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The Ferriby 10 2024
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City of Hull has organised a road race named after North Ferriby every year since 1954. The event originated as a staggered start handicap along one of the clubs favourite training routes. The race was originally to be an open handicap, but only East Hull Harriers and Driffield Harriers were invited to participate.  Thirty-three runner completed the first race, with first man home on handic was Ray Gray, East Hull Harriers whilst the fastest time (56.38) was recorded by Reg Darley, Hull Harriers who started off a scratch handicap.

In 1957, the Ferriby 10 became an open race and was won by Joe Lancaster of Manchester A.C., the world 20 mile champion, who crossed the line in 53.40. In 1960, Stan Sykes of Longwood Harriers lowered the fastest time for the Ferriby '10' to 51.02. In 1980, Brendan Foster was granted a late entry and went on to run 48.01, the fastest time recorded in the history of the event.

In the 1990s the construction of a new stretch of the busy A164 road to the Humber Bridge cut across the route and the race moved to a new course from Skidby. The race is now one of the most popular races in the area, a record of 753 finishers in 2015.

Jordan Skelly (Lincoln Wellington AC) won the men's race in 51:22 while Della Hatfield (City of Hull AC) won the women's race in 59:23.

The present course records are held by Kris Lecher (50:42) & Jenny Blizzard (58.13).



