Open Water Swimming

East Yorkshire's Premier Triathlon Club

Open Water Swimming @Billabong Watersport & Caravan Site

Billabong The Home Of The Barracudas

Billlabong is the main meeting point for Barracudas. This has a long standing tradition of being the main training venue where many members cycle up before the swimming session. With an average of 15-25 miles each way its a perfect start to your training session.

Members not only have access to the clear waters of Billabong which has the perfect distances for all triathlon events it also boasts a great 4 mile training run along to the river Hull and back.

Many members will ride upto billabong have a swim and run followed by a warming cuppa and generally swap stories of events they have done or are intending to do. Its the perfect place for any beginner to get that all important confidence being able to chat to athletes of all standards from Great Britain competitors to Ironman Competitors. 

Swimming Starts: Monday 3rd May 2021 18.00hrs.

Monday evenings 18.00-19.30hrs

Wednesday evenings 18.00-19.30hrs

Billabong Water Sports Center
Hempholme Bridge
East Yorkshire
YO25 8NA