Frequently Asked Questions.

This page has been developed to answer questions that often get asked. We also inlcude some good tips and advice on setting up parts of your entry pages

The my website feature is for those clubs or events that do not have a website or would like to make use of our free professional system.

Within my website you have the option to fully customise the colours to match your event or club.

Should you wish to use the new website feature all that you need to do is register a domain name and then point this domain name to your my website page. whenever anyone visits your domain name they will be presented with your my website.


  1. Customise the images and colours
  2. Create as many pages as you like
  3. link all of your entry and membership pages
  4. Uses are endless.


The Entry Point is a gamechanger in the online events world.

The Entry Point is a brand new service replacing our ever popular Sports Entry Solutions. One of the hardest tasks was actually getting entrants in a suitable format that can be used easily. The costs associated with setting up a bespoke website and the relevant merchant accounts make the whole process complex and often expensive. Our systems in use are being used by many organisors to this day and many successful transactions have taken place.

We have the lowest costing online entry system in the UK and if you are not using our system then you are paying too much for your online entries. We are slowly becoming the number 1 choice in the UK. We do not hold onto fees or charge high rates as with other companies. All payments are made directly into your very own Stripe account as soon as an entrant has made a payment. You can use our entry system for a number of events and charge for them or provide them for FREE the choice is yours.

Our online entry service is FREE to setup and use, pass the fees on and it costs you nothing at all.

The service costs you absolutely nothing to setup. We only charge a very small amount of 30p per transaction to cover the costs of the service that we provide. We need to take a small fee so that we can keep the system online and updated.

You only pay for the entries that you receive and better still paper entries that have been sent in are free unlike many of our competitors. If you add the cost of the processing fee into your entry fee then the service costs absolutely nothing to you.

You can even use the entry site for FREE. Should you wish to take entries to collate an entry list but you do not wish to charge for them you can do this for free no other site offers this service.

Can I download my entry data?

All entry information is held within your administration section. Once logged in you can view all of your competitor information with the ability to export all the competitor data to a csv file so that you can work with the data in your chosen software.

Can I password protect my pages?

Sometimes you may want to create an entry page but you do not want the general public to enter your event. We have created a very simple way of preventing this from happening.

When you create your entry page you will see that you can create a password. This in turn will create a prompt when someone visits your page. If they do not know the password then they cannot progress any further.



We find this very usefull for events that are only open to their own members etc but the uses are endless.

Can I sell other items and products?

Absolutely! we have developed a full professional e-commerce shopping cart system. We have found many event organisors and charities use this feature all of the time. Our shopping cart system work's perfectly for those all important event items that you may want to sell. You may want to sell:

  • Pasta Party Tickets
  • BBQ Tickets
  • Race Number Belts
  • Pre Paid Parking Permits
  • Or anything else related to your event.

Fully editable, sell as many items as you like.

Can I use The Entry Point for relay teams?

Absolutely, our system allows you to take an entry for a relay team. The person entering the event will be the lead entrant and the one that pays for the entry and be the main point of contact for that particular relay team entry.

When you setup your event you can use the additional questions to ask for the information of the relay runners.

Typical questions asked on relay forms:

  • Relay Team Name (Text Input)
  • Relay Team Type (Drop Down List - Male Team, Female Team & Mixed Team)
  • Name (Text Input)
  • Gender (Drop Down List - Male, Female & Non Binary)
  • Date Of Birth (Text Input)
  • T-Shirt Size (Drop Down List)
  • Emergency Contact Name (Text Input)
  • Emergency Contact Number (Text Input)

You can of course ask as many questions as you like.

Club and Team Memberships

Our site has been developed to take online entry fees on the behalf of events and organisations. We have since further developed the system to be used for Club and Teams of any type to be used for taking annual membership fees. One thing we had found from our own experience it was often difficult in chasing members for membership renewals and providing up to date information to all paid up members was a difficult task.

Our Membership Directory is a simple way to have a central database of current club or team members. Its primary service is to take membership renewals The most used feature of our membership system is the Free professional HTML newsletter feature that allows teams and clubs to send out important information to there entire club list as and when needed.

Its simple to use and low cost and is a great tool for any club or team. With our flexible membership and team system you can choose to collect membership details as a paid for membership or simply turn the FREE payment within you administration section on and it can be used to collect and manage your club and team memberships for FREE

Every event that is setup on the system will have an event email address field. By default we copy the account email address into this field when an event is created. You are able to edit this email to one that is more suitable for you.