Entry Options

Ferriby 10 Race Entry £26.00


Daniel Zobkiw City of Hull AC
Magdalena Zaremba East Hull Harriers & AC
Alan Young Wolds Veterans RC
Amanda Young Louth AC
Demi Yip City of Hull AC
Liz Yates Team Manvers
Bing Yan Wolds Veterans RC
Sarah Wydell Wolds Veterans RC
Katie Wright N/A
Daniel Wray N/A
Daniel Wrapson Londom Heathside
Mark Wragg City of Hull AC
Steve Worth Pocklington Runners
Amy Worrall N/A
Eddie Woollock N/A
Heather Woolley N/A
Rob Woolley N/A
Geraldine Woolfall N/A
Richard Woolfall N/A
Emma Woodmansey Fitmums And Friends
Jamie Woodhouse N/A
Daniel Woodforth Barton & District AC
Bruce Woodford Beverley AC
Alan Woodcock Off That Couch
Alastair Wood Selby Striders
Paul Wood Fitmums And Friends
Tom Wood Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Simon wise Skegness and District Running Club
Emma Winter Selby Striders
ANDREW WINTER Snaith and Cowick running club
Aaron Winsor East Hull Harriers
Mark Winship N/A
Kirsty Wilson East Hull Harriers & AC
Nicola Wilson Fitmums And Friends
Dave Wilson N/A
Nigel Wilson Beverley Athletic Club
Jon Wilson Barton & District AC
Julie Wilson N/A
Elizabeth Wilson Ancoats Run Club
Hollie Wilson Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Sean Willis Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Clare Williams Cleethorpes AC
Paul Williams N/a
carole Williams Hornsea harriers
Isabel Williams N/A
Kevin Williams N/A
Shirley Willett Louth AC
Louise Wilkinson N/A
graham Wilkinson N/A
Aaron Wilkinson N/A
Alan Wilkinson York Knavesmire Harriers
Dan Wilkinson Hornsea Harriers
Matthew Wilcock Pocklington Runners
Sarah Wilby Pocklington Runners
Jonathan Whittaker Off that couch fitness
Rachel Whittaker West Hull Ladies
David Whiting Beverley AC
CAROLINE Whitfield Grimsby Tri
Kerry Whitehead Bridlington Road Runners
Darren White East Hull Harriers & AC
Adam White Beverley Athletic Club
Fiona Whitaker Pocklington Runners
Sam Whitaker N/A
Matthew Whattam Selby Striders
Nicki Whattam Selby Striders
Kai Weymes Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Kim Wettergreen Wolds Veterans RC
Simon Weston N/A
Steve Westmorland Brough Runners
Barbara Wesson Fitmums And Friends
Dominique Webster Bridlington Road Runners
Julia Webb Scarborough Athletic Club
Phillip Weaver Skegness and District Running Club
Rob Waugh N/A
David Waugh N/A
Peter Watson Fitmums And Friends
peter watkinson Beverley Athletic Club
Karen Watkins West Hull Ladies
Marie Waterman NA
Peter Wass Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club
Daniel Waslin Beverley Athletic Club
Alexis Warren N/A
Fiona Wardell N/A
Janet Wardale West Hull Ladies
Simon Ward Selby Striders
Bryan Ward N/A
Simon Walters Bridlington road runners
David Walmsley East Hull Harriers & AC
Pete Walker N/A
Camilla Walker West Hull Ladies
John Walker Fitmums And Friends
Patrick Walker City of Hull AC
David Walker Barracuda Triathlon Club
Dawn Wales N/A
Mark Walby Barton & District AC
Helen Waite Cleethorpes Tri Club
Beckie Wainman N/A
Glenn Wainman N/A
Joe Wainman N/A
Pete Wade Doncaster AC
Laura Vize N/A
Colin Vize N/A
Andrew Viggars N/A
Peter Vernon Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club
Lee Varley Doncaster Athletic Club
Ellis Uttley Beverley AC
jeannine ursell City of Hull AC
Sally Uren N/A
Lindsay Upton Stainland Lions Road Runners
Ken Upshall White City Hull RRC
Kerry Tyerman Louth Athletics Club
andrew Tweddell East Hull Harriers & AC
Katy Turnbull N/A
James TURNBULL Fitmums And Friends
James Turnbull Goole Viking Striders
John Turgoose Barton & District AC
Jonathon Tucker N/A
Hugh Tomlinson City of Hull AC
Bartosz Tomaszewski City of Hull AC
Christopher Toll Louth AC
Joanne Toes Fitmums And Friends
Lucy Todd Atom
Colleen Thundercliffe City of Hull AC
Katy Thorpe N/A
Clive Thornley Wolds Veterans RC
Andrea Thomson West Hull Ladies
Melvin Thompson Roberttown Road Runners
phillippe Thompson CrossFit Barbaric
Kit Thompson Wolds Veterans RC
Sean Thompson East Hull Harriers & AC
Dean Thomas Cleethorpes AC
Frank Thomas Caistor running club
Amy Thirkettle Kingston upon Hull AC
Lizzie Thirkettle N/A
paul teece East Hull Harriers & AC
Andrew Teasdale Danum harriers
Les Taylor White City Hull RRC
Connor Taylor N/A
Josh Taylor City of Hull AC
Stephen Taylor East Hull Harriers & AC
Liam Taylor Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Russell Tattershall Caistor Running Club
