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Yorkshire Coast 10K 2024
WE ARE NOW CLOSED | We have reached our limit or the closing date has been reached

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The event organiser has given you the ability to edit your details and transfer your entry should you no longer be able to take part. Please ensure that you do this before the closing date as you will no longer be able to use this facility after this date.

Editing Details & Transferring Entries Close: 30th September 2024 23:59:59

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We're pleased to announce the McCain Yorkshire Coast 10K & Fun Run 2024 is on!

This race will take place around the South and North bays of Scarborough starting at the iconic SPA building and will route through the Open-Air Theatre to the Sea Life Center.

When organising we have adopted the following policy:

  • SHOP LOCAL - Yorkshire or UK sourced where possible
  • ZERO TOUCH - protecting yourself and our volunteers
  • ENVIROMENTALLY FRIENDLY - support the environment as much as we can

We are encouraging entrants to be mindful of the environment.  We estimate the race causes over 200,000 miles to be driven by those attending.  To offset this we plant trees in the UK.  Your 10K entry includes a tree being planted in your name.  So far the event has planted just short of 10,000 trees.

The T-Shirts are manufactured in Spain and we look to offset the carbon cost of their delivery.  Organising t-shirts for races is a major manpower cost.  This year we have asked a local company to supply a shop for our merchandise.  They will have the usual t-shirts and hoodies for sale.

We are continuing with race medals being made from Welsh slate by a UK company.

Water is provided courtesy of Proudfoots Group and is made from recycled plastic and the bottles can be recycled.

Scarborough Borough Council is providing recycling bins at the SPA to ensure that the water bottles are recycled correctly.

We won’t be sending any paper-based instructions, see the Yorkshirecoast10K web site for these details.

We encourage clubs, family and friends to share transport as much as possible.