When a member of the public fills in the contact form on the event pages the contact form is sent to the address you have added.







You also have the option to receive notifications. This will send a copy of all orders to the specified email address. you have the option to turn this off if you do not wish to receive them it can be quite annoying if you have a large event and receive hundreds of emails.


Creating Free Events

We have developed our system to not only take payments using stripe but we have also developed it to take FREE entries.

You may have an event where you need to get an entry list of participants but you do not wish to charge for the event.

All that you need to do is select free event when you set your event up and this will then bypass the payment system.

You will be able to edit and view your event and participants in the usual way.

We have developed our entry system to be as flexible as possible. You can ask unlimited questions and decide on the response that you would like to receive.

You have the following response types:

Drop Down: You can specify a series of answers that will be displayed in a drop down box.

Input: The entrant would simply enter an answer that is generally a small amount of text

Text Area: The same as above but can add a much larger answer.

You can also specify if the questions must be answered or not.

Introducing Virtual Events

With the mass cancellation of events due to the Covid-19 virus we have seen a surge in events wanting to change their events or host a virtual event.

We have developed our system so that you can do this and nearly the whole process is fully automated. (you only need to verify times if you wish to)

Its very simple:

1 - Create your event and turn the Virtual Event option on
2 - When you create your event ensure that you also turn the editing details on. (The participants can then login and add their time along with the link to the evidence needed)

You can then of course add a customised message letting your participants know that it is a virtual event and they can login and add their times.

When participants have logged in and added their time they will appear on the virtual results page. Please note these times are not official and are really for a bit of fun.

Virtual Results From A Local Event

Our discount code section allows you to create as many discount codes as you need.(Discounts are only applied to entries. Additional items are not discounted)

When you create a discount code you can select a date that the discount code will expire.

If you wish to give a FREE entry away you can simply create a discount code that will reduce the total ticket price to £0.00 this means the entry will be made and bypasses the payment system.

We highly recommend creating discount codes that are unique to the person using it. As an example you could use the name and some random text BarryBudden05% This will help you reduce anyone other than the intended person using the discount code. Obviously if you where allowing a club to have a discount code then you could use the clubname with random text. eg: BarracudaTriClub03%

Using Discount Codes

If you need to make a document available for download all you need to do is upload your document when editing your events. This is done in the same way as you would use to insert an image.

we recommend converting all of your documents to a PDF before making them available online.

Once added participants will be able to download the documents, this is very useful for paper membership forms etc.

You get paid you entry fee at the exact moment you take an entry.

Unlike all other online entry systems we do not hold onto client money for 30 days or even until the event has taken place all entry fees are paid directly into your *Stripe account as soon as the transaction has taken place.

We only charge for the use of our service and this is taken at the same time as your transaction is processed.

*The Entry Point has been developed to use Stripe. Fees apply, but are some of the lowest available by adding the fee's on you receive 100% of the event/ticket price.

Lets face it how happy are you for your money to be sat in a bank account of another company? What if the company went out of business? The company is most likely using there own merchant account for third party processing which is not allowed.

Its all very simple

1 - We have the lowest fees 2 - You receive your fee instantly 3 - Feature Packed

Here at The Entry Point we do not hold onto your fee's. All other entry systems will hold onto your money for at least 30 days. Many systems will hold onto your money until the event has taken place and only release your funds once the event has been completed.

This means that your event revenue will be sitting in another bank account for quite some time gaining vast amounts of interest for those companies who are holding onto it. Are you 100% sure that these companies have your money held in a trust/client account and have you thought what if this company where to go out of business?. We are guessing that you would not like the risks involved with that?.

We charge a flat rate fee of 30p per transaction no matter how high the entry fee maybe. This is to cover the cost of running The Entry Point website.

With our system you have your very own custom interface where you can manage all of your Events,Tickets, Memberships and Products.

*Event Protect is fully optional

All communications using The Entry Point are sent through an SSL Protected site meaning that all communications are encrypted, you can see the details of this by clicking the padlock located in your browser bar and you will also see in the web address the HTTPS:// this further ensures that all communications are encrypted protecting the information that you send to our site.

Further more all payments are processed by Stripe. We do not collect or store any credit card details within our system. The only information that is collected is competitor information that is available to the event organisor only.

The Entry Point Newsletter Service

Our system includes a FREE mailing system allowing you to send professional newsletters to all of your customers.

  • Professionally designed
  • Create campaigns
  • Track all newsletters sent
  • Fully customise your newsletters