Stuart Tattersfield Roberttown Road Runners
Samantha Tather Jolly Triathlon club
Peter Tait Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Krzysztof Szalecki Goole Viking Striders
Katarzyna Szalecka Goole Viking Striders
Craig Syrett N/A
Lee Swift N/A
Claire Swift N/A
Joe Swash Selby Striders
Gaynor Sward Fitmums And Friends
Graeme Sutton Lonely Goat RC
Michelle Sutton Lonely Goat RC
Julia Sutton Fitmums
Dave Sunman Fitmums And Friends
Jamie Sullivan Grimsby Tri Club
jan suddaby n/a
Max Stubbings N/A
Tatjana Strauha Withernsea Harriers
Jeannette Strachan Fitmums And Friends
Chris Stott N/A
Harry Storr Barton & District AC
Clare Stones Pocklington Runners
Mike Stones N/A
Cosmin Stoleriu N/A
Mark Stockdale Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Laura Stipetic N/A
Annabel Stevenson Fitmums And Friends
Maria Steer Wolds Veterans RC
Neil Stead Goole Viking Striders
Madeleine Stansfield Dewsbury Road Runners
Lucy Stamford Beverley Athletic Club
Jane Stabler Fitmums And Friends
Elliott Spicer City of Hull AC
Stuart Spencer Fitmums And Friends
Darren Spencer N/A
Diane Spencer Team Manvers
Jill speight Na
john spauls Cleethorpes AC
Thomas Sowerby Snaith & Cowick
Steve Sole Kingston upon Hull AC
Emily Soanes Driffield Striders
Paul Snowden Louth AC
Andrew Snowball Pocklington Runners
Joanna Snook N/a
Rob Snaith East Hull Harriers & AC
jennifer smith N/A
John Smith City of Hull AC
Dave Smith Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club
Samantha Smith Atom
Lindsay Smith Fitmums And Friends
Debbie smith White City Hull RRC
Alan Smith White City Hull RRC
Martin Smith City of Hull AC
Malcolm Smith Wolds Veterans RC
Gary Smith City of Hull AC
Victoria Smith West Hull Ladies
ed smith Wolds Veterans RC
Stacey Smith City of Hull AC
Jayne Smith Wolds Veterans RC
Sarah Smith Skegness and District Running Club
Gary Smith Caistor Running Club
Helen Smith Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Robert Smith Cleethorpes AC
Paul Smith Morley Running Club
Ann Smith N/A
Callum Smith Cleethorpes AC
Stuart Smith Pocklington Runners
Duncan Smart Scarborough Athletic Club
Andrew Slough Kingston upon Hull AC
Lindsay Skinner Off That Couch Fitness
Michael Skelton Cleethorpes AC
Jordan Skelly Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club
Craig Simons KUHAC
Kate Simons Louth AC
Adele Shipley Pocklington Runners
Charlotte Sherman Beverley Athletic Club
Stephen Sheriff N/A
Angharad Shepherdson West Hull Ladies
Ben Shepherd N/a
Paul Shepherd City of Hull AC
Kevin Sharp East Hull Harriers & AC
emerald Sharkey Fitmums And Friends
Alfred Shapcott Pocklington Runners
Matthew Seymour Beverley Athletic Club
Richard Sellers N/A
Lisa Seamark Fitmums and friends
NEIL SCRUTON Scarborough Athletic Club
Michelle Scott-Jones Scunthorpe
Craig Scott Off that couch fitness
Richard Scott Wolds Veterans RC
keith scott Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Gemma Scott Off that couch fitness
David Scott Cleethorpes Tri Club
Garry Scott N/A
Harry Schofield N/A
Andrew Schofield Off that couch fitness
Luigi Scatola SADC
Nicola Scatola SADC
Kristian Sayer Morley Running Club
Cheryl Sayer Kingston upon Hull AC
Steph Sayan Cottingham Fitmums and Friends
Philip Savage N/A
Mark Sands Skegness and District Running Club
Mike Salter City of Hull AC
Samantha Salter west hull ladies
Helen Salisbury West hull ladies
Gary Sainty N/a
Runar Saether East Hull Harriers & AC
Ben Sadowyj Barton & District AC
Jonathan Russell Crossgate Harriers
Katie Rudge Kingston upon Hull AC
Robyn Rowlin N/A
Sarah Rowland Kingston upon Hull AC
Jo Rowland Beverley Athletic Club
Martin Rowe N/A
Wayne Rowbotham N/A
Louise Route Fitmums And Friends
John Route Fitmums And Friends
Freya Route East Hull Harriers & AC
Beth Rose N/A
Sara Rookyard East hull harriers
Karl Rolstone East Hull Harriers & AC
Steven Rollinson N/A
Richard Roe Wolds Veterans RC
tanya rodgers Team BR
Ste Robson York Knavesmire Harriers
Lynne Robinson Queensbury RC
Richard Robinson N/A
Nicola Riley Beverley Athletic Club
Kirsty Riley Selby Striders
Leanne Rickett Skegness and District Running Club
Rhiannon Richards Pocklington Runners
Sarah Rial West Hull Ladies
Rich Rex City of Hull AC
Paul Reed N/A
Jake Redgate-large Off That Couch Fitness
Emily Redgate large N/A
Olivia Rawnsley Pocklington Runners
Jonathan Raw Hornsea Harriers