UKA Licence: TBA

Entry Options

10K £19.00


Kerry Zuccolo N/A
Keely Zoeller N/A
Jack Zochling N/A
Natalia Zietara N/A
Neil Youngson New Marske Harriers AC
Matthew Young N/A
Kerry Young N/A
Karen Youel Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Kate Youdale N/A
Iain Yates York Knavesmire Harriers
Shaun Yates Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Lydia Wyatt n/a
Simon Wright N/A
Daniel Wright N/A
Carol Wright N/A
Tammy Wright N/A
Linda Wright Keighley & Craven AC
Tim Wright N/A
Jamie Wray N/A
Laura Wray N/A
Jane Wragg N/A
Lauren Wragg N/A
Louise Wortley Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Diane Wordsworth N/A
Nicky Wordsworth N/A
Heather Woolley N/A
Alexa Woolhouse N/A
Roxanne Woolcott N/A
Nicole Woodward N/A
James Woodward N/A
Charles Woodruff N/A
Daniel Woodley N/A
Tom Woodhouse Bridlington Road Runners
Megan Woodhead N/a
Claire Woodcock N/A
Fran Woodcock B/A
Peter Wood N/A
Jonathan Wood N/A
Laurence Wood Scarborough Athletic Club
Lisa Wood N/A
Rebecca Wood N/A
Paul Wood N/A
Hannah Wood N/A
Richard Wood N/A
Stephen Wong Ackworth Road Runners & AC
George Wolverson N/A
Liam Wolverson N/A
Stuart Witty N/A
Sarah Withington Kimberworth Striders RC
Lizzy Wise Pickering RC
Nicola Wise Pickering RC
Dean Wise Pickering RC
ANTONY WINTER Kimberworth Striders RC
Jenny Wing Pocklington Runners
David Winfield-Bennett Run Scarborough
Jake Wilson Na
Greg Wilson NA
Julie Wilson Fitmums And Friends
Paul Wilson N/A
Steve Wilson Bridlington Road Runners
Rebecca Wilson NA
Nicola Wilson Fitmums And Friends
Dave Wilson N/A
Deborah Wilson Barnsley Harriers
Daniel Wilson N/a
Karl Wilson Morley Running Club
Sarah Wilson Morley Running Club
Paul Wilson Brighouse bees
Sam Wilmot N/A
Claire Willingham N/A
Catriona Williamson Beverley Athletic Club
Ian Williams N/A
Jill Williams Castleford running cub
Simon Williams Brighouse Bees RC
Susan Williams Brighouse Bees RC
Mark Williams Team Thomson
Sharon Williams N/A
Tom Willcox N/A
David Willcocks N/A
Oliver Willbond N/A
Tim Wilkinson N/a
Paula Wilkinson Knaresborough Striders
Sophie Wilkinson N/A
Lucy Wilkinson Washlands Women Runners
Helen Wilkinson N/A
Patrick Wilkinson N/A
Emily Wilkes N/A
Chris Wiles East Hull Harriers & AC
Tracy Wiles N/A
Julie Wiles Scarborough Athletic Club
Jeannie Wilde Redcar RC
Michelle Wild N/a
Julie Wild N/A
Cameron Wild ABC arrows
Lisa Wiggin Smalley road runners
Jonathan Whitworth N/A
Vanessa Whitwick Redcar RC
John Whittington Brighouse Bees Running Club
Richard Whitlam N/a
Julie Whitlam Goole Viking Striders
Steven Whitlam Goole Viking Striders
Phil Whiting N/A
Antoinette Whitfield Bromley Vets AC
Allison Whiteley N/A
Craig Whiteley Rothwell Harriers
Andy Whiteley Richmond & Zetland Harriers
Steven Whiteley Savvy Park Runnerz
Kerry Whitehead Bridlington Road Runners
Jane Whitehead N/A
Paul Whitehead White City Hull RRC
Joseph Whitehead N/a
Marie White Cannons
Steven White Notfast RC
Lisa White Notfast RC
Elizabeth White N/A
Jayne Wheway Notfast RC
Robbie Whellans Knaresborough Striders
Andrew Wharton N/a
Jason Westmoreland Rothwell Harriers
Debbie Westmoreland N/a
Louis Westmoreland N/A
Kelvin Westerman N/A
Melinda West Billingham Running Club
Gary Wesre N/A
Charlotte Wesley Lichfield Running Club
Ruth Wentworth N/A
Myra Wells Todmorden Harriers
Chris Wells N/A
Rachel Wells N/A
Andrew Wells N/A
Molly Wells N/A
Emma Wells East Hull Harriers & AC
Sarah Welch N/A
Carole Welburn N/A
Nathan Welburn N/A
Lindsey Welburn N/A
Becky Weeks N/a
Dan Webster N/A
Luke Webster N/A
Dominique Webster Bridlington Road Runners
Karen Webster Cannon Events RC
Catherine Webster N/A
Sally Webber Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Lisa Webb Kingston upon Hull AC
Martin Weaver-Parker Savvy Park Runrz
Steven Weaver-Parker Savvy Park Runrz
Karen WEALLEANS Driffield Striders
Will Watts N/A
Daniel Watson SAC
Kathryn Watson Penistone Footpath Runners & AC
Rob watson N/A
Caroline Watson N/a
Rachel Watson Savvy Park Runrz
Dean Watson Savvy Park Runrz
Nev Watson Scarborough AC
Gary Watkins N/A
Scott Waterhouse N/A
Jennie Waterhouse N/A
Amanda Wassell Kimberworth Striders RC
Catherine Warren Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Liane Warren Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Dale Warley N/A
Stephen Waring N/A
Sophie Waring Team Manvers
Charlotte Waring N/A
Francesca Warhurst N//A
Emily Wardman N/A
Sara Ward Lonely Goat RC
Michelle Ward Team manvers
Samantha Walton Valley Hill Runners
Kathrine Walton N/A
Agne Walton N/A
Lynn Walton Valley Hill Runners
Brad Walton N/A
David Walters Rotherham Harriers & AC
James Walters Kingstone Runners
Andrew Walser N/A
Nick Walser N/A
Zoe Walls Stockton striders
Robert Waller N/A
Hannah Wallace N/A
david wallace Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Lauren Walker N/A
Phil Walker N/A
Trevor Walker Driffield Striders
Anthony Walker Lonely Goat RC
Kirsty Walker Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Patrick Walker City of Hull AC
Peter Walker Methley Striders
Amanda Walker Methley Striders
Katy Walker Savvy Park Runrz
Gavin Walker Barnsley AC
Adam Walker N/A
Gary Walford Beverley Athletic Club
Ben Wales City of Hull AC
Dawn Wales N/A
Clare Wakeman Caistor Running Club
gary waite Dragons RC
Emma Waite Brighouse Bees
Chris Waite Scarborough Athletic Club
James Wadsworth Savvy park runrz
Penny Vity Easingwold Running Club
Alison Virgo Lonely Goat RC
Janine Vipond Dragons RC Leeds
Andris Vilums Na
Paul Vevers N/A
Heather Veitch N/A
Sophie Vaughan Scarborough Athletic Club
Jarryd Vasey N/A
Abbi Vasey ULRC
Lucy Vamplew Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Samantha Upton N/A
Ken Upshall White City Hull RRC
Collette Unsworth N/A
Ekaitz Unanue N/A
Helen Tyreman New Marske Harriers AC
Shaun Tymon Scarborough Athletic Club
Sarah Turton Valley Hill Runners
Jonathan Turney N/A
Sarah Turner Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Sue Turner N/A
Christopher Turner N/A
Mandy Turner Brighouse bees
Michael Turner N/A
Jonathan Turner Roundhay Runners
Matt Turner N/A
Angela Turnbull NYMAC
Louise Turley Savvy runners
Nick Tudor N/A
freya tudor n/a
Megan Tudor N/A
Gareth Tucker N/A
Emil Trybula N/A
Liz Truscott Morley Running Club
Elizabeth Trubshaw N/A
Christie-Leigh Trower Bridlington Road Runners
Garry Trillo Whitby & Loftus AC
Demelza Triffitt ULRC
Joe Travis Rothwell Harriers
Chelsea Travers Rothwell Harriers
Sarah Trafford Whitby Running Club
Neil Towse N/A
Erin Townsend Rothwell Harriers
Paul Toothill Brighouse Bees Running Club
Lindsey Tonks Methley Striders
David Tomlinson Scarborough Athletic Club
Jackie Tomlinson Cannon Running Club
George Tolley N/A
Emily Tolley N/A
Chloe Todd N/A
Kayleigh Toal N/A
Paul Toal N/A
Jasmine Toal N/A
Joanna Tinker N/A
Amy Tindall N/A
Anna Tindall N/A
Jason Timms N/A
Gillian Timms Killamarsh
Eileen Till n/a
Andrea Tidy Lonely Goat RC
Paul Tidy N/A
Denise Thurlow South Leeds Lakers
Gary Thurlow South Leeds Lakers
Scott Thornton N/a
Paul Thornton N/A
Laura Thornton Rothwell Harriers & AC
Stephen Thornton N/A
Anneli Thornton N/A
Andrea Thornton Lonely Goat RC
David Thornton Lonely Goat RC
Nicole Thordarson N/A
Helen Thomson N/A
Grace Thomson N/A
Nicola Thomson Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Richard Thomson N/A
Christine Thomson N/A
Rebecca Thompson N/A
Michael Thompson Scarborough Athletic Club
Nikki Thompson N/A
Paul Thompson N/A
Scott Thompson N/A
Alastair Thompson N/a
Andrew Thompson N/A
Paul Thompson Scarborough Athletic Club
Amy Thompson Fitmums And Friends
Mark Thomas Scarborough Athletic Club
Sarah Thomas N/A
Michael Thomas N/A
Natalie Thomas Sowerby Bridge Snails
Nicole Theaker N/A
Adam Theaker Loftus and Whitby AC
Andrew Thackray N/A
Angela Temple N/A
Laura Temple N/A
Philip Teece Billingham running club
Abi Tearle N/A
Lucy Taylor Dronfield Running Club
Caley Taylor n/a
Jonathon Taylor N/A
Phill Taylor Bridlington Road Runners
Samantha Taylor N/A
Airlie Taylor N/A
Stephen Taylor N/A
Nigel Taylor Pontefract AC
Amy Taylor N/A
Les Taylor White City Hull RRC
Gillian Taylor Bridlington Road Runners
Christine Taylor Savvy Park Runrz
Claire Taylor N/A
Josh Taylor Bridlington Road Runners
Beverley Taylor N/A
Stephen Tawse Swift Tees
Lauren Tavendale N/A
Stuart Tattersfield Roberttown Road Runners
Alan Tattersall Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Pamela Tarbet City of Hull AC
Charlotte Tait N/A
Richard Sykes N/A
Emma Swinhoe Brighouse Bees
Matthew Swift n/a
Liam Swift Kimberworth Striders RC
Sarah Sweet N/a
Julie Swanepoel Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Jurie Swanepoel Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Alison Swallow N/A
Ian Swallow N/A
Michelle Swain Brighouse Bees
Scott Sutherill N/A
Justine Sutcliffe Bridgend AC
Molly Sutcliffe N/A
John Surtees Aycliffe Running Club
Tracey Surtees Aycliffe Running Club
Neil Sumner Flyde Coast Runners
David Sullivan N/A
David Sturtivant N/A
Louise Stronach Lonely Goat RC
David Streets N/A
Joanne Street N/a
Steph Street Steel City Striders RC
Viv Strachan Dragons RC
Natalie Stone Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Catherine Stone Barnsley Harriers
Susan Stocks Comets
Paul Stockdale Northowram Puma's
Mark Stobart Boro Runners
Luke Stewart N/A
Diane Stewart Redhill Road Runners
Lee Stewart N/A
gary stevenson N/A
Emma Stevenson Hornsea Harriers
Harry Stevens N/A
Jeanette Stevens N:a
Adam Stephenson N/A
Julia Stephenson N/A
James Stephenson N/A
Laura Stephenson Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Helen Stephenson Selby Striders
Tracey Stephens N/A
Yvonne Stearn Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Martyn Stearn Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Nicola Startup N/A
Jade Starks Methley Striders
Alice Stark Driffield Striders
Ruth Stansfield N/A
