Added By The Entry Point 17th November 2023

Free Cycling Time Trial Software, Really?

Yes you heard that right we provide a FREE to use time trial timing solution. Are you a cycling club that organises time trial events? finding time keepers hard to come by these days? We created a simple to use time trial scoring platform especially for cycling time trial events.

Our system utilises our FREE to download scoring application that we use for our very own timing business as a backup. Best of all our service is completely free to use for all time trial events.

In it's most basic form all that you need is a single device on the finish line to record the time that each rider finished. The times are uploaded to our race timing platform and you will have a set of professional results that can be edited as you wish. These live results are also dislpayed on our race timing results pages. You can also use 2 devices 1 device to record the start time of each rider and the other device to record the finish of the riders.

Its FAST, ACCURATE and simple to use. We have been specialising in race timing for over 15 years.

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If you want a FREE to use manual race timing system for your time trial event then create an account and get the perfect live results for your event