Dianne Raper Bridlington Road Runners
Paul Raper Bridlington Road Runners
Fiona Randles Pocklington Runners
Thomas Ramsay Beverley Athletic Club
Ben Ramsay City of Hull AC
Josh Rabet N/A
Suzanne Pymm N/A
Simon Pullan Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Naomi Prutton City of Hull AC
Jennifer Prowse N/a
Rachel Proctor Fitmums And Friends
Sarah Proctor N/A
Damian Probett Bridlington Road Runners
Jane Probett Bridlington Road Runners
Robert Pritchard Grimsby Tri
Debi Pritchard Pocklington Runners
Sarah Price N/A
Claire Price East hull Harrier's
Diane Pratt N/A
Christopher Poulton York Acorn
Clare Potts Pocklington Runners
Kate Pople Pocklington Runners
Sam Pople Pocklington Runners
Matthew Poole Wolds Veterans RC
Stephen Pointon Beverley Athletic Club
Shaneen Platten City of Hull AC
Alex Platt N/A
Malcolm Piper Wolds Veteran RC
Danielle Pinder Fitmums And Friends
William Pike Beverley
Benjamin Pickwell-Smith N/A
Bex Pickles N/A
David Pickering Barracuda Triathlon Club
Diane Pickering West Hull Ladies
Andy Phillips Off that couch fitness
Natasha Philips Humber Triathletes
Keri Pearson City of Hull AC
Ken Pearson Beverley Athletic Club
Hayley Pearson Louth Triathlon Club
Tony Payne East Hull Harriers & AC
Andrew Pay Fitmums And Friends
Mr Paul Furness Beverley Athletic Club
Ian Pattison Fitmums And Friends
Megan Parsons N/A
Madeleine Parsons N/A
Sarah Parsons Fitmums And Friends
Ben Parkin Pocklington Runners
Lynne Parkin West Hull Ladies
Daisy Parker N/A
Tracey Parker N/A
Allen Parker N/A
Karen Park West Hull Ladies
Kelly Palmer Bridlington Road Runners
Diane Palmer Bridlington Road Runners
Paul Palframan Hornsea Harriers
Kim Page Pocklington Runners
Scott Page City of Hull AC
Kerry Padley Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Hollie Oxtoby Beverley Athletic Club
Steve Oxley N/A
Jason Oxby Louth AC
Steve Ostler Beverley Athletic Club
Philippa Oldridge Goole Viking Striders
Nick Oehring Barracuda Tri
Dawn Oades East Hull Harriers & AC
Gary Oades East Hull Harriers & AC
Paul O’Neill Selby Striders
Sarah O'Sullivan N/A
Jonathan O'Neill York Knavesmire Harriers
Wayne O'Connor Off That Couch Fitness
Andy North N/A
Sarah Noble Scarborough Athletic Club
Claire Nimmo Kuhac
Simon Nicholson City of Hull AC
John Nicholls Beverley Athletic Club
Paula Nicholls Beverley Athletic Club
Rob Newton City of Hull AC
Rob Newton Fitmums And Friends
Stephen Newton Beverley AC
Tara Nevet N/A
Sean Nettleton N/A
Keith Nettleton N/A
Dean Ness N/A
Graham Naylor White City Hull RRC
Chris Nation N/A
Elizabeth Nairn Selby Striders
Kate Myers Team Manvers
Mark Muxlow Wolds Veterans RC
Maxine Mussell Cleethorpes Tri Club
Richard Musgrave Barton & District AC
Ian Mudd Fitmums And Friends
Paul Mudd Fitmums And Friends
Venika Moverley East Hull Harriers & AC
Richard Mould N/A
Steve Mosey Barton & District AC
Anne mortimer Wolds Veterans RC
Andrea Morley Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Paul Moon N/A
Carol Miller West Hull Ladies
Adam Miller N/A
Dave Millard Humber Triathletes
William Miles N/A
Desmond Miles N/A
John Middleton York Knavesmire Harriers
Joe Mickman Kingston upon Hull AC
Paul Mickman Kingston upon Hull AC
Adrian Messingham Beverley Athletic Club
Steven Merryweather N/A
Layla Merrin Lonely Goat RC
Jonathan Melling Pocklington Runners
Rebecca Meilhan Beverley Athletic Club
David Meilhan Beverley Athletic Club
Ayshea Megyery N/A
Clare McWilliam N/A
Rachael McWilliam N/A
Rich Mcwatt 3XTRI
Shaun McManus White City Hull RRC
Carole McMahon Fitmums And Friends
Laura McLaughlin Selby Striders
David Mckinnon Goole Viking Striders
Hayley McKenna Cleethorpes AC
Susan Mcintyre Beverley Athletic Club
Amy Mcinerney Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Anne McHardy N/A
Matt McGrath City of Hull AC
Jonny McFaul Goole Viking Striders
Ciara Mcevoy Selby Striders
Becky Mcdonald Beverley Athletic Club
Jessica McDonald Fitmums And Friends
Alan McCartney Barracuda Tri club
James McCartney Barracuda Triathlon Club
Sharon Mccann Driffield Striders
Robert Mayson Beverley Athletic Club
Leanne Maycock Pocklington Runners
Tim Maycock Pocklington Runners
Thomas Mawer East Hull Harriers & AC
Rosie Mawer N/A
Dan Maw Kingston Upon Hull AC
Harry Masterman East Hull Harriers & AC
Peter Mason City of Hull AC
Jane Martin Skegness and District Running Club