Rhys Standfield N/A
Martin Stack Driffield
Michael Spooner N/A
Karen Spinks N/A
Paul Spencer N/A
Brett Spencer N/A
Ian Spencer N/A
Mark Spence Savvy Park Runrz
Ian Spence Scarborough Athletic Club
Lucy Speight N/A
Pam Speed N/A
Jackie Speakman N/A
Emma Speake N/A
Craig Spaven N/A
Andy Southwick Scarborough Athletic Club
Helen Southwell N/A
Andrew Southgate N/A
Michelle Soobayah Horsforth Harriers
Melanie Snutch Birstall RC
Tristan Snutch Birstall RC
David Snutch Birstall RC
Michael Snell N/A
David Snell N/A
Andrew Sneap N/A
Joanne Smithson Elm Tree Ladies
Andrew Smith N/A
Gavin Smith N/A
Elizabeth Smith N/A
Andy Smith N/A
Carey Smith N/A
Chris Smith Savvy Park Runrz
jennifer smith N/A
Brent Smith Swift-tees
Dennis Smith N/a
Andrew Smith Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Jennifer Smith N/A
Nicola Smith Kimberworth Striders RC
Gavin Smith Kimberworth Striders RC
Debbie Smith White City Hull RRC
Alan Smith White City Hull RRC
Alex Smith Barton & District AC
Jason Smith N/A
Russ Smith N/A
Claire Smith Kingston upon Hull AC
Gareth Smith None
Karen Smith Scarborough Athletic Club
Debora Smith Methley striders
David Smith N/s
Sally Smith Barton and District
Julie Smith Goole Viking Striders
Jessica Smith Fit Rovers Runners / Wheatley Fun Runners
Ryan Smith N/A
Vicky Smith N/A
Matthew Smith Scarborough Hospital pharmacy
Harley Smith Driffield Striders
Nicole Smith Whitby running club
Samantha Smethurst Swift-Tees
Martin Smart N/A
Richard Smart Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Lily Small N/A
Amanda Small N/A
Paul Small N/A
Helen Smale N/A
Sanford Sloan Cannon Events
Phil Slaughter N/A
Alfie Slaughter N/A
Angie Slater Barnsley Harriers
Mary Slater Scarborough Athletic Club
Thomas Skinner Beverley Athletic Club
Clare Skinner Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Mollie Skilbeck N/A
Martin Skilbeck N/A
Paige Skilbeck N/A
Dawn Sketchley Ackworth Road Runners & AC
peter skerry n/a
William Skelding N/A
Kerry Sizer N/A
Jamie Sims N/A
Melanie Simpson n/a
Elizabeth Simpson n/a
Linda Simpson N/a
Jacob Simpson N/A
David Simpson N/A
Emma Simmons Scarborough Athletic Club
Helen Simmonds Morley running club
Laura Simmonds NA
Heidi Simm N/a
William Sigsworth Veterans Athletics Association - North East Of England
Sam Short N/A
richard shore n/a
Keith Shore Kimberworth Striders RC
Laura Shillito Savvy Park Runrz
Paul Shillito Savvy Park Runrz
SallyAnne Shilham Middlesbrough & Cleveland Harriers
Alexander Shields N/A
Samantha Shields N/A
Oliver Sherwood N/A
Peter Shepherdson Scarborough Athletic Club
Joe Shepherdson Driffield Striders
Emma Shepherd Barnsley Harriers
Jason Shepherd Barnsley Harriers
Dawn Sheehan N/A
Sam Sheardown Na
Chris Sheard N/A
Max Sheard N/a
Jackie Sheader Rotherham Harriers & AC
Christine Shaw Rothwell Harriers
Brian Shaw Rothwell Harriers
Martin Shaw Na
Jack Shaw N/A
Ella Shaw N/A
Danielle Sharpe N/A
Charlie Sharpe South Leeds Lakers
Georgie Sharp Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Steve Sharp Driffield Striders
Natasha Sharp N/A
Paul Sharp N/a
Charlotte Sharp N/A
darren sharp N/A
Gavin sharp N/A
Jason Shale Bramley Breezers
Nicolle Shale Bramley breezers
Shellie Shakespeare Burntwood striders
Hannah Shackley N/A
Amanda Seymour N/a
Colin Sewell Kimberworth Striders RC
Karen Settle Scarborough Athletic Club
Helen Senior N/A
Abbie Senior N/A
Robert Semple N/A
Mark Sellars N/A
Linda Selby Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Laura Selby N/A
Samuel Sedman Run Scarborough
Nigel Searby Keighley & Craven AC
Linda Seaman N/a
Jennifer Scruton Driffield Striders
Neil Scruton Scarborough Athletic club
David Scriver N/A
Robin Scillitoe Scarborough Running Club
Ann Schwarzenbach Lichfield Running Club
Carl Schumacher York Postal Harriers
Benjamin Schneider N/A
Tatiana Schmidt Milesshy
Jesse Schildt N/A
Bryan Schalge Northowram Pumas Running Club
Jane Sayers Morley Running Club
Paul Sayers Morley Running Club
Cheryl Sayer Kingston upon Hull AC
Anita SavageGrainge North East Project
Akane Savage N/A
Julia Savage N/A
Christine Savage N/A
Nigel Saunders Notfast RC
Steve Sansom Valley Hill Runners
Kimberley Sandford N/A
Elaine Sanderson N/A
Andrew Saltmer N/A
Richard Saltmarsh Whitby Running Club
Kirsty Salmon Na
Poppy Sales Brighouse Bees
Andy Sales Northowram Pumas
Philippa Sales Brighouse Bees
Jakub Rydzewski N/A
Steve Rycroft Savvy Park Runrz
Helen Rutter Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Joe Rutter N/A
Eddie Rutter N/a
Martha Rutter N/A
David Ruston N/A
Charlotte Ruston N/A
Steffan Russon N/A
Jonathan Russell Crossgate Harriers
James Russell Friends and Runners
Abbie Russell N/A
Sean Russell N/A
Callum Russell N/A
Michael Russell NA
Samuel Russell NA
Elaine Rushworth Pudsey Pacers RC
Ronda Rushby Barton & District AC
Martyn Rushby Barton & District AC
Karen Rugg N/a
Lauren Rudd N/A
Alexander Rudd N/A
David Rudd n/a
Pete Royal Bridlington Road Runners
Will Rowley N/A
Samantha Rowlands N/A
Jo Rowland Beverley Athletic Club
Neil Rowbotham N/A
Stephen Ross Morley Running Club
Helen Ross N/A
Emily Rooney N/A
Karl Rolstone Fordy Runs
Jo Rodger N/A
Leanda Roddis Notfast RC
Caroline Roddick N/A
Jonathan Roddick N/A
Marie Robson N/A
Caroline Robson N/A
Jacques Robles N/a
Lisa Robinson N/A
Tom Robinson N/A
jon robinson Ferndale Flyers
Matthew Robinson N/A
Ann-Marie Robinson Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Paul Robinson Pickering RC
Mark Robinson N/A
Amanda Robinson New Marske Harriers AC
Richard Robinson Pickering RC
Hayley Robinson Scunthorpe and District
Jayne Robinson N/A
Rich Robinson Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Marie Robinson N/A
David Robinson Jolly Triathlon
Sarah Robinson N/A
Matthew Robinson Hazlemere Runners
Bridget Robinson N/A
Richard Robinson Acre Street Runners
Laura Robinson Scarborough Athletic Club
Beth Robinson N/A
Andy Robinson N/A
Chris Robertson N/a
Paul Roberts N/A
Nicole Roberts N/A
Ella Roberts N/A
Nancy Roberts Acre street runners
Megan Roberts N/A
Linda Roadhouse Kimberworth Striders RC
Emily Ritson N/A
Gareth Rippon N/A
Jordan Ripley Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Nicola Riley Beverley Athletic Club
Kevin Riley N/A
Paul Riley N/A
Clare Ridley Run Fit Hartlepool
Carl Ridley Runfit Hartlepool
Jessie Richmond N/A
Isobel Richardson N/A
Emma Richardson Bridlington Road Runners
Ben Richardson N/A
Sally Richardson N/a
Darren Richards Lonely Goat RC
Pat Rhodes N/A
Helen Rhodes Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Amanda Rhodes N/A
George Rhodes N/A
Lucy Rhodes Beverley Fitmums
Emma Reynolds Easingwold RC
Erika Reynolds Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Edward Revell Dewsbury Road Runners
William Renshaw Go be runners
Alex Renshaw N/A
Joanne Render N/A
Alexandra Reid Savvy Park Runrz
Kirsty Reid N/A
Ben Reid N/A
Laura Reeves N/A
Nicole Redfern N/A
Robyn Rawnsley N/A
Tony Rawling Scarborough Athletic Club
Al Raspin N/A
Helen Ramsbottom Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Carla Ramsay Friends and Runners
Angela Rafferty Lindley Running Club
Ian Rafferty Lindley Running Club
Andrew Quinton Valley Hill Runners
Tony Quinn N/A
Jennifer Prowse N/A
Ally Proven Pitreavie AAC
Debbie Proven Jog Scotland Dunfermline
Karl Proctor City of Hull AC
Rachel Proctor Fitmums And Friends
Jane Probett Bridlington Road Runners
Damian Probett Bridlington Road Runners
David Pring Bridlington Road Runners
Graham Prince Bramley Breezers
Vicky Price Kingston upon Hull AC
Chris Price Bridlington Road Runners
Steven Price N/A
Adam Price NA
Trina Price Sedgefield Harriers
Emilie Price N/A
Adrienne Preston Keighley & Craven AC
Tim Pratt Driffield Striders
Tilly Pratt N/A
Ken Poyner Rothwell Harriers
John Power Valley Hill Runners
Julie Powell Brighouse Bees
Carole Powell Methley Striders
Darren Powell Methley Striders
Reece Powell Brighouse Bees
Rob Powell NA
James Powell Brighouse Bees
Ryan Powell Brighouse Bees
Lawrence Potter N/A
Alistair Potter N/A
Abigail Pollard N/A
Jason Pointez Bridlington Road Runners
Dave Playforth Road Runners Club UK
Dean Playforth Savvy Park Runrz
Caroline Pillow N/A
Holly Pickles ULRC
Chloe Pickering Scarborough Athletic Club
Samantha Pickering N/A
Alan Pickard Valley Hill Runners
Simon Pick Beverley Athletic Club
Jordan Philliskirk N/A
Thomas Phillipson N/a
Craig Phillipson N/a
Christopher Phillips N/A
Ricky Petruska N/A
James Perry N/A
Phil Perry N/A
Kathleen Perry N/A
Claire Perry N/A
Barbara Perry Cleveland Triathlon Club
Laura Perks N/A
Julie Perkins N/a
Julia Peplow Beverley
Ashleigh Penny N/A
Emma Pennock N/A
Ian Pennock N/A
George Penfold N/A
Emily Penfold N/A
Janine Pemberton Whitby Running Club
Harry Pemberton Whitby Running Club
Steven Peel N/A
zoe peel Swift-tees
Oliver Peel N/A
Martin Pedley N/A
Victoria Peckover Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Daryl Pearson Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Heather Pearson Swift-tees
Nicki Pearson Brighouse Bees
Gillian Pearson Steel City Striders
Jason Pea Driffield Striders
Karl Payne N/A
Adele Payne Redcar RC
Ian Pattison Fitmums And Friends
Victoria Patterson Stocksbridge Running club
Kathryne Patchett Northowram Pumas
Tina Pass Valley Hill Runners
Ezra Pashby N/A
Ethon Pashby ULRC
Siobhan Pashby ULRC
Sharon Parsons Scarborough Athletic Club
Richard Parry N/A
Jo Parnell Beverley Athletic Club
Andrea Parkinson N/A
Georgina Parkinson N/A
Nick Parkin N/A
Scott Parkin N/A
Valerie Parkin Scarborough Athletic Club
Luke Parker N/A
Charlotte Parker N/A
Simon Parker N/A
Brett Parker N/A
Sara Parker N/A
Marlene Parker N/A
Gareth Parker Lonely Goat RC
Daniel Parker N/A
Jasmine Parker N/A
Carole Pannullo Keighley & Craven AC
Giovanni Pannullo Keighley & Craven AC
Emma Palmer N/A
Maksims Palciks Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Jordan Padgham N/A
