valley Runners
Kathy Clark N/A
Alisdair Clark N/A
David Clark N/A
Linda Christie N/a
Rowland Cheall N/A
Hannah Chapman N/A
George Chapman N/A
John Casey N/A
Chris Cary Farnham Town Running Club
Paula Carter Dorking & Mole Valley AC
Lynsey Carrazedo 07539763001
Melissa Carr Farnham Town Running Club
Hannah Carmichael-Jack Na
Elaine Campbell Blackwater Valley Runners
Mia Calik Freedom Runners Woking
Robert Buttery N/A
Alan Bush N/A
Kate Burrett Mole Valley Runners
Vicky Burr UK Runchat
James Burmingham N/A
Haydn Burke N/A
Gill Burford N/A
Nick Burford Clanfield Joggers
Laura Buleandra N/A
Emmeline Buchanan N/A
Julie Bryant Waverley Harriers
Alex Bruce N/A
Nicola Browning N/A
Jacquie Browne Farnham Runners
Neil Brown Lonely Goat RC
Catherine Brown Trail Running Association
Rachel Brown N/A
Adrianne Brown N/a
Kris Brown Farnham Town Running Club
Gary Brooks N/A
Becky Brock N/A
Bob Brimicombe Farnham Runners
Elaine Bradshaw Fleetandcrookhamacmembership@gmail.com
Trevor Bowden N/a
Yvonne Bland N/A
Emma Blackmore N/A
Ruthie Blackmore N/A
Morgan Blackmore Fahey Fitness
Emma Birkett N/A
Aaron Bird N/A
Anna Beresford Windle Valley Runners
Simon Bentley N/A
Lisa Bennett Fitstuff
Philip Belcher N/A
Vickie Bedwell Nrg
Leone Beattie-Meijer Haslemere Border AC
Alexandra Bayliss N/A
Marcus Bawtree Blackwater Valley Runners
Nancy Bassant N/A
Carly Barrow N/a
Rachel Barraclough N/A
Lauren Barraclough Windle Valley Runners
Sarah Barnett Haslemere Border AC
Hannah Barnard Finch Coasters
Michael Barnard Finch Coasters
Rachel Banfield N/A
Chris Ball Dorking & Mole Valley AC
Amy Arthur Haslemere Border AC
Amos Ankrah N/A
Bernie Andrews N/a
Harriet Andrews N/A
Neale Andrews N/A
Denise Andrews Any1CanRun
Neil Ambrose Farnham Runners
Daniel Allen Wellesley Runners
Joanna Allen BVR
Jane Allen Farnham Runners
Julie Allan N/a
Carol Aliyar N/A
Gail Alcorn Any1CanRun
Josh Adolph N/a
Clare Adley N/A
Barry Adley N/A

Terms & Conditions

We do not offer a refund - but allow you to transfer you entry to another Runner (as long as they are 16 or over).

Deferrals are allowed under some circumstances, but must be agreed by the organiser. 

COVID - in the event that restrictions are placed on the event we will follow any guidelines to allow the race to go ahead.    

We will send you further information by email or follow the Facebook page. 


We close in:
Event Date: 12th May 2024 10:00
Date Entries Close: 8th May 2024 00:00
Entry Limit: 500
Total Entered: 480
Total Remaining: 20


Location & Directions

Myrtles Courtyard, Hampton Estate, Seale, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 1JH

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