Rhona Marshall Scarborough Athletic Club
Malcolm Marshall Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Rob Marshall Off that couch fitness
Nick Marsh Lincoln Wellington Athletic Club
Palframan Marie Humber triathletes
Katie Mancey Selby Striders
Benjamin Mancey Selby Striders
Stephen Maddison Pocklington Runners
Maxine Macklin N/A
tanya Mackie wolds veteran
Stuart MacFarlane N/A
Sally MacFarlane Cleethorpes Tri Club
Thomas M Smith N/A
Paul Lyons N/A
James Lundy East Hull Harriers & AC
Jayne Lowde N/a
Paul Lovatt Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Shawnie Lovatt Beverley Athletic Club
Daniel Longhorn Kingston upon Hull AC
Jackie Long Fitmums And Friends
Brian Long Kingston upon Hull AC
Stephen Logan City of Hull AC
Lynn Lockwood N/A
Chris Liversedge N/A
Michaela Lines City of Hull AC
Demi Lidster Beverley Athletic Club
Elizabeth Lewis N/A
Will Lewis City of Hull AC
Elle Lewis NA
Rebecca Leonarcik Pocklington Runners
Becky Lennox Team BR
Andy Lenham 3XTRI
Charlie Leighton Driffield Striders
Lee Leggett Grimsby Tri Club
Deon Leggat Cleethorpes AC
Sarah Lee N/a
Naomi Lecher N/A
Andrew Lawtey City of Hull AC
Elaine Lang Beverley Athletic Club
Simon Lambert N/A
Mason Lambert City of Hull AC
Samira Lambert Kippax Harriers
Elisabeth Lamb Fitmum's and Friends
Andy Lakeland South Yorkshire Police AC
Leanne Labrom N/A
Marek Kosnik Selby Striders
Clare Koslow Louth AC
Christopher Knowles East Hull Harriers & AC
Philip Kirkham Barton & District AC
Robbie King City of Hull AC
Simon King White City Hull RRC
Mike King Fitmums And Friends
Sam Kind White City Hull RRC
Leanne Kilvington Humber Triathletes
Elizabeth Kilgour Fitmums And Friends
John Kilcoyne Steel City Striders
Mark Kidd Caistor Running Club
Laura Kettlewell Hyde park harriers
Jacqui Ker City of Hull AC
MARTIN KENT Caistor Running Club
Richard Kendrew N/A
Emily Kendra Pocklington Runners
Shaun Kemp N/A
RACHEL KEMP East Hull Harriers & AC
Cassie Kemp Fitmums And Friends
Sean Kelly Lonely Goat RC
Patrick Kelly N/A
Shaun Kelly N/A
Siobhan Kelly N/A
Rick Kelk Cleethorpes AC
Andrea Keen City of Hull AC
Tom Keelty Withernsea Harriers
Trish Kaye Dewsbury Road Runners
Graham Justice Pocklington Runners
Michelle Joyce Caistor Running Club
Hiten Joshi Fitmums And Friends
Tom Jorna Beverley Athletic Club
Jorunn Jonsdottir Fitmums And Friends
Darryl Jones City of Hull AC
Bethan Jones Che Guevara
steven johnson Wolds vets
Philip Johnson Off that couch fitness
Andrew Johnson Beverley AC
James Johnson Beverley Athletic Club
Claire Johnson Kingston Upon Hull Athletics Club
Denise Johnson Baildon Runners
Duncan Johnson Fitmums And Friends
Fiona Jex Cleethorpes AC
Gary Jensen N/A
Steve Jennison N/A
Graham Jenkinson Barracuda Triathlon Club
Rob Jenkinson N/A
Rob Jasper Kingston upon Hull AC
Hannah Jarvis Fitmums And Friends
Lee James No Club Running Club
Daniel James Cleethorpes AC
Gill Jagger West Hull Ladies
Natalie Jackson Selby Striders
Peter Jackson Pocklington Runners
Steve Jackson N/A
Nicky Jackson Goole Viking Striders
Keith Jackson Lonely Goat RC
Miriam Ireland Bridlington Road Runners
Sophie Iannidinardi Barton & District AC
Kieren Iannidinardi Barton and District Athletic Club
James Hutson Cleethorpes AC
Sharron Hutchinson Beverley Athletic Club
Mathew Hutchinson Beverley Athletic Club
Paul Hutchings Kingston upon Hull AC
Ed Husband Fitmums And Friends
Chris Hurst Skegness and District Running Club
Adam Hunton N/A
Steven Hunter White City Hull RRC
Cassie Humphries Words Veterans Runners
Philip Humphries N/A
Anita Hultum NA
Graham Hughes City of Hull AC
Angela Hudson Fitmums And Friends
Brian Hostad Wolds Veterans RC
Zoe Horton-Mitchell N/A
Carl Horth City of Hull AC
Jody Horth Beverley Athletic Club
john horncastle N/A
Dean Hornby N/A
tez hopper off that couch fitness
Chris Holtby Humber Triathletes
Callum Holness N/A
Laura Holmes N/a
Fiona Holland Beverley Athletic Club
Catherine Holder Kingston upon Hull AC
Adrian Holden Pocklington Runners
David Holden Cleethorpes athletics club
Tracey Holden Pocklington Runners
Mandy Holah N/a
Peter Hodson N/A
Ruth Hodson N/A
Liam Hodgson N/A
Georgia Hird Pocklington runners
Louise Hindmarsh Barton & District AC
Suzie Hilton-Bell City of Hull AC
philip hills Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Vickie Hillier Fitmums And Friends
Craig Hillary N/A
Andy Hill Wolds vetrans