Aaron Padgham Scarborough Athletic Club
Michael Padgham Scarborough Athletic Club
Hollie Oxtoby Beverley Athletic Club
Julie Oxenforth Vegan Runners UK
Richard Owenson N/A
Jennifer Owens N/A
Richard Owen Ferndale Flyers
Laura Outhart N/A
Tony Outhart N/a
Kate Osborn York Knavesmire Harriers
Georgina Orford Lichfield RC
Matthew Orford Lichfield RC
Ben Oram-Robinson N/A
Lauren Olney N/A
Yasmin Oliver Run Scarborough
Craig Oliver N/A
Ella Oldroyd Castleford Running Group
Emma Oldham-Fox Acre street runners
Sam Oglesby N/A
Alison Ogilvie Quakers Running Club
jonathan ogden N/A
Amelia OBrien N/A
Amy Oates N/A
Belinda O’Hare N/A
Clare O’Connor Dragons RC
Martin O'Neill Kingston upon Hull AC
Adrian O'Malley N/A
Sarah O'Malley N/A
Michael O'Donnell Cambridge & Coleridge AC
Taran O'Doherty n/a
Karen O'Dohertty N/A
Amy O'Connor Na
Tom Nye North York Moors AC
Andrew Nuut Ackworth Road Runners & AC
David Nurse Scarborough Athletic Club
Annie Nurse N/A
Debra Nundy N/A
Tony Nundy Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Peter Northedge Scarborough Athletic Club
Jess North N/A
David Norbury N/a
Rebecca Noone N/A
Michael Noone Kimberworth Striders RC
Daniel Niedziolka N/A
Jules Nicol N/A
Michael Nicholson Penistone Footpath Runners & AC
Craig Nicholson N/A
Tony Nicholson NA
Mark Nicholl Brighouse Bees Running Club
Richard Newton Whitby Running Club
Amy Newton N/A
Marc Newsome Wold’s triathlon
Molly Newham Run Scarborough
Kabir Nepal Valley Hill Runners
Chris Nelson N/A
Jon Neighbour N/A
Lesley Needham Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Alice Naylor Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Gary Naylor Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Graham Naylor White City Hull RRC
Audra Naylor Halifax Harriers
David Myerscough N/A
Joanna Myers Valley Hill Runners
Ben Myers Pickering RC
Michelle Murray Valley Hill Runners
Sandra Murray Rawmarsh Runners
Mary Murray Brighouse Bees
Stephen Murray N/A
Jack Murray N/A
Mark Murphy cannons Events
Nicola Murphy Na
Callum Murden ULRC
Melanie Mumford Drighlington Dynamos
Lucy Mumford Drighlington Dynamos
Susie Mulvana N/A
Helen Mudd N/A
Ashley Mudd N/A
Maria Moya South Leeds Lakers
Ella moxon Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Jackie Moxon Methley Striders
Gary Moxon Methley Striders
Terry Mottram Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Derek Mosby Methley Striders
Gary Mortimer N/a
Nigel Morrison Wolds Veterans RC
William Morris Knaresborough Striders
Sally Morris Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Emily Morris Driffield Striders
Jordan Morris Esk Valley Fell Club
Diane Morris Acre Street Runners
Dan Morris Acre Street Runners
Jenny Morrell Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Suzanne Morrell Cannon Events
Charlotte Morley N/A
Beth Morley Valley Hill Runners
Joseph Morley N/A
Sean Morgan Notfast RC
Helen Morgan Ackworth Road Runners & AC
antonietta morciano Methley Striders
Sarah Moralee N/A
Natalie Moore N/A
Lindsay Moore N/A
Sally Moore Stadium Runners
John Moore Methley striders
Leah Moon NA
Amelia Monsey N/A
Alex Mitchell N/A
Brian Miranda Kimberworth Striders RC
Alistair Mills N/A
Rebecca Mills N/A
Beth Mills Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Emma Millican N/A
Neil Millican Scarborough Athletic Club
Barbara Miller West Hull Ladies
Neil Miller N!A
Annabel Miller N/A
Julie Miller Scarborough Athletic Club
Ellis Miller Scarborough Athletic Club
Joanne Miller n/a
Graham Miller Loftus & Whitby
Des Miles N/A
Catherine Milan Driffield Striders
Carol Middleton Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Joe Middleton Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Matt Middleton N/A
Daniel Methven N/A
Tim Metcalfe N/A
Gillian Metcalfe Scarborough Athletic Club
Kevin Metcalfe Harrogate Tri Club
Scott Metcalfe N/A
Emma Metcalf N/A
Leonie Messruther N/A
Joseph Merron N\A
Laura Merriman N/A
Andrew Merriman N/A
Tina Medlock Kimberworth Striders RC
Lee-anne Meakin Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Yasmine McWilliam N/A
David McWilliam N/A
Rich Mcwatt Barracuda Triathlon Club
Billy Mcsweeney N/A
Rachel McPartlin Methley Striders
Grahame McPartlin Methley Striders
Andy McNeill N/A
Catherine McNeill N/A
Jenny Mcmanus Savvy park runrz
Shaun McManus White City Hull RRC
Brett Mcmann N/A
Andrew Mcloughlin Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Joseph McLaren N/A
Amanda McKinnell Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Nigel McKinnell Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Kate McKenzie N/A
Garth Mckenna N/A
Emily McKee N/A
Julie McHugh NA
Anne Mchardy N/A
Jamie Mchale N/A
Adam McGrath N/A
Will McGahey N/A
Peter McGahey N/A
Paul McFegan Run Scarborough
Caroline McFarlane Bridlington Road Runners
Faye McFarlane Bridlington Road Runners
Allan McFarlane Bridlington Road Runners
Dan Mccormack Lonely Goat RC
Ella McCall Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Michael McAuley N/A
joe mcauley N/a
Thomas Mayers N/A
Andrew Mayers South Cheshire Harriers
Mark May Scarborough Athletic Club
Brenda May Scarborough Athletic Club
Beth May Na
Kim Maxwell Kimberworth Striders RC
Damian Mawer York Postal Harriers
Daniel Maw N/A
Sophie Masterson Comets
Julie Masterman Goole viking striders
Samantha Massey N/A
Grace Mason N/a
Adele Mason N/A
Dave Maskell Jolly Triathlon
Caroline Martinson Driffield Striders
Peter Martin Wakefield Triathlon Club
Kathryn Martin Wakefield Triathlon Club
Luisa Martin N/A
Sarah Marshall Whitby Running Club
Nicholas Marshall N/Aq
Darren Marshall Whitby Running Club
Rhona Marshall Scarborough Athletic Club
Neville Marshall Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Annie Marshall N/A
Helen Marshall Kingstone Runners
Chris Marsh N/A
Michelle Marsh N/A
Wendy Marsh Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Helen Marsh Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Andrew Marsden Scarborough Athletic Club
Kate Marsden N/A
Jeff Marriott Quakers Running Club
Kevin Marriott N/A
Philip Markham N/A
Richard Mant N/A
Scott Manning N/A
Richard Mann N/A
John Mann N/A
Steve Malton N/A
Chantal Maltby N/A
Claire Maltas Crossgate Harriers
Oliver Maloney N/A
Nick Maloney N/A
Jonathan Mallory N/A
Judith Mallon Valley Hill Runners
Hannah Mainprize Steel City Striders
Sheila Maddison Road Runners Club of the UK
Lorna Macpherson N/A
Debbie Macklam Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Thomas Macklam Ackworth Road Runners & AC
John Machin NA
Rebecca Machin NA
christian machen n/a
Julie Macey-Hewitt N/A
Catherine Mace N/a
Tanya Mace n/a
Siobhan MacDonald N/A
Owen Lyons N/A
Elizabeth Lyons N/A
Nick Lyon Methley Striders
Gemma Lund-Ashby Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Stefan Lumley Goole Viking Striders
Geoff Lucas N/A
Gavin Lucas N/A
Marian Lowther Lichfield Running Club
Jane Lovett N/A
Isabel Louth N/A
Katy Lotka Kimberworth Striders RC
Carla Loss N/A
Tim Lord N/a
Sam Longley TCRC
Rachael Lodge Savvy Park Runrz
Lynn Lockwood N/A
Samantha Lockwood Acre Street Runners
Adrian Lockwood Acre street runners
Sam Lockett Ackworth Road Runners & AC
sean locke N/A
Andrew Locke N/A
Jess Locke N/A
Jonathon Lindley Methley Striders
Kirsty Lindley Methley Striders
Heather Lindley Stocksbridge Running Club
Craig Lightfoot Swift-tees
Rob Lickley Thirsk & Sowerby Harriers
Shellie Lewis-Cooper N/A
Kevin Lewis Bridlington Road Runners
Tom Lewis N/A
Adrian Lever N/A
Abigail Lever N/A
David Lester Scarborough Athletic Club
Lesley Lester Scarborough Athletic Club
Kevin Lester N/A
Joanne Lester N/A
Rikki Lenton Morley Running Club
Stephen Leng N/A
John Leeson Hambleton Athletics & Running Club Ltd
Andy Leeson Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Julie Lee Whitby Running Club
Jordan Lee N/A
Carol Lee N/A
Chris Ledgard N/A
Angus Leckonby Yorkshire Wold Runners
Kris Lecher City of Hull AC
david leaming Scarborough Athletic Club
Sam Leadley Loftus & Whitby AC
Mark Leadbeater Ackworth Road Runners
Erica Leadbeater N/A
Adrian Leach Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Amy Lazenby N/A
Helen Layton Scarborough Athletic Club
Anna Lay Crossgate Harriers
Andy Lawton Harrogate Harriers & AC
Andrew Lawtey City of Hull AC
Katherine Lawson N/A
Caroline Lawrence Ackworth Road Runners & AC
vince lawlor cornelly striders
Phil Lavery N/
Catherine Latham Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Michael Larkin N/A
Joanna Lans Whitby running club
Judy Lankester Crossgate Harriers
Mark Lanham N/A
Jodene Langham N/A
Martin Langford N/A
Elaine Lang Beverley Athletic Club
Molly Lakin N/A
Claire Lake Dragons RC
hamish Laishley Darlington harriers
Marie Ladlow N/A
Laura Kynaston N/a
Monica Kundi N/A
Rachel Kraft N/A
James Kraft N/A
Pete Konieczko N/A
Lianne Koekemoer N/A
Darryl Koekemoer Scarborough Athletic Club
Rachel Knowles N/a
Jennifer Knowles Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Thomas Knowles N/A
Leanne Knowles N/A
Ben Knowles N/A
Sarah Knight N/A
Matt Knight N/A
Sam Kitson N/A
Sarah Kitching N/A
Janie Kitching Barnsley Harriers
Ros Kitchen Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Chris Kirkham-Knowles N/A
Philip Kirkham Barton & District AC
Nicola Kirk Methley Striders
Ron Kirk N/A
Suzanne Kirby N/A
Andrew Kinsella Hillsborough and Rivelin Running Club
Matt Kings N/A
Michael King Quakers Running Club
Harry King Scarborough Athletic Club
Sylvia King N/A
Victoria King N/A
Sam Kind White City Hull RRC
Davinia Kimber N/A
Lisa Kilroe Vegan Runners UK
Jennifer Kilburn Bridlington Road Runners
Nicola Kidd Scarborough Athletic Club
Charlotte Kidd N/A
Oliver Kidd Wycombe Phoenix H & AC
Salman Khan N/A
Minahil Khan N/A
Suzie Kettrick Fitmums And Friends
michael kershaw Lonely Goat RC
Alistair Kerr N/A
Lauren Kenny N/A
Jasmine Kennedy N/A
Gill Kennedy N/A
