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£20.00 - Woodland Woggle 10k - Unaffiliated
£18.00 - Woodland Woggle 10k - ARC or UKA - affiliated to a Club

Personal Information

(Age on the day of the event. (12th May 2024 ) Please note that the minimum age permitted for this event is 16)
(Please enter N/A if you are not a member of a club)

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Terms and Conditions

We do not offer a refund - but allow you to transfer you entry to another Runner (as long as they are 16 or over).

Deferrals are allowed under some circumstances, but must be agreed by the organiser. 

COVID - in the event that restrictions are placed on the event we will follow any guidelines to allow the race to go ahead.    

We will send you further information by email or follow the Facebook page. 

I agree with the terms and conditions as described above.

Important Entry Information

To manage this Entry effectively we will need to send you important information by email. We will be providing information that we really need you to see. We will only send you information regarding the Entry itself and will not use your email address for any other purpose.