Iain Hill 3XTRI
Allan Hill N/A
Rachael Hill Beverley AC
Jack Hicks Cleethorpes Tri club
Martyn Hicks Kingston upon Hull AC
Katy Hewis Caistor Running Club
Derek Hepworth Fitmums And Friends
Wayne Hepple N/A
Edward Heppel N/a
Ashley Henshaw NA
Peter Henderson Beverley AC
Andrew Hemmings City of Hull AC
Sarah Heinzman Wolds Veterans RC
Sophie Hedges Off That Couch Fitness
Andrew Heckles N/A
Leah Heckles Cleethorpes Triathlon Club
Andy Heath East Hull Harriers & AC
kenneth Hearson N/A
Allison Hayward Beverley Athletic Club
Alison Hayes East Hull Harriers & AC
Tom Hawthorn N/A
chico hawksley N/A
Roisin Hawksley N/a
robert hawkins N/A
Laura Havis Middlesbrough AC (Mandale)
Paul Havis N/A
Andy Hauton Nettleham Trotters Running Group
Sue Hatfield Goole Viking Striders
Della Hatfield City of Hull AC
Kirsty Harston Fitmums And Friends
Mike Harston Fitmums And Friends
Ashley Harrison N/A
Julian Harrison York Knavesmire Harriers
Richard Harrison Selby Striders
Sara Harrison Selby Striders
Debra Harrison Fitmums And Friends
Sarah Harris-Smith Beverley Athletic Club
Mark Harney York Triathlon Club
Patrick Harness Goole Viking Striders
Benjamin Harmer Driffield Striders
Matt Harman N/A
Mikala Harman N/A
Jim Harlock City of Hull AC
Elizabeth Harkess Louth AC
Chris Harker Lonely Goat RC
Scott Hargreaves Bridlington Road Runners
Peter Hardy-Cork Hornsea Harriers
Daniel Hardy N/A
Jackie Hardman Beverley Athletic Club
Paul Harby Fitmums And Friends
Colin HARBER STUART Driffield Striders
Jacqui Hanson Hornsea Harriers
Molly Hanson N/A
Philip Hanson Holmfirth Harriers AC
Michael Hanson Cleethorpes Tri Club
Jessica Hanson N/A
jon hancock Wolds Veterans RC
nikki hancock none
Lee Hammond City of Hull AC
Glenn Halsey Humber Triathletes
Chloe Halligan N/A
Amy Hall Bridlington Road Runners
Michael Hall Holmfirth Harriers AC
Jeff Hall LWAC
David Hall Leeds University Cross Country Club
Andy Guymer City of Hull AC
Laura Gunstead East Hull Harriers & AC
Craig Gunstead N/a
Laura Gulley Fitmums And Friends
Andrew Guest Off that couch fitness
Catherine Groves Mornington Chasers
Andrew Gristwood Cleethorpes AC
Owen Griffiths Barton & District AC
Tracey Griffiths Barton & District AC
Fiona Griffiths Fitmums And Friends
Ed Griffiths N/A
Jamie Greenway Goole Viking Striders
Martin Greensill Beverley Athletic Club
Sarah Greenley Lonely Goat RC
John Greenley N/A
Simon Greenfield Louth AC
Rosie Greenfield Beverley Athletic Club
Susan Green Wolds Veterans RC
Victoria Green West Hull Ladies
Simon Green Cleerhorles tri club
Mathew Green N/A
Joshua Green Beverley Athletic Club
Steven Green Wolds Veterans RC
Russell Greaves City of Hull AC
John Gray Fitmums And Friends
Lee gray Fitmums And Friends
Samantha Graham N/A
David Gossip Pocklington Runners
Christine Godwin Cleethorpes AC
Jennifer Godfrey N/A
David Godfrey N/A
James Godfrey N/A
John Godfrey Barracuda tri
Finlay Godfrey N/A
Stephen Glenville City of Hull AC
Jon Gladwin N/A
Pam Gladwin N/A
Iona Gladwin N/A
Richard Ginn Pocklington Runners
Leigh Gillatt Barton & District AC
Angie Gill Lonely Goat RC
Guy Gibson East Hull Harriers & AC
Chris Gibson Beverley Athletic Club
Tracey Gibson Wolds Veterans RC
James Gibney Wolds Veterans RC
david gibney Wolds Veterans RC
Si Gibney Wolds Veterans RC
Lydia Gibbs Wolds Veterans RC
Lynda Gent Bridlington Road Runners
Stuart Gent Bridlington Road Runners
James Gemmell N/A
Tom Gelsthorpe N/A
Dan Gelder Cleethorpes AC
Joe Gaynard White City RRC (Hull)
Phoebe Gawthorpe East hull harriers and ac
Steve Gaunt Grimsby Tri
Daniel Garrod Scunthorpe & District
kerry garner Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Jonathan Frost East Hull Harriers & AC
Brad Freeman Beverley Athletic Club
Sarah Freear Scunthorpe and District RC
Ruth Frank Scarborough AC
Stacy Foxworthy West Hull Ladies
Russell Fox N/A
Stacey Fox Goole Viking Striders
Mary Fox N/A
Sue Foster Fitmums And Friends
David Foster Bridlington Road Runners
Flora Forster Cleethorpes Tri Club
Jackie Foreman West Hull Ladies
Amanda Fordham Humber Triathletes
Alex Flower City of Hull AC
Alan Flint Beverley Athletic Club
David Fletcher City of Hull AC
Shaun Fletcher Barton & District AC
Lynsey Fletcher N/A
Robert Field Hornsea Harriers
David Field Scarborough Athletic Club
Fay Fenwick Wolds Veterans RC
Ian Fenton N/A
Mark Fennell York Knavesmire Harriers
Sarah Fell Beverley Athletic Club