Robert Keniwell Carleton Running Community
Judi Kendall Kimberworth Striders RC
Phil Kemp Altrincham & District
Jacquie Kelly Swiftees
Luke Kelly N/A
Danny Kelly Crossgates Harriers
Melissa Kelly Crossgates Harriers
Sean Kelly Scarborough Athletic Club
Joe Kelly N/A
Paul Kelly Rothwell Harriers
Anne Kelly Bridlington Road Runners
Elizabeth Kelderman N/A
Jodie Keary N/A
John Kearney N/A
Rachael Kay Kimberworth Striders RC
Trish Kay Aycliffe Running Club
Ken Kay N/A
Iona Kay N/A
Tomasz Kasperski N/A
David Jurgens Lonely goat
Elaine Julian Beverley Athletic Club
Katie Joyce N.A
Amanda Jowsey Dragons RC
Jacob Jorna Beverley Athletic Club
William Jordan Na
Leah Jordan N/A
Daniella Jordan NA
Luke Jordan N/A
Nick Jordan Bridlington Road Runners
Tarquin Jones Brighouse
Neil Jones N/A
cara jones Kimberworth Striders RC
Lucy Jones N/A
Andrea Jones N/A
Ethan Jones N/A
Ian Jones N/A
Michelle Jones Brighouse Bees
Harry Jones N/A
Chris Jones N/A
Chris Jones N/A
Gareth Jones Cannon Events Running Club
Chris Jones N/A
Harriet Jones N/A
Steve Jones N/A
Mark Jones N/A
Salli Jones Cannons Events
Caz Jones Team Manvers
Sally Jones N/A
Gary Jolley N/A
Paula Johnston Bramley Breezers
William Johnson North Shields Poly AC
David Johnson Bramley Breezers
Matt Johnson N/A
Robert Johnson N/A
Jennie Johnson N/A
marie johnson Cannon events
Caroline Johns Selby Striders
Mark Johns Goole Viking Striders
Alison John-Baptiste Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Joanne Jestico N/A
Ian Jessop Run Scarborough
Geraldine Jennings South Leeds lakers
Charlotte Jenkins n/a
Amy Jenkin N/A
Suzanne Jeffery N/A
Katherine Jefferson Orchard Eagles
Rebecca Jay N/A
Emma Jansen N/A
Jordan James N/A
Mark James N/A
Paul Jaffray Clowne Road Runners
Tom Jaconelli N/a
James Jacobs N/A
Keith Jackson Lonely Goat RC
Vicky Jackson Whitby Running Club
Emma Jackson Methley striders
Daryl Jackson Castleford running group
Adam Jackson N/A
Sally Jackson Fordy Runs
Catherine Jackson Styal RC
Chris Jackson N/A
Christine Iveson N/A
Tim Isaacs Rothwell Harriers
Jo Ireland Scarborough Athletic Club
Jack Inston N/a
Claire Ingram Na
Nichola Ingle Acre street runners
Elizabeth Ingle Bridlington Road Runners
Laura Ingham Run Scarborough
Charlotte Ingham N/A
Sophie Ingham N/A
Jane Illingworth Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Tracy Hyland Team Manvers
Ray Hutchison N/a
Michaela Hutchinson N/A
Ffion Hutchinson N/A
Amy Hutchinson Stocksbridge Running Club
Kevin Hutchings Royton Road Runners
Georgia Hutchings N/A
Kim Hurst Acre Street Runners
Lynne Hurrell Barnsley AC
Steven Hurrell N/A
Lewis Hurdley N/A
Fiona Hunton-Young Scarborough Athletic Club
Sally Hunter N/A
Deborah Hunter N/A
Ann-Marie Hunter N/A
Keith Hunter N/A
Patricia Hunter N/A
Ian Hunter N/a
Katie Hunter Whitby Running Club
Pamela Hume N/A
Kim Hume N/A
Mark Hull Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Craig Hugill N/A
David Hughes Nymac
Anne-Marie Hughes N/A
David Hughes Ackworth
Nick Hudson N/A
Kevin Hudson Middlesbrogh Cleveland Harriers
Graham Hoy Crossgate Harriers
Zoe Hoy Crossgate Harriers
Stephanie Howland NA
Sheila Howes Driffield Striders
Martyn Howe N/A
Emily Howe Morley Running Club
Philip Howe Morley Triathlon Club
Nick Howden Kingstone Runners
Douglas Howarth New Marske Harriers AC
Sarah Howard Kimberworth Striders RC
Paul Howard Caistor Running Club
Alice Howard N/A
Jon Howard N/A
Moira Houston Cannon Events
Paul Houlder N/A
Phillip Hotchkin N/A
Darren Horton N/A
Jason Horner N/A
Gemma Horner N/A
Jac Hornby Na
Claire Hopkinson N/A
Christian Hopkins Handsworth Roadhogs
Craig Hoos Airecentre Pacers
Ian Hookham Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Janice Hookham Ackworth Road Runners
Adrian Holyhead Kimberworth Striders RC
Steven Holwell Withernsea Harriers
Tracy Holwell N/A
Karl Holmes Cleethorpes AC
Rebecca Holman N/A
Deborah Hollinworth N/A
Lewis Hollinworth N/A
Samantha Hollingworth N/A
Mollie Holehouse Bridlington Road Runners
Tracey Holehouse N/A
Glenn Holdsworth Denby Dale Travellers
David Holder Brighouse bees
Grace Holder Brighouse Bees
Lisa Holbrook Fordy Runs
Dave Holborn N/A
Cheryl Hoggarth N/a
Rachel Hodgson N/A
Michael Hodgson N/A
Kirsty Hodgson N/a
Lou Hodgson NA
Steven Hodgson n/a
Carl Hodgson York Postal Harriers
Chloe Hodgson N/A
Denise Hodges Dragons RC
Terence Hobson Brighouse Bees
Richard Hobson N/A
Eric Hobkinson N/A
Kieran Hirstle N/A
Thomas Hirst N/A
Christopher Hirst N/A
Louise Hindmarsh Barton & District AC
Leigh Hindle N/A
Linda Hindhaugh Scarborough Athletic Club
Alan Hind Acre Street Runners, Huddersfield
Dawn Hind Acre Street Runners, Huddersfield
Lisa Hinchliffe Fitmums And Friends
Alison Hilton N/a
Catherine Hillarby Morley Running Club
Daniel Hill Northowram Pumas
Paul Hill N/A
Debbie Hill N/A
Nila Hill Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Daniel Hill N/A
Natasha Hill N/A
Samuel Hill N/a
Claire Hill Brighouse Bees Running Club
Kate Hill N/A
Jsmes Hill N/A
Paul Higham Methley Striders
Michael Higgitt Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Nikki Higgins N/A
Carole Higginbotham N/A
Mark Hibbert Run Scarborough
Jo Hibbert N/A
CLAIRE Hewlett N/A
Chloe Hewlett Meltham AC
Glyn Hewitt Scarborough Athletic Club
Lorraine Hewitt Scarborough Athletic Club
Lee Hewitt N/A
Jo Hetherington Driffield Striders
Jo Heseltine Rothwell Harriers
Debbie Herridge-Whellans Knaresborough Striders
Neil Heron N/A
Kay Herbert Savvy
Thomas Herbert Loftus and Whitby AC
Andrew Heptinstall N/A
Mark Hepples N/A
Charles Hepples N/A
Andrea Henson Penistone Footpath Runners & AC
Nicola Henshaw Ackworth Road Runners & AC
James Henshaw N/A
Martha Henocq Smiley Paces
katie helliwell N/A
Matthew Helks Rothwell Harriers
Matthew Heaton Scarborough Athletic Club
Wendy Heathcote N/A
Kate Hearn N/a
Gavin Healeas Crossgates Harriers
Noah Healeas N/A
Alexander Head N/A
David Hazzard N/A
Danielle Haywood N/a
Sally Hayward Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Allison Hayward Beverley Athletic Club
Paul Hayward N/A
Sally Hayler N/A
Tabitha Hay N/A
Nicola Hawthorne Swift tees
Joanne Hawden Rothwell Harriers
Kathryn Haughton Brighouse Bees
Lucy Hatte N/A
Jill Hatfield Brighouse Bees Running Club
Phil Hatfield NA
Martin Harwood N/A
Anna Harvey-List Rothwell Harriers & AC
Heath Harvey-List Rothwell Harriers & AC
Michelle Hart Stockton striders
Greg Hart N/A
Mat Harrop N/A
Robert Harrison N/A
Mike Harrison N/A
Martin Harrison N/A
Rachel Harrison N/A
Amanda Harrison N/A
Rebecca Harrison N/A
Debra Harrison Fitmums And Friends
Anna Harrison N/a
nick harrison Fordy runs rc
Cordy harrison N/A
James Harrison Rothwell Harriers
Sophie Harris N/A
StJohn Harris N/A
Peter Harrap N/A
Amy Harrap N/A
Tom Harper N/A
Shirley Harper Valley Hill Runners
Graham Harper Team Thomson
Benjamin Harmer Driffield Striders
ann harlow N/A
rebecca harlow N/A
Michael Harland N/A
Jackie Hargreaves N/A
Helen Hargreaves N/A
Hilary Hardy N/A
Bethany Hardy Brighouse Bees Running Club
Colin HARBER_STUART Driffield Striders
Tanya HARBER_STUART Driffield Striders
John Hanson N/A
Molly Hanson N/A
Jessica Hanson N/A
Tyler Hanlon N/A
Jordan Hanlon N/A
David Hanks Barnsley Harriers
Paul Hankin N/A
Sue Hand Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Michael Hand Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Chris Hancox N/A
John Hancock N/A
Anya Hanbury N/A
Antony hamling N/a
Glenn Halsey City of Hull AC
Tanya Halman N/A
Patrick Halloran N/A
Emma Halloran N/A
Amanda HALLIDAY Rothwell Harriers
Odeyne Halley N/A
John Hall-Martin N/A
Brian Hall N/A
Ben Hall N/A
Nikki Hall N/A
Stephanie Hall N/A
Graham Hall East Hull Harriers & AC
Nicholas Hall Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Andrew Hall N/A
Natalie Hall Crossgates harriers
Julie Hall Swift Tees
Linda Hall Bridlington Road Runners
Richard Hall Rothwell Harriers
Nick Hails Hillsborough and Rivelin Running Club
Stewart Haigh Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Alan Hague N/A
James Hadman N/A
Nicola Hacking Kimberworth Striders RC
Selina Gyte Na
Noemi Gyorgy N/A
Andy Guymer City of Hull AC
Isla Guy Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Ian Guy N/A
Kevin Guttridge Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Erin Gummerson Bridlington Road Runners
Olivia Gummerson Snaith & Cowick Running Club
Christopher Grubb N/A
Melamie Groves N/a
Paul Groves N/A
Dana Groom N/A
Emma Griffiths Valley Hill Runners
Natallie Griffin Whitby Running Club
Patrick Griffin N/A
Mark Gretton Vegan Runners UK
Matt Grest N/A
Sally Gregory N/A
Sarah Gregory Mile Shy Club
Sarah Greenwood N/A
John Greenley N/A
Sarah Greenley Lonely Goat RC
Dan Greenley N/A
Sharon Greenlee South Leeds Lakers
Diane Green Fitmums And Friends
Tom Green N/A
Arthur Green Loftus and Whitby Athletics Club
Richard Green N/A
Elizabeth Green N/A
David Green N/A
Jayne Grayson Valley Hill Runners
Chris Grayson Valley Hill Runners
Debbie Gray Rothwell Harriers
Andrew Gray N/A
Paul Gray Jolly Triathlon
Joseph Gray N/A
Matthew Graves N/A
Nick Granville-Fall N/A
Lucy Grantham Huth harriers
Luke Grant N/A
william grant N/A
Lucy Grange N/A
Robert Grainger Scarborough Athletic Club
Paul Grahamslaw Scarborough Athletic Club
Matthew Graham N/A
David Grace N/A
Fran Grace Vegan Runners UK
Lachlan Gourlay N/A
Andrew Gouldthorpe Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Ken Gough NSRRA
Anthony Gough Scarborough Athletic Club
Samantha Gothard Knowsley harriers
David Gossip North East Project
Adam Gosling Scarborough Athletic Club
Debbie Gortzak N/A
Craig Gorman N/A
James Gorman N/A
Nicola Gordon N/A
Helen Gordon Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Heather Gordon Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Dale Gordon N/A
Sally Gooseman Brighouse Bees Running Club
Jane Goodwin Go Be Runners
Martine Goodwin N/A
Bob Goodwin Pocklington Runners
Emily Gooder Brighouse Bees
Nick Goldspink N/A
Lucy Golder N/A
Pete Goddard Brighouse Bees
Karen Glynn N/A
Daisy Glover N/A
ROBERT GLOVER Scarborough Athletic Club
Mark Gladwin Kimberworth Striders RC
Daniel Girking N/A
Leah Gillon N/A
Clare Gillibrand Farsley Flyers
Jennifer Gillan N/a
Adam Gill N/A
kimberly Gill N/A
Leigh Gill N/A
Helen Gilert Bingley Trail Snails
Julie Gilbertson Bramley Breezers
Ashley Gilbert N/A
Anna Giddings Scarborough Athletic Club
Ashton Gibson-Fuller N/A
Fay Gibson-fuller N/A
Seth Gibson-fuller N/A
Chris Gibson Beverley Athletic Club
Lucinda Gibson Bridlington Road Runners
Donna Gibson N/A
Julia Gibson N/A
Kevin Gibson Valley Hill Runners
Micah Gibson Bridlington Road Runners
Andrew Gibson Bridlington Road Runners
Joe Gibson N/A
Sandy George Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Ruth George Barton & District AC
Stuart Gent Bridlington Road Runners
Lynda Gent Bridlington Road Runners
Phoebe Gawthorpe East Hull Harriers & AC
Anna Gautier NA
Frazer Gautier NA
Dylan Gautier N/A
Emily Gaskell N/A
Cheryl Gaskell Brighouse Bees
John Gash Bridlington Road Runners
Mandy Gash Go be runners
Tasha Garrett Whitby Running Club
Tracey Garfitt N/A
Ashley Garfitt N/A
Steven Garbett Whitby Running Club
Jen Galbraith N/A
Tammy Gaines Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Emma Gadsby n/a
Donna Gaddass N/A
Thomas Fynn Bridlington Road Runners
Shaun Furzer N/A
Aleksandra Frydrych N/A
Carrie Froggett N/A
Steve Frith Barnsley Harriers
Kerry Friskney Rawmarsh Runners
Elizabeth Frier N/A
Janet Fretwell Acre Street Runners
James Freir N/A
Ellie Freer M/A
Christine Freeman N/A
Vivianne Fraser York Knavesmire Harriers
karl francis Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Sue Francis Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Jake Fox N/A
Sarah Fox N/A
Amy Fowler N/A
Jordan Fowler N/A
Nicola Fowler Bridlington Road Runners
Graham Foulds N/A
Stephanie Foster N/A
Julia Foster N/A
David Foster Bridlington Road Runners
Lee Foster N/A
Joanne Foster Crystal Peaks Runners
Brian Foster N/A
David Foster Wakefield District Harriers & AC
Sarah Forster N/A
Stephen Forster N/A
Edd Forster N/A
Hikari Ford N/A
Mike Ford N/A
Emma Forbes N/A
Sam Forbes Scarborough Athletic Club
Steven Flook N/A
James Flinton N/A
Tony Flinton N/A
Michael Flinton N/A
Jennifer Flinton N/A
Steve Flintoft N/A
Charlie Flintoft N/A
Robert Fletcher Scarborough Athletic Club
Elise fletcher Scarborough Athletic Club
Shannon Fletcher N/A
Teigan Fletcher N/A
Iain Fletcher N/A
Ben Fletcher N/A
Michelle Fletcher Scarborough Athletic Club
Lee Fletcher City of Hull AC
Susan Fletcher City of Hull AC
Luke Fletcher N/A
Tristan Fletcher N/A
Victoria Flash NA
Ben Fitzpatrick Pocklington Runners
Penelope Fisher Kimberworth Striders RC
Helen Fish N/A
Jason Firth South Leeds Lakers
Caroline Firman N/A
Duncan Firman N/A
Mark Finnigan Savvy Park
Daniel Finney N/A
Sarah Finnell N/A
Joe Finer N/A
Emma Finer N/A
Alison Fewster Scarborough Athletic Club
Caitlin Fewster N/A
Sean Fewster N/A
Karen Ferrier Savvy Park Runrz
Jay Ferns Trafford AC
Heather Fernandez N/A
Fay Fenwick Wolds Veterans RC
Jonnie Fenton Rotherham running club
Chris Feeley Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Diana Fearnside N/A
Kirsty Farrow N/A
Charlotte Farrell N/A
Amanda Farrell N/a
Ken Farrell North York Moors AC
Andrew Farrall N/A
Susan Farr Selby striders
Gemma Farnsworth Savvy Park Runrz
Jacob Farmer N/A
Danielle Fallon N/A
Sophie Falkiner Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Alasdair Fagan N/A
Robert Eyre Bridlington Road Runners
Elizabeth Exley Barnsley Harriers
Louise Everitt N/A
Molly Everatt N/A
Dan Evea N/A
Luke Evans Valley Hill Runners
Richard Evans N/A
Melanie English Steel City Striders
Nicola English N/A
Vicki England N/A
Craig England N/A
Val England N/A
Sarah Endicott Tadcaster Harriers
Paul Empsall N/A
Helen Emmett N/A
Nick Emmett N/A
Tanya Emmett N/A
Steven Emmett N/A
Loraine Emery Whitby Running Club
Rachel Emery Boro Runners
Matty Emery Boro runners
Laurie Elwell N/A
Gayle Elvidge N/A
Joanne Elsdon Rothwell Harriers
Nick Ellis N/A
Peter Ellis Driffield Striders
Kay Elliott Brighouse Bees
Andy Elliott N/A
Ken Elliott N/A
David Ellicott Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Daniel Eland N/A
Amy Edwards N/A
Katy edwards N/A
Lloyd Edwards N/A
Jazz Edeson Driffield Striders
Steve Eccles Burntwood striders
Stephen Eblet N/A
Martin Ebanks N/A
Claire Easton N/A
Mick East N/A
Jack Dyson N/A
Nick Durward N/A
Daniel Dunster-Page N/A
Maya Dunning NA
Louise Dunne N/A
Paul Dunlavey Burntwood Striders
Sharon Duffill N/A
Luke Duffill Bridlington Road Runners
Deborah Duffill Bridlington Road Runners
Mike Duffield Fitmums And Friends
Nichola Duckitt N/A
Quentin Duckering N/A
Josh Duckering Rothwell Harriers
Jill Drury N/A
Rachel drury N/
Kristen Driver Bramley breezers
Jason Draper N/A
James Draper N/A
Paul Drake Maltby RC
Kimberley Drake Valley Hill Runners
Neil Dowse Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Lexi Dowle N/A
Jamie Dowle N/A
Jazmine Douglas N/A
Lisa Douglas White City Hull RRC
Andrew Donnelly Savvy park runerz
Debbie Donbavand N/A
Rome Doisneau Leeds City AC
Rachel Doherty N/A
karen Dockerty-Bull South Leeds Lakers
Mark Dobson N/A
Helen Dobson Methley striders
Laura Dixon N/A
Catherine Dixon N/A
Hannah Dixon N/a
Robin Dixon N/A
Phil Dickinson N/A
Peter Dickinson Scarborough Athletic Club
Victoria Dickinson Pudsey Pacers RC
Neil Diamond Crossgate Harriers
Maria Diamond Crossgate Harriers
Michael Devitt Ferndale Flyers
Jason Devison Na
Lisa Devison Na
Gemma Devine N/A
Sean Devall N/A
Ruth Dervey N/A
Melanie Derbyshire Castleford Running Group
Stephen Derbyshire Castleford Running Group
Dawn Denton N/A
Andrew Denton Savvy park
Jeff Denton Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Nicholas Dent North East Project
Jane Dent N/A
Barry Dennis N/A
Chris Dennis Rothwell Harriers
Philip Dennis N / A
Adam Dennis N/A
Amy Dennis Na
Adam Dennis Driffield Striders
Jeannette Denning N/A
Pullen Denise Vegan Runners UK
Charlotte Deller N/A
Matthew Dell N/A
Lynsey Delahaye Lonely Goat RC
Karl Delahaye Lonely Goat RC
James Deeley Na
Fay Debenham Scarborough Athletic Club
Maria De'More Brighouse Bees
Darrin Day N/A
Dolina Day Scarborough Athletic Club
Charlotte Day N/A
Martin Davison Savvy Park Runrz
Angela Davison Savvy Park Runrz
Kathryn Davis N/A
Nicola Davis Brighouse bees
Karen Davis N/A
Richard Davis N/A
Jack Davies N/A
Lisa Davies N/A
Joseph Davies N/a
Peter Davies N/A
Gillian Davies N/A
Suzanne Davidson N/A
Peter Davidson N/A
James Davey Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Frances Davenport N/A
Nicolas Daudet Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Julie Darnbrough Brighouse Bees
Laura Darlow NA
Jane Darley Savvy Park Runrz
Michelle Dare Pudsey Pacers RC
Nicola Darby N/A
Bateson Daniel Scarborough AC
Rebecca Dam N/A
Jill DALY Ackworth Road Runners & AC
SCOTT DALY Pontefract AC
Rebekah Dale N/A
Carol-Ann Dale Paphos running club
Janet D’Roza N/A
Kerry Curtis N/A
Jordan Curry N/A
Joshua Curry N/A
Andrew Currie White City Hull RRC
Katie Curnin Methley Striders
Amanda Cullum N/A
George Cullingworth N/A
Natalie Cullen N/a
Sam Cullen City of Sheffield AC
Chris Crowther Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Stephen Crownshaw Killamarsh Kestrels
Aidan Crosthwaite N/A
Mike Crossen Lonely Goat RC
Rachel Crossdale Otley AC
Jack Cross ULRC
Leanne Cross n/a
John Crosby East Hull Harriers & AC
Jim Crookes N/A
Wave Crookes Scarborough Athletic Club
Jude Crook N/A
Ken Creek Dragons Running Club (Leeds)
Karl Creaser N/A
Joanne Crawford Beverley Athletic Club
Nick Craggs Bridlington Road Runners
Shaunna Craggs N/A
Thomas Cragg Notfast RC
Simon Crabtree N/A
Emily Coxon N/A
Eddie Cowling N/A
Ben Cowens N/A
Rebekah Cowens N/A
John Coutts N/A
Karl Cousins N/A
Diane Coulson N/A
Becky Coulman Kingston upon Hull AC
Richard Cotterill N/A
Emily Corrigan N/a
Andrew Corrigan N/A
Jon Corrie N/A
Lauren Corcoran Kimberworth Striders RC
Lucy Corbett N|A
Jamie Corbett N/a
Diane Corbett Crossgate Harriers
Alice Copeland Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Summer Cooper-Weeks N/A
Jessica Cooper N/A
Ellis Cooper N/A
Daniella Cooper N/A
Liam Cooper South Leeds Lakers
Angela Cooper N/A
Catherine Cooper N/A
Marcus Coombe N/A
James Cooke N/A
Matthew Cooke Scunthorpe and District Running Club
Michael Cooke N/A
Michelle Cooke Fitmums And Friends
Dannielle Cooke N/A
Carol Cooke Beverley Athletic Club
Tom Cooke Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Julia Cook Fitmums And Friends
Olivia Cook N/A
Colin Cook N/A
Damon Cook N/A
Natasha Conway N/A
Kay Conway Barnsley Harriers
Michelle Conway N/A
Marisa Connor N/A
Sally Connolly Acre Street Runners
Ian Conlan N/A
Sally Conlan N/A
Paul Conlan N/A
Sharon Concannon N/A
Matthew Colling Bridlington Road Runners
Mark Colling N/A
Alex Colley N/A
Harry Coles N/A
Alison Coles N/A
Kimberley Cole Cannon events
Daniel Coe N/A
Adam Cockroft N/A
Ellie Cockroft N/A
Carol Cochrane N/A
VICKY COBFELD Clowne Road Runners
Corey Coates N/A
Paul Coates None
Alan Clubb Ruislip running club
Julie Clough Acre street runner
Gill Clegg Fit Rovers Runners
Katie Clayton N/A
Matthew clarkson Stockton Striders
Suzanne Clarkson West Hull Ladies
Gregan Clarkson Kingston upon Hull AC
Jamie Clarke Burntwood Striders
Louise Clarke Crossgates Harriers
James Clarke Crossgate Harriers
Ernie Clarke Notfast RC
Cathy Clarke Notfast RC
Beverley Clark N/A
Scott Clark N/a
Ryan Clark N/A
Garry Clark N/A
TREVOR CLARK Barton & District AC
Victor Choules Rothwell Harriers
Justin Choat Bridlington Road Runners
Emma Choat Bridlington Road Runners
Zoe Chislett Driffield Striders
Cameron Childs N/A
Sarah Child Goole Viking Striders
Andrew Chidwick Scarborough Athletic Club