Dulce Farrow N/A
Jonathon Farrant N/A
Gail Farr West Hull Ladies
Wayne Farr N/A
Susan Farr Selby Striders
Clare Fairfield NA
Beverley Fairburn Fitmums And Friends
STEVEN EYRE Caistor Running Club
Robert Eyre Bridlington Road Runners
Rachel Eyre Caistor Running Club
Connor Eyles East Hull Harriers
Ben Eves East Hull Harriers & AC
Tom Evans N/A
Victoria ema NA
Sara Ellis West Hull Ladies
Daniel Ellis Off that couch fitness
Shaun Ellis N/a
Andy Elliott N/A
Daniel Elliott N/A
Laura Egan Beverley AC
Darren Edge Beverley Athletic Club
Craig Eastburn Kingston upon Hull AC
Angela Eary Fitmums And Friends
Jayne Earle East Hull Harriers & AC
Cath Dyson West Hull Ladies
Paul Duxbury Beverley Athletic Club
James Durham City of Hull AC
Stephen Dunn N/A
Daniela Dumitrescu Wolds Breakfast Club
Howard Dukes Barracuda Triathlon Club
Michael Dugan East Hull Harriers & AC
Joanne Drysdale West Hull Ladies
Kathryn Drury Barton & District AC
Stephen Dring Cleethorpes AC
Gareth Driffill N/a
Joanne Drewery Kingston upon Hull AC
Chris Drewery N/A
James Drewery Kingston upon Hull AC
Graham Drewery City of Hull AC
Bryan Drew York Knavesmire Harriers
Lee Draper City of Hull AC
Naomi Drakeford Barnsley AC
Tony Drake Cleethorpes AC
Steven Dowse Skegness and District Running Club
Ronnie Dowse Crossgate Harriers
Lisa Douglas White City Hull RRC
Nicola Doody Scarborough Athletic Club
Joanna Donnelly Selby Striders
Linda Dodge Louth AC
Alphonsus Dodd N/A
Alex Dobson Pocklington Runners
Josh Dixon N/A
Samantha Dixie East Hull Harriers & AC
Graham Dinsdale N/A
Julie Dimishky Goole Viking Striders
Gary Dickinson N/A
Kathryn Dickinson York Knavesmire Harriers
David Dickinson York Knavesmire Harriers
Jacqui Dickinson Beverley Athletic Club
Andrew Deyes East Hull Harriers & AC
Warren Dennison Roundhay Runners
Adam Dennis Driffield Striders
Beth Dearing East Hull Harriers & AC
James Dearing N/A
Paul Dearing NA
Lindi Day City of Hull AC
John Dawson Beverley Athletic Club
Zoe Dawson Off that couch fitness
Aaron Dawson Off that couch fitness
Luke Davison Beverley Athletic Club
Paul Davis City of Hull AC
Timmy Davies Leeds City AC
Jack Darnell Cleethorpes Tri Club
Gerry Darling N/a
Rachel Dare Pocklington Runners
Patrick Dare Pocklington Runners
Lee Daniels N/A
Rebecca Dam N/A
Zoe Dalton Fitmums And Friends
Georgi Dalton East Hull Harriers & AC
Ruth Dalton City of Hull AC
Tony Dalgetty Wolds Veterans RC
Melanie D'Eath Scarborough Athletic Club
Anna Cuthbertson Beverley Athletic Club
Stephanie Cuthbert West Hull Ladies
Natalie Curgenven City of Hull AC
Charlotte Cunningham Fitmums and friends
Tammy Cullen Gainsborough & Morton Striders
Margaret Crummack Team Manvers
Robert Crouch N/A
Ciara Crossan Hyde Park Harriers
Ben Cross N/A
Charlie Craig East Hull Harriers & AC
Amy Craig N/A
Rebecca Cox N/A
Stephen Coveney City of Hull AC
Gary Couzens East Hull Harriers & AC
Dan Coulson N/a
Becky Coulman Kingston upon Hull AC
Desn Cope Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Rachel Cope Beverley Athletic Club
Mark Cooper Jolly tri club
Cassie Cooper N/A
Richard Cooper Jolly
Lauren Cooper N/A
Marc Cooper N/A
Gareth Cooke Barnsley AC
Carol Cooke Beverley Athletic Club
Theo Connolly N/A
Will Compston N/A
Angie Colley Fitmums And Friends
Gregan Clarkson Kingston upon Hull AC
Suzanne Clarkson West Hull Ladies
Paul Clarke Kingston upon Hull AC
Mandy Clarke York Knavesmire Harriers
Matthew Clarke Goole Viking Striders
Joseph Clark N/A
Trevor Clark Barton & District AC
steve clark Off That Couch Fitness
Paul Clark Beverley Athletic Club
Sarah Clague City of Hull AC
Megan Chown Beverley Athletic Club
Luke Chatizwa Kingston upon Hull AC
Tony Chapman City of Hull AC
Usha Chapman Beverley Athletic Club
Jonthan Champion York Knavesmire Harriers
Mike Champion N/A
Judy Champion N/a
Jeanette Chambers White City Hull RRC
Declan Chambers City of Hull AC
Daniel Challenger Goole Viking Striders
Dean Chalder Wold vets
Kerry Cawkwell West Hull Ladies
Laura Catlin Crossgate Harriers
Mike Catley Off that couch
Mick Casey Wolds Veterans RC
Paul Cartwright City of Hull AC
olivia carrick N/a
Stephanie Capindale Clee Tri Club
James Cann Pocklington Runners
Nikki Calvert Pocklington Runners
Stephanie Caley N/A
Chantal Cable West Hull Ladies
Lucy Buykx York Knavesmire Harriers
Sean Buttery Friends and runners
Adrian Bushby City of Hull AC