Bev Chesman Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Mark Chesman Scunthorpe
Caroline Chard N/A
Phil Chapman Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Sally-Ann Chapman Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Lucy Chapman N/A
Katie Chaplin N/A
Rebecca Chaplin N/A
Jeanette Chambers White City Hull RRC
Danny Chambers N/A
Sarah Chadwick Scarborough Athletic Club
Emma Chadwick N/A
Brendan Chadwick Brendan Chadwick
Dan Cawthorn Bridlington Road Runners
Emilie Cawthorn Bridlington Road Runners
Kieron Cawkwell Kimberworth Striders RC
Erin Catton N/A
Alan Catton N/A
Adam Cattle N/A
Jane Catley N/A
Wayne Castle N/A
Jackie Casterton Rawmarsh Runners
Hannah Casey N/A
Jairo Carvalho N/A
Jo Cartwright Rothwell Harriers
Lynda carter N/A
Liam Carter N/A
Alexandra Carter N/A
Ali Carter Barton and District
Tom Carrington Scarborough Athletic Club
Stuart Carrack Dronfield RC
Victoria Carr N/A
Dot Carr N/A
David Carbert N/A
FredericoJose Capela N/A
Frederico Capela N/A
John Cannon Cannon events running club
Janice Cann N/A
Georgia Campbell N/A
Joseph Cammish Salford Harriers
Robert Calthorpe Bridlington Road Runners
Vicki Calow N/A
Faye Caley Hartlepool Burn Road Harriers & AC
David Caddick Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Anne Cable N/A
Andy Cable South Leeds lakers
Adrian Byrom Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Harry Butterworth Scarborough Athletic Club
Iain Butterworth N/A
Sacha Butterworth N/A
William Butterworth Scarborough Athletic Club
Hester Butterworth Scarborough Athletic Club
Richard Butterwick Todmorden Harriers
Sandra Butler Whitby Running Club
Callum Butcher N/A
Danielle Butcher N/A
Karen Butcher Lonely Goat RC
Nicole Bushby Morley Running Club
sally burton n/a
Hazel Burton N/A
Neil Burrows Lindley RC
Jill Burns N/A
Craig Burns N/A
Robert Burns N/A
Josie Burnip N/A
James Burnham N/A
Max Burnett N/A
Joanne Burke Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Richard Burke Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Tony Burgin White City Hull RRC
David Burdon Pudsey Pacers RC
Laura Burchill Brighouse Bees
Oliver Burchett Bridlington Road Runners
Amanda Burchett NA
Daniel Bulman N/A
Jessica Bulman N/A
Julie Bullick Brighouse bees
Rachel Buckley N/A
andrew buckley N/A
Sharron Buckingham N/A
Katie Buckby N/A
Annalisa Bryant N/A
Amanda Bryant Comets
Siobhan Brunt N/A
Jason Bruce-Halliwell N/A
Christian Bruce-Halliwell N/A
Robert Brownbridge N/A
Hayley Brown Crystal Peaks Runners
Caroline Brown N/A
Yasmin Brown N/A
Booey Brown N/A
Sam Brown Kingston upon Hull AC
Ellie Brown N/A
Gordon Brown Northowram Pumas
Janine Brown Barnsley Harriers
Ben Brown Rawmarsh Runners
Chris Brown N/A
Benjamin Brown N/A
Bev Brown Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Oliver Brown N/A
Paul Brown N/A
Al Brown N/A
Christian Brooks Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Adrian Brookes Kippax and District Harriers
Caroline Brookes NA
James Brooke N/A
Caroline Brooke Valley Hill Runners
Christopher Brooke N/A
Stephen Brook Queensbury RC
Katie Brook Queensbury RC
Emma Brook Wesham Road Runners
Wendy Brook Acre Street Runners
Richard Brook Queensbury RC
Nicholas Broadley N/a
Samantha Broadbent Holgate Harriers
Sam Briston Nettleham Trotters
Stephen Brier N/A
Tracy Bridgett Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Jack Bridgeman N/A
Joshua Bridge N/A
Louise Brewins N/A
Ben Brewins N/A
Kevin Brewer N/A
Christopher Breckon N/A
Martin Brearley Morley running club
Dawn Brearley N/A
Andrew Brearley N/A
Katy Brearley N/A
rob braviner n/a
kristie braviner N/A
Nick Braviner N/A
Deborah Bratley Rothwell Harriers
Jonathan Bradley N/A
Sue Bradley N/A
Jane Bradbury Lichfield Running Club
Kris Boynton Dronfield
Timothy Boynton Askern District RC
Gill Boynton York Acorn R.C.
Vickie Boyes N/A
Andrew Boyes Driffield Striders
Jason Boyes N/a
Ashley Bowsley N/A
Phil Bowmaker Scarborough Athletic Club
Christian Bowes Bridlington Road Runners
Stuart Bowes Bridlington Road Runners
James Bowes Scarborough Athletic Club
Chris Bosworth Wheatley Hills RUFC Running Club
Emma Bosomworth Na
Kevin Bosomworth Na
Mike Bosley Wells City Harriers
Richard Borrett N/A
Leo Borrett N/A
Adam Booth N/A
Mark Booth N/a
Clare Booth Team Manvers
Beverley Booth Brighouse Bees Running Club
Will Booth Oakwell Running Bears
Rebecca Booth Brighouse bees running club
Mandy Boole Drighlington Dynamos
Tracey Bonelle N/A
Sarah Bone NA
Paul Bond N/A
Deborah Bolton N/A
Alan Boland Whitby Running Club
Evie Blurton N/A
Thomas Bluck N/A
Ruth Bloor N/A
Jonathan Bliss N/A
Mark Blenkinsop N/A
Karis Blenkin N/A
Sonia Blencowe N/A
Jo Blades N/A
Anthony Blackshaw N/A
Ian Blackburn Steel City Striders RC
Simon Bishop Beverley Athletic Club
Lucy Bishop Beverley Athletic Club
Melvyn Bishop Lindley Running Club
Caroline Birkinshaw Kimberworth Striders RC
Will Birkinshaw NA
Emma Bird Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Fliss Bird Pocklington Runners
Emma Birch N/A
Antony Birch N/A
Laura Binns N/A
Andrew Binns N/A
Amanda Binns N/A
Carey Bilton Scarborough Athletic Club
Frazer Bielby N/A
patricia bielby Bridlington Road Runners
Stephen Bielby N/A
Mandy Bevans Kingston upon Hull AC
Andrew Bestington N/A
Sharon Berry Brighouse Bees Running Club
Anthony Berry N/a
Dave Berry Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Sarah Berry N/A
Stephen Berry Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Wendy Berry Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Fiona Bernardo N/A
Adam Bernardo Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Paul Bernardo Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Cary Bernard Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Keeley Bentley N/A
Alison Benson Beverley Athletic Club
Gillian Bennett Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Simon Bennett Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Joanna Bennett Cannons Events
David Benn N/A
Emily Bellwood Savvy park runrz
Louise Bellas Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Alex Bell N/A
Tina Bell Kimberworth Striders RC
Matthew Bell Savvy park runrz
Luke Bell N/A
Nick Bell Savvy Park Runrz
Mary Belben N/A
Nicholas Beevers N/A
Pete Beever Penistone Footpath Runners & AC
Jennifer Beecroft N/a
Edwin Beecroft N/A
Rebecca Beech N/A
Debbie Bedford South Leeds Lakers
Matthew Beck N/A
Suzanne Beattie N/A
Kerry Bean N/A
Rebecca Beal Lonely Goat RC
Alex Beal Lonely Goat RC
Robert Bayley Castleford Running Group
Craig Battye Brighouse Bees
Anna Batty N/a
Stephen Batty Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Rachel Bates Cannon Events
Calvin Bates N/A
Maurice Bates N/A
Tony Bates N/a
Aidan Bates N/A
Denise Bateman N/A
Alishia Bateman Morley Running Club
Tom Bastiman N/A
Debbie Barton Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Paul Barton Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Chris Barton N/A
James Barron Driffield Striders
Harriet Barrett N/A
Daniel Barratt Rise York
Sue Barrass N/A
Russ Barrass N/A
Lauren Barras N/A
Ian Barnsdall N/A
Nathan Barnes ULRC
Richard Barnes Fordy runs running club
Michelle Barnes N/A
Robert. Barker. N/A
Susan Barker N/A
Mandy Barker N/a
Nicola Barker Barton & District AC
Vicki Barber N/A
Ian Barber N/A
James Barber N/A
Shalene Barber N/A
Sophie Barber Na
John Banks N/A
Glen Banks N/A
Harrison Banks N/A
Colette Bamford South Leeds Lakers
Thomas Ball N/A
David Baldwin Scarborough Athletic club
Leigh Balding N/A
Brian Baker N/A
Karan Baker N/A
Stephen Baker Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Alison Baker Valley Hill Runners
Anthony Baker N/A
Tristan Baker Allerton Junior Athletics Club
Jon Baines N/A
Louise Baines Smalley Road Runners
Alexander Baines N/A
Josh Bainbridge N/a
Kate Bailey N/A
Dawn Bailey N/A
Louise Bailey Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Donna Bailey Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Andrew Baiden Rothwell Harriers
Abigail Baiden Rothwell Harriers
Alex Baggaley N/A
Paul Baggaley N/A
Owen Ayres N/A
Josefina Ayala Scarborough Athletic Club
Shane Auckland N/A
Shaun Atkinson Fordy Runs running club
Sue Atkinson Dronfield RC
Lewis Atkinson N/A
Suzy Atkinson N/A
Sally Atkinson N/A
Hannah Atkinson Kimberworth Striders RC
Orrin Atkinson N/A
Marie Atkinson Dronfield Running Club
Danielle Atkinson N/A
craig atherton N/A
Natalie Ashton Team Manvers
David Arnott N/A
Andrew Arnall N/A
Stuart Armstrong N/A
Dean Argent N/A
Lauren Archer N/A
Paul Appleby Lonely Goat
Andrew Ansell N/A
sophie annall N/A
Tina Anholm Withernsea Harriers
Kevin Anholm Withernsea Harriers
Karen Andrews N/A
William Anderson Scarborough Athletic Club
Debbie Anderson Scarborough Athletic Club
Annmarie Anderson N/A
Rachel Anderson City of Hull AC
Tracy Anastasiou Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Beth Amos Scarborough Athletic Club
Mark Amos N/A
Mark Amos N/A
Belinda Amos Pitreavie AAC
Darius Amos N/A
Stephen Amos Cobra RC
Donna Ambler N/A
Dan Ambler N/A
Yousuf AlZidjali N/A
Richard Alsina N/A
Victoria Almond N/A
Dave Allison Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Clive Allen N/A
Catherine Allen Hillsborough and Rivelin Running Club
Chris Allen NA
Abigail Allan N/A
Donna Allan Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Catherine Allan Ackworth Road Runners & AC
Michelle Allan N/A
Heidi Akester Hedon Fitmums and Friends
Johnny Airfly N/A
David AINSLEY Fordy runs
Raffi Aghanian Scarborough Athletic Club
Astineh Aghanian N/a
Clare Agar Redcar RC
Julie Adin Cannons events
Luke Adin Cannon Events
Duncan Adesile N/A
Julie Adesile N/A
Caitlin Addey N/A
Vicki Adamson N/A
Lee Adamson N/A
Karl Adamski N/A
Wayne Adams N/a
Tom Adams ULRC
Laura Adams N/A
Rachel Adams N/A
Chris Adams N/A
Debi Adams Pickering RC
James Adams Morley Running Club
Eric Adams RGZ

Terms & Conditions



The Event will be run under UK Athletics rules.

Runners of the 10K must be 15 or over on the day of the race.

Runners of the 5K must be 11 or over on the day of the race.

The Participant recognises that running/pushing a 10K or 5K race can be physically strenuous and the participant is aware of the nature of the event and associated medical and physical risks involved.

The Participant agrees that they are physically capable of competing in the McCains Yorkshire Coast  5K/10K and agrees to be solely responsible for their actions and that the Event Organiser and other agencies involved with the delivery of the event are not responsible for any injury, illness or expenses that the Participant may suffer as a result of their participation in the Event (unless caused due to the negligence of the Event Organiser).

The Participant agrees to not attend if they have any symptoms associated with covid-19, are self-isolating or reside in an area under local or national lockdown arrangements.

The Participant agrees to adhere to all social distancing guidelines relevant at the time of the event and to not risk compromising any other participant.  Failure to abide by these guidelines can lead to disqualification or removal if the participant persists with actions after a reminder. No refund will be granted in this instance.

The Participant agrees to abide by all applicable rules and regulations of the Event, including the Highway Code, and the relevant sporting governing bodies that oversee the running of the Event including the relevant UK Athletics regulations and rules.

The Participant shall be deemed to have made themselves familiar with, and agree to be bound by the UKA Anti-doping Rules and submit to the authority of UK Anti-Doping in the application and enforcement of the Anti-Doping Rules.  The UKA Anto-Doping Rules apply to entrants participating in the sport of Athletics whether or not the licence holder is a citizen of, or resident in, the UK. 

Buggies, prams, cycles, skateboards, roller skates or similar are not permitted in any part of this event. This also includes wheelchairs which are being pushed around the course. This exclusion does not apply to self-propelled wheelchairs (contact race organisers regarding suitability of the course).  Assisted athletes please contact race organiser with your requirements.

Animals and pets are not permitted in any part of this event.

No artificial aids which enhance performance will be permitted. The organiser reserves the right to classify such aids.

The wearing of headphones, or similar devices is not recommended but is permitted as the route is closed to traffic.

Where competitors do wear headphones or similar, they must be capable of hearing any instructions given by event marshals and race officials.

Participants should follow any instructions given by event marshals and race officials.

The Participant is aware of the 10K 85-minute time limit.

The Event Organiser reserves the right at any time to remove Participants from the Event or prevent Participants participating in the Event if in the Event Organiser’s sole discretion, it considers such action necessary for safety reasons or the proper enjoyment of the Event by other Participants or for any other reasonable reason. No refund of the Fee shall be made if the Participant has acted negligently, maliciously, with wilful misconduct or otherwise without due care and attention for the Event or other participants, so as to cause their removal.

Any competitor proved not to have run the correct run route will be disqualified.

The organiser reserves the right to withdraw any competitor from the event if the organiser feels that competitor’s health or other competitors are at risk from further participation. This includes the suspected consumption or use of alcohol or drugs and under any guidance related to covid-19.

The Participant acknowledges that personal accident and personal items insurance is his or her sole responsibility.

All decisions and rulings by the Event Organiser, its employees and its agents are considered final. Accordingly, the Participant will comply with all Event rules and all instructions and guidelines given by stewards, marshals, and safety personnel. The Participant acknowledges and agrees that the Event Organiser will organise and run the Event and will have sole authority and be the final arbiter on all decisions relating to the safety, running and organisation of the Event.

The Participant acknowledges and accepts that circumstances concerning an Event may change from time to time for reasons out of the Event Organiser’s reasonable control or otherwise, without the Event Organiser incurring any liability, including refunds of entry fee, and without any rights to withdrawal being accrued by the Participant. The Event Organiser reserves the right to cancel the event or move to a bad weather course or a virtual event in the case of exceptional circumstances which would render the event excessively dangerous or impractical. The Event Organiser also retains the right to change any part of the course prior to the Event taking place, including distance, providing these changes are communicated to the Participant in advance and continue to adhere to UKA standards.

The Event Organiser will do their best to provide an accurate Event finish time for the Participant; however, it cannot be held responsible for any result anomalies or any technical malfunctions.


The Participant is not entitled to a refund should they decide to cancel their participation other than those defined on the Events web site.

There will be no deferral of entries.

Should the event be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances the Event will move to a virtual event if regulations permit.

Any competitor found to be using the name/entry of another person without having undergone the transfer process (see below) will be disqualified. The organiser reserves the right to exclude such individuals from future editions of the race.



The Event Organiser shall not be liable to the Participant for any loss of business, revenue or profits resulting from participation or loss or damage to personal equipment belonging to the Participant, unless due to the Organiser's negligence.

The Event Organiser will not be liable for any actions of any spectators or other third parties not involved with the Event.

The Event Organiser and agents used in the organisation of the Event shall not be liable to the Participant or successors as a result of any kind of physical, mental or other loss, pain or damage of whatsoever nature suffered by the Participant as a result of their direct involvement with the Event. The Participant also agrees to indemnify the Event Organiser and the Associated Parties for any claim, actions, liabilities or losses resulting from any breach of the Participant's declarations above and/or the Participant's negligent acts or omissions and/or wilful misconduct.

It is recognised that nothing in these Conditions above shall exclude or limit the liability of the Event Organiser:

for death or personal injury caused by the Event Organiser's negligence;

for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or

for any matter which it would be illegal for the Event Organiser to exclude or attempt to exclude liability.



The Participant consents to:

the use and reproduction of the Participant's name, photographs, images and videos in all media for the purpose of advertising and publicity for future promotion of the event. Such items shall remain the property of the Event Organiser.



Participant data will be used by the Event Organiser, their agents and sponsors for the purpose of providing the event.  This includes electronic messaging, telephone calls, texts and other methods of communication concerning the Event, any merchandise or prize winnings.

All data will be held in compliance with GDPR.

Refund Policy

We are unable to offer refunds but transfers will be available using the entry system until 30/9/2023.  We will have a have a transfer chat on our Facebook page.  Any monies pertaining to a transfer are between the two parties and not the race organisers.  Runners transferring numbers after the entry system closing date need to inform the race entry helpdesk on the day of the race with the new runners’ details. 


Just to be clear you can transfer race numbers up to 30-09-2024 23:59:59 using the entry system.  After 30/9/2024 up to the day of the race - just make sure we know of the transfer at the helpdesk.


Event Date: 20th October 2024 09:45
Date Entries Close: 15th September 2024 00:00
Entry Limit: 2200
Total Entered: 2200
Total Remaining: 0


Location & Directions

Scarborough SPA, South Bay, SCARBOROUGH, North Yorkshire, YO11 2HD


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