James Burnham N/A
George Burnett East Hull Harriers & AC
Richard Burnett N/A
Garry Burnett N/A
David Burnett N/A
Tony Burgin White City Hull RRC
Sue Burgess Fitmums And Friends
Lucy Bullas N/A
James Buckle N/A
Fiona Buchanan Humber Triathletes
Danny Brunton Bridlington Road Runners
Mel Brumpton Louth AC
Chris Brown Off that couch fitness
Lee Brown N/A
Richard Brown N/A
Derek Brown City of Hull AC
Sam Brown Kingston upon Hull AC
Dave Broom Selby Striders
Mark Broom Withernsea Harriers
Tayla Brons N/A
Darrell Bright Off That Couch Fitness
Cheryl Brigden N/A
Gary Brigden Lonely Goat RC
Dale Bridges City of Hull AC
Gavin Bricklebank N/A
Donavon Brewster N/a
Steve Brewin Wolds Veterans RC
Paul Brewer Goole Viking Striders
Jack Branagan N/A
Ashleigh Brailey Fitmums And Friends
Andrew Bradwell Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Debbie Bradwell Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Sarah Bradley Atom
Amy Bradley West Hull Ladies
Adeline Brack N/A
Tamsin Boynton East Hull Harriers & AC
Joe Boyes City of Hull AC
Paul Bowman City of Hull AC
kate Bowers West Hull Ladies
Jonathan Bowers N/A
Bridget Bouttell Doncaster AC
Marcus Bourne Pocklington Runners
Carol Botterill Beverley Athletic Club
Colin Botham N/A
Glyn Botfield Lonely Goat RC
Rachel Bostock Selby Striders
Debbie Bonner City of Hull AC
Dave Bond Bridlington Road Runners
Susan Bond Bridlington Road Runners
Paul Body City of Hull AC
Hein Bo Scunthorpe & District Running Club
Matthew Blowman East Hull Harriers & AC
Lily Blount Kingston upon Hull AC
Matthew Bloor Core PT
Barbara Bitel N/A
Mark Bissell East Hull Harriers & AC
Louise Binns Barton & District AC
patricia bielby Bridlington Road Runners
Peter Beverley Off That Couch Fitness
Mandy Bevans Kingston upon Hull AC
Lucy Berriman Beverley Athletic Club
Darren Benstead Jolly Tri
Connor Benson Barton & District AC
Jeremy Benson York Knavesmire Harriers
Jennifer Benson Barton & District AC
Jolanta Bennett N/A
Paul Bennett East Hull Harriers & AC
Lynne Beer Beverley AC
Denise Bateman N/A
Richard Barton N/A
Amy Barton City of Hull AC
Daniel Barrass N/A
Laura Barnsley NA
Julie Barnes Fitmums And Friends
Luke Barnes Fitmums And Friends
Kezia Barnard Beverley Athletic Club
Samantha Barlow Fitmums And Friends
Paul Barley Cleethorpes AC
Izzy Barkworth N/A
caroline Barker Hornsea harriers
Julie Barker N/A
Steve Barker Cleethorpes Tri Club
Veronica Banks Driffield Striders
Laura Bakker East Hull Harriers & AC
Steve Baker N/A
Laura Baker N/A
Owynn Baker N/A
Diane Baitson N/A
Mathew Bain Barton & District AC
Laura Bailey Selby striders
Daniel Babb N/A
Alvis Babb N/a
Trevor Babb White City Hull RRC
Chris Ayer N/A
Audrey Ayer Fitmums And Friends
Ben Atkinson N/A
Emily Atkinson West Hull Ladies
Adrian Atkinson Scarborough Athletic Club
Darren Atkinson Barracuda Triathlon Club
Paul Atkinson N/a
rebecca atkinson Skegness and District Running Club
Sarah Atkin Barton & District AC
Mark Atkin Pocklington Runners
Cheryl Ashdown City of Hull AC
Dinah Ashbridge City of Hull AC
Amy Argent Team BR
Helen Annan N/A
Graham Annan N/A
Kevin Anholm Withernsea Harriers
Jo Andrews N/A
Warwick Anderson Pocklington Runners
Sue Anderson Wolds Veterans RC
Jemma Anderson Steel City Striders
Kate Amis Wolds Veterans RC
Andy Amis Wolds Veterans RC
Nicola Amidulla Driffield Striders
Jean Allen Fitmums And Friends
Samantha Allen Beverley Athletic Club
Paul Allen Beverley Athletic Club
Robyn Allan East Hull Harriers
Jayne Allan N/A
Tony Alcock East Hull Harriers & AC
Shaun Alcock East Hull Harriers & AC
Katie Alcock East Hull Harriers & AC
Martina Akrill Humber Triathletes
Anita Akmentina N/A
Heidi Akester Fitmums And Friends
Thomas Aitchison Kingston upon Hull AC
Lisa Adcock Fitmums And Friends
Angela Acklam Fitmums And Friends
Ruth Abramson Fitmums And Friends
Alex Abel Fitmums And Friends

Terms & Conditions

In the event of race cancellation all entries will automatically be rolled over to 2025.

Refund Policy

No refunds - You can transfer your entry to another runner should you become injured or cannot run for whatever reason. Transfers can be made until midnight on Friday 5th January.


Event Date: 28th January 2024 09:00
Date Entries Close: 21st January 2024 00:00


Location & Directions

Beverley Rd, , Skidby, East Yorkshire, HU16 